Saint Agnes Of Rome English Literature Essay

According to "Saint Agnes of Rome, " from Marypages. com, Saint Agnes of Rome was created on January 28, 292, and died at age twelve. She was raised by a Religious family, and her name means "pure" in Greek, and "lamb" in Latin. She actually is also called Ines, Ines de Campo, and Ynez. Her feast day is January 21, in honor of the day she was killed (Terry H. Jones, "Saint Agnes of Rome").

Saint Agnes was a beautiful young female, who at age twelve was asked to marry a prefect's boy. He offered her presents, but she refused. She stated she possessed a partner who loved her, and she could not marry him. Agnes informed the prefect's boy that she was wedded to Jesus Christ (Creative Commons).

According to "Saint Agnes Cathedral Biography", from Creative Commons Attribution, the prefect's kid was devastated when he heard her reply, and his daddy, the prefect, spoke to Saint Agnes. The prefect asked her why she would not marry his boy, to which she replied she already acquired a partner. When he discovered she was a Christian from one of her servants, he was pleased, for now he had electric power over her. The prefect offered Agnes one of two choices, either she would sacrifice to his pagan gods, or she would be delivered to the brothel and raped. Saint Agnes refused to worship his wrong gods, therefore she was delivered to the brothel, where she said God would protect her (Creative Commons).

When she find the brothel the prefect was furious, and got her stripped of her clothes. She was taken to the brothel, but God offered her sophistication, and the hairs after her head started out to expand. They grew until they covered her body system, from her head to her toes, and her body could not be seen by the men who might damage her. With the brothel, Saint Agnes found an angel dispatched from

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God to safeguard her. This angel shielded her in a glowing light, so men would not see her, nor harm

her. Agnes prayed to God and He provided her white garments, which she used and thanked Him

for in prayer (Creative Commons).

God covered Saint Agnes, so while she was in the brothel, only one man tried out to violate her. This man was the prefect's kid (Leo's Design). Relating to St Agnes Cathedral Biography, the prefect's kid was struck inactive when he attemptedto violate her (Creative Commons), but regarding to Saint Agnes of Rome, the prefect's boy was only struck blind (Leo's Design). However, both resources agree that following the prefect's boy was harmed, Agnes prayed to God, and He revived the prefect's son.

When the bishops of the idols heard about Agnes' deed, they cried on her behalf death, contacting her a sorceress. The prefect did not want to get rid of Agnes, because she possessed saved his boy, so he shipped her to his lieutenant. The prefect's lieutenant thought we would satisfy individuals by using Agnes to fatality. However, the flames parted around her and didn't touch her, so she had not been harmed. When this did not work, the lieutenant required a sword to her body (Creative Commons). Saint Agnes was martyred when you are stabbed or beheaded (Terry H. Jones, "Saint Agnes of Rome").

After Saint Agnes' fatality, Saint Emerentiana buried her (Creative Commons). Saint Emerentiana was Agnes's foster sister. Agnes was buried next to the Via Nomentana in Rome. Next to her grave is a church, dedicated to her by Constantine's child (Leo's Design). Constantine's daughter had a cathedral built for Saint Agnes, because when she was praying one time, she dropped asleep at Agnes' grave. While she was asleep, Agnes appeared in her aspiration and said to her, "Constance, work constantly, if thou wilt believe in Christ, thou shalt anon be sent of thy sickness, " (Creative Commons). When she awoke, Constantine's girl was treated of the leprosy she had been experiencing and was whole. Constantine's girl was

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baptized, and got a church built by Agnes' grave. It is stated that Agnes seemed to others as well

as Constantine's child at her grave or church. After her burial, Agnes was said to have

appeared to her parents with a variety of virgins, and she informed her parents that they should not mourn her, for she actually is with her partner and love, Jesus Christ (Creative Commons).

Another appearance Saint Agnes made was to a priest of her chapel, who wished to get married. This priest had asked the pope to be relieved of his services so that he could marry. The pope instead gave him a band to provide to Saint Agnes, and advised him to ask her to be his partner. The priest do so, and a graphic in the church accepted the engagement ring. To this day that diamond ring is using one of the images of Saint Agnes in her chapel (Creative Commons).

Today, on Saint Agnes' feast day, two lambs are blessed at her cathedral in Rome, Italy, and then their wool is sheered. The wool from the two lambs is woven in to the palliums that the pope offers to the archbishops as symbolic of their jurisdiction (Leo's Design).

Saint Agnes is the patron saint of many things, including women, engaged couples, the Children of Mary, rape victims, and virgins (Leo's Design). According to William Benton, she actually is brought up in the canon of the Roman mass (330).

I thought we would do my report on Saint Agnes of Rome because since I got in second class I have wanted to be validated as Agnes, following this saint. I used to visit a college called Saint Agnes, and I liked and learned all about her there. Saint Agnes may have chosen a nice, easy life and married the prefect's boy, but she selected never to because of her love for Jesus Christ. Agnes traveled the hardest part of her quest alone except for God, because her parents probably didn't support her decision, and many people probably thought she was a sorceress. It will need to have been even harder because Christians were persecuted more conveniently then than they are simply today. Saint Agnes loved and respected God completely, which, even without the fear of death, is obviously hard, right now. She thought in God completely, and he kept and guarded her from

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all bodily harm before sword that killed her. I can't say for others, but I understand that I admire her

bravery, and wish I could be more like her. I know that when I notice Saint Agnes' account it reminds

me that anything can be done with God, and it gives me strength to complete whatever concern may face me.

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