Romeo And Juliet Play By Shakespeare British Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet play is dependant on the Shakespeare history of Romeo and Juliet both young buffs who passed on for one another in 1594. The environment of the play is within Verona where in fact the two families of the lovers havent been in good terms for some time. The two enthusiasts take their lives and this eliminates the strife and anger between their own families. Sampson and Gregory are Capulet staff who declare that they'll not allow for insults from Montague family. Abram and Balthasar are Montague employees show up and the four starts to argue. Benvolio Montague's nephew shows up and tries to stop the quarrel Tybalt Capulet's nephew picks a attack with him.

Romeo attends a celebration at Lord Capulate's house where he's retained in charge of reading the guest list. He fulfills Juliet and falls deeply in love with her therefore will she though she should be marrying Paris who is prince of Verona kinsman. The two are secretly married by Friar Laurence in his cell. Tybalt kills Mercutio and flees but Romeo discovers him and kills him which causes his banishment. Juliet trips Friar who provides her some distilled liquor to keep her lifeless for 42 hours so that she can miss her wedding with Paris and Romeo would choose her from the Capulate tomb and take her to Mantua. She will exactly that but their plan fails because Friar will not send the notice to Romeo promptly revealing him of the program about Juliet's imitation death. Romeo calls for the poison which he previously bought illegally from an unhealthy Apothecary who needed the amount of money. When Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo useless by her side, she requires his dagger and eliminates herself too.

This assignment will include research of the Romeo and Juliet play, comparison and contrast of this play with the play Twelfth Night or What you will by the same copy writer William Shakespeare. Twelfth nights play is a play in regards to a young Duke Orsino who falls in love for years with the stunning Olivia but she does not feel the same way because her sibling has passed away. Viola comes to Illyia after her brother Sebastian drowns and will try to duplicate Olivia's life style by disguising herself as a man and changing her name to Cesario. She starts off doing work for the Duke who favors her in the other employees and asks her to pursue Olivia on his behalf. Cesario realizes that "he" has fallen for the Duke. "He" realizes that Olivia has fallen for "him" and it gets complicated because "he" is a female and Duke loves her. Sebastian had been rescued by his best ally Antonio plus they set to go to Illyia though Antonio has enough enemies there.

Andrew, Toby and Maria create Malvorio with Olivia by writing him a letter supposedly from Olivia revealing to him that she enjoys him and requests him to dress and act in a way that will annoy her. The program works out and Malvorio is put in jail. Sebastian is given money by Antonio whom he later remarks from Cesario who has no idea who he is leading to his arrest. Andrew and Toby take down Sebastian thinking he was but Olivia rescues him where he falls madly in love with her and offers to marry her. They marry in magic formula but later she gets mad at Cesario for breaking the marriage promise made by Sebastian. Cesario admits her love for Orsino and many people are shocked to learn that Cesario and Sebastian are equivalent twins. The Duke agrees to marry viola who admits being a woman and Olivia agrees to marry Sebastian

Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

Romeo and Juliet play can be categorized as a tragedy. This is because the storyline ends regretfully with nov the tragic hero (protagonist) who in this case is Romeo. This is supported by the actual fact that Romeo experienced a descent delivery, made poor decisions frequently and exceeded through a whole lot of suffering. Romeo who is the tragic hero in the play has the grade of noble beginning which is characteristic of tragic hero's. He is delivered in the Montague family which is famous and highly well known in the town of Verona. Benvolio in Action 1, Arena 1, Line 141 discussions of his noble uncle who's Romeo's father. He also originates from a very rich family which earns him a great deal of admiration as observed in Act 1, World 5, Lines 65-66 where Lord Capulate says that "Verona features of him and bears him as a partially gentleman". This implies that even his enemies acknowledge the esteem given to him by the individuals. Romeo has a tragic flaw which is slipping in love so fast and intensely with Rosaline and Juliet that leads him to his grave. Goddard (p. 40) says that looking for a tragic flaw in Romeo or Juliet is imprudent and pointless. In Take action 2, Arena 2, lines 117-118 Juliet says Romeo that it is too callous, too undivided and too abrupt.

