Santa Claus By Howard Nemerov British Literature Essay

In the poem the Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the poet who's Mr. Nemeroy has away rightly shows his recent for the Santa Claus, it is mentioned that Santa Clauses are generally seen during the Chrismas seasons. That is when they are seen all over the towns giving items to children, and in this poem the poet is highly against the actions of the Santa Clauses as he sis really seen during the festive season a period which sometimes appears as an extremely happy minute in the Christians calendar as the child of God Jesus Christ the savior of the world is born. They aren't seen and available through the Easter seasons which is a sad day in the Christians calendar as the only real child and savior of the world dies on the mix for the sins of the Christians.

This is plainly experienced in the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, this is when the poet uses figurative language in airing out recent of the Santa Claus figurative terminology or talk is a kind of literary style that details something through the use of unusual comparisons (Nemerov, 2011). This style is usually used by the poet to make things clearer for the visitors, the poet also use figurative conversation to make his work interesting, and at the same time increased effects in the good article. It ought to be mentioned that use of figurative dialect in any piece of work doesn't literary mean what's implied by the poet or musician.

In the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, Mr. Nemerov, has used several figurative terminology that has helped him drive his things shim a good example in the poem is when he says "He shows the innocent to want, thus maintains Our unwanted fat world moving. " This is an action that clearly reveals that he doesn't like the Santa clause, which to my very own thinking I think that this brand in the poem says that the Santa Claus makes the world through the Holiday season with the aim of giving gift items to the kids and people. The Santa Claus will ultimately make the people to reveal there presents during the Christmas yuletide season instead of distributing these gifts through out the year especially during Easter conditions at a time when the savior is crucified for the sins of the Christians.

The poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the poet has used a various amounts of figurative dialects in his try to show his recent to the Santa Claus as with the lines in the poem "The merest soupcon, of brimstone and the pit. " In such a series the poet is emphasizing on the issues that are encountered when the Santa Claus is accomplishing his responsibilities.

In the poem the poet shows that the Santa Claus is giving out small presents especially to children in the pretence of posting their happiness with them during this yuletide season but therefore of this the children will only be blinded by the types of presents they obtain from the Santa Claus. It's out of this declaration that the poet ventured into the several ways that the Santa Claus use to bring the kids into showing and giving out of products (Nemerov, 2011). He has major criticized the number and quality of the gift ideas that are given out to the children.

Figure of conversation is also found in the poem is the "At Easter, he's anonymous again, Just one of the public lunching on Calvary". This is where the poet in hyperbolized the Santa Claus, at this point the poet associates the Santa Claus to be always a one who isn't very keen on following the means of the savior, for the reason that they disappear during the time when the son of God is crucified and they don't spread the peacefulness in the world that they are in through.

Therefore these kind of folks are only associated with the growing and writing of pleasure to the people at the time of delivery of the messiah. On your day of his crucifixion a period in which the Christians are supposed to multiply love and discuss products and from the term anonymous as in the poem it obviously reveals that thee Santa Claus doesn't seem any where near the messiah to be able to share the love at this sad moments.

The poet has also used allegory figurative words in his are in the next sentence "His approved costume, White flannel beard, red abdomen of cotton waste. Conceals the thinness of essential being hungry" this figurative style says that anything that is inside presents one more thing that is external. That is when the poet artistically satirizes the halloween costumes of the Santa Claus by stating that the clothes that are worn by the are incredibly huge and considerable thus used to show that the Santa Claus is a very big and old person but in real sense the individual that is wearing the towel is a young person and along the way the individual use that as an possibility to make the children have confidence in his principles. Yet they can't have the ability to have the ability to preserve the doctrines of there practice through out the entire year.

Symbolism has been used in the poem when the poet criticized the Santa Claus by failing to discuss there good deeds in times when the children had a need to share and distributed love this is when he states (Nemerov, 2011). "This twelve-monthly savior of the overall economy Speaks in the parables of the money sign", this is a form in which the poet criticized the ways that the Santa Claus asked the kids to share with there friend only through the Christmas getaways while they don't practice it through out the entire year.

Symbolism can be used in the poem, were as symbolism means something that are a symbol of another thing, in the poem the poet has "when the kid is born To suffer for the entire world, suffer the earth, " the poet has used the kid in that point to signify that the Santa Claus is definitely seen on the Chrismas times a period when the kid which signifies Jesus Christ, therefore rendering it easy to comprehend the concept of the poet.

Allusion is another figurative terms that is employed in the poem as it identifies a person theme place or event ever sold or current culture, in the poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov, the theme and setting of the poem is through the Chrismas season, this is a time when the Santa Claus are generally in the streets and they tend to provide children with surprise gifts during the Chrismas season.

In conclusion the poet of this poem Santa Claus by Howard Nemerov has revealed a negative feeling towards Santa Claus this is portrayed by the firmness that the poet has used an example is when he uses the harsh tone of talking about the name of the Santa category as a thing that gives out a stench as with the range (Nemerov, 2011). "His name itself is corrupted, and even Saint Nicholas, in his move, Gives off a faint and reminiscent stench" this can be an a harsh build that makes the reader experience the recent the poet has for the Santa Claus.

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