He in addition has made several poor decisions like going to Capulet's party where he eventually ends up assembly Juliet. In Function 1, World 4, line 113 he says Mercutio to escort his glide so that they can brain for the party. If Romeo didn't interfere with the battle between Mercutio and Tybalt, they both could not have perished and he wouldn't have been banished from Verona which stored him away from Juliet. That is illustrated in Take action 3, Picture 1, line 1290 where he tells Tybalt that either of them or both must become a member of Mercutio in his grave. His previous and stupid decision was when he chose to take the poison as shown in Work 5, Scene 3, brand 120 where he last but not least says that the Apothecary drugs are fast and with a kiss he dies. If he would have waited simply for a while, he would have seen Juliet alive and they both wouldn't normally have died. Because of him, Juliet disagrees with her daddy, drinks the distilled liquor and finally stabs herself to loss of life with his dagger. Romeos poor decisions and tragic flaw causes more injury to others than himself. The moral lessons because of this play is that people should take their time before they can hate, love and make important decisions in life.

Comparison between twelfth night time play and Romeo and Juliet play

The two works Romeo and Juliet plus the Twelfth nights are both based on love reports by William Shakespeare. In both situations, the play protagonists are young men who fall in and out of love with two beautiful women. As portrayed by Ford (p. 172), they can be sick lings of love. At the beginning of the play, Romeo is madly in love with Rosaline but at the end comes for Juliet exactly like Orsino has been Olivia but eventually ends up slipping for Viola and marries her. In both situations, both gentlemen are also very wealthy and make their decisions poorly. Regarding Romeo, he made poor decisions by accepting to wait the Capulet get together, trying to stop the attack between Tybalt and Mercutio which resulted in their fatalities and his banishment and taking the poison when he sees Juliet "dead". Orsino on the other hands, he explains to Cesario to woo Olivia on his behalf which led to her slipping for Cesario who's a woman. He also decides to marry Viola who possessed acted as a guy all along and even asked him to woo Olivia. In both conditions, both men do not end up with the ladies they love. Romeo eventually ends up eradicating himself because Juliet is "deceased" while Orsino ends up marrying Cesario after being deeply in love with Olivia for a long time.

The heroin's of the takes on are portrayed as 3rd party, strong and beautiful women who take their time for you to make decisions, know what they need and do it now. Juliet is meant to marry Paris who's a prince however when she considers Romeo, she falls deeply in love with him and strategies to elope with him. Olivia on the other side falls in love with Cesario and even provides him her ring. They are also women from very rich and influential backdrop. This is observed in (p. 88) where Orsino tells Cesorio to share with Olivia that "my love is more noble than the earth" and he's not considering her riches but her.

The displays of environment of the plays are also similar in the sense that the primary people are both from wealthy backgrounds and have people at their service who are less abundant.

Contrast between Romeo and Juliet play, and twelfth night play

Romeo and Juliet play can be grouped as a tragic story because of its sad stopping of both lovers fatalities while twelfth nights play is grouped as a romantic comedy because it ends with marriage celebrations. Orsino who's the protagonist of the twelfth night time, he seems to be only infatuated with Olivia because he eventually ends up marrying Viola who he had thought was a man unlike Romeo that has real love for Juliet and even dies for her as shown by Illouz (p. 153). The heroins also are different in their way of caring. Juliet decides to have her life when she realizes that Romeo is dead but Olivia chooses to marry Cesario's twin Sebastian when she finds out that Cesario is a female.

The moral lessons of both has are also different. The moral lessons of Romeo and Juliet play is that folks should take their time and think carefully before they can make important decisions while the twelfth night time play educates people on love matching to Wendler and Tanya (P. 34) who says that if we allow the has theme to be education on love, and the intimate lover then idea of As you like it is repeated.


This assignment was meant to evaluation the William Shakespeare play of Romeo and Juliet, compare it with the Twelfth night time play by the same article writer but evaluated by Ratri Ray. The play Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love account of two young addicts who wipe out themselves for the other person as the Twelfth evening play is a romantic comedy with unsatisfied finishing of wedding bells. The moral lessons of Romeo and Juliet play is that people should take their time while making important decisions while Twelfth Nights play educates on love and relationship. The main similarities between the two works were, poor decision making by the protagonists of the play as well their rich backgrounds. The heroines are also shown as independent, wealthy, bold, intelligent and great decision makers. Love forms the styles and basis of the two plays. They were different in their moral lessons and also the strength of love. Juliet eliminates her personal when she realizes that Romeo is useless but Olivia marries Sebastian after noticing that Cesario whom she was deeply in love with was a woman. Orsino also marries Viola though he stated to have adored Olivia for long.

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