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Science fiction is one of the very most popular branches in the present day literature. At the same time, the origin of research fiction literature dates back to ancient times, when historical writer attemptedto signify their ideas in imaginary varieties and unite these imaginary forms with the knowledge of the real life. Eventually, the science fiction literature advanced consistently but it continued to be always focused on the representation of ideas, ideas and values of writers, which were different from those that dominated in the real life but which were often closely intertwined with the real life or symbolized an alternative to various true to life issues, problems and beliefs. Because of this, the technology fiction is an extremely rich genre of literature, which allows authors to develop new ideas and ideas and present them in the literary form as an alternative vision of the real life presented by the freelance writers. In this esteem, you'll be able to refer to knowledge fiction literary works created by fantastic writers, such as George Orwell or Robert Sheckley, who created numerous science fiction literary works, which became not only regular science fiction books however they were also a sort philosophic works created by article writer to mention their ideas and warn the mankind about dangers that accompanied the development of the modern-day civilization.

The major characteristics of technology fiction literature

In actuality, technology fiction is a very popular branch in the contemporary books. In this esteem, it is worth mentioning the actual fact that the emergence of technology fiction books is strongly intertwined with the technical improvement of the world, which stimulates knowledge fiction writers to generate new works, where they depict imaginary worlds that are based on the ongoing improvement of technology and technology. At the same time, science fiction literary works do not necessarily involve a solid scientific basis on the ground which a knowledge fiction booklet is written. What is meant here is the fact that technology and technology are not necessary for the creation of your science fiction literary work. Instead, the desire of a writer to present an alternative solution view or strategy is crucial since it is through the creation of an fictional, research fiction report, the writer can express his / her different view or notion.

In this value, it's important to lay focus on the fact that research and technology are important for the development of science fiction books but they are not crucial. What is meant here is the fact that science and technology somewhat give knowledge fiction freelance writers an insight, an idea to create the form in which authors put certain content or subject matter, which they want to mention to the audience. Actually, they use methodical discoveries and solutions as tools by making use of which they build their research fiction reviews and write their literature, where they express their ideas and principles.

In fact, knowledge and technology is not the core of research fiction books. Instead, research fiction authors use knowledge and technology to foresee the further development of the planet or to present their alternate vision of the development of the entire world, as well as potential dangers the mankind can face in the foreseeable future. In this esteem, it is possible to refer to the genre of anti-utopia in technology fiction books, which impact is specially strong on works of Orwell and Sheckley as well.

In such a way, knowledge fiction literary works target mainly on the development of alternate ideas, views, and ideas. Science fiction freelance writers attempt to present and answer the question what if and in the course of their works they suggest their ideas on the choice development of the world, society, technologies etc. Thus, technology fiction literary works represent a kind of blend of fact and extravagant, where science and technology are facts that lay down the foundation on the ground of which freelance writers develop their fancies and create their fancied world, which will vary from real life and the real life.

Orwell's 1984

On analyzing the development of research fiction literary works in the 20th hundred years, it is scarcely possible to dismiss works created by George Orwell, whose contribution in the introduction of science fiction books most importantly and anti-utopia in particular can scarcely be underestimated. In this admiration, it is possible to make reference to one of the most popular and renowned works compiled by George Orwell, "1984". "1984" by George Orwell may be looked at as a traditional example of a knowledge fiction literary work because the entire work represents the vision of the new world fancied by George Orwell on the premise that the whole world has came into a new level of its development, when the totalitarian routine establishes and tips the world. Actually, the author shows how the technologically advanced contemporary society is doomed to moral degradation, when the totalitarian regime establishes the guidelines of the life of the entire culture, when people aren't able or eager to learn the reality, where they can not speak freely and they cannot exhibit their ideas and show them with one another.

In this regard, George Orwell does not create only a fictional world. Instead, he constructs the new world on the ground of the totalitarian regimes that been around in European countries during World Warfare II and in the post-war time. So, his technology fiction story is dependant on the analysis of the existing situation, past and forecasts concerning the future society made by the author in his book. What is recommended this is actually the proven fact that George Orwell created his "1984" as a alert to the culture concerning the threat of neglecting democratic rights and liberties and oppression of people by the state. The fancied world created by George Orwell depicts vividly horrors of the totalitarian routine and total control over the life and behavior of individuals. The author shows evidently that the total monitoring and control business lead to the degradation of the contemporary society, deprivation of basic humanistic worth and the establishment of a severe plan, where individuals play the role of puppets, mechanisms carrying out a couple of functions conditioned by their state. In that context, the equality and delight advertised by the ruling elite are ironic, considering the privileged position of the ruling class depicted by the writer in his book. At this point, it's important to lay emphasis on the fact that this fictional book implies real life and the prevailing public injustice and inequality, that your author criticizes and condemns in his research fiction reserve through the image of the YOUR GOVERNMENT and the ruling party.

On the other palm, the booklet depicts THE UK, London ruined by the warfare which continues on permanently. In this regard, the author makes an attempt to forecast the consequences of World Conflict III on the planet and the life span of the population. No think about he reminds that "who handles the past control buttons the future, who controls the present controls days gone by" (Orwell, 2). Therefore, the writer depicts his eye-sight of the choice development of the entire world, if the earth slips toward totalitarianism and oppression of basic human being protection under the law and liberties.

Orwell's "Dog Farm"

"Animal Plantation" by George Orwell is another knowledge fiction literary work which is, to a certain degree, similar to "1984" in terms of the critical research and condemnation of the totalitarian regime and society. At this point, it is worth mentioning the actual fact that "Animal Farm" is the allegoric representation of the go up and establishment of Communist in the world in terms of the particular farm where pets or animals rise resistant to the guideline of humans and set up their own status. In actuality, the allegory was not a mere luxury of George Orwell. Instead, the reserve was predicated on the examination of the Communist program in the USSR conducted by George Orwell. He examined critically the utopian ideals of communism and represented it as animalism in his book. In such a way, his technology fiction book presents a combination of facts and fancy for the genuine totalitarian plan and ideology influencing the development of the modern day world was depicted critically, if not saying sarcastically, by the author in his "Animal Farm".

Similarly to "1984", George Orwell depicts the slide of the world toward totalitarianism. Actually, the writer shows the negative impact of totalitarianism on the life span of a person. In this respect, it is important to lay focus on the fact that his allegoric society in "Animal Plantation" as well as the fancied world in "1984" mirror actual totalitarian regimes existing on the planet, when both books were written.

Sheckley's "Status Civilization"

George Orwell was a agent of the anti-utopian styles in science fiction books in the 20th century. At exactly the same time, his ideas affected works of other writers. In this regard, Robert Sheckley was, to a certain extent, very much like George Orwell because he used science fiction literary works to depict his vision of the life of the society in the foreseeable future. His "Status Civilization" is an especially noteworthy science fiction literary work in conditions of the depiction of the new kind of society by the author.

Unlike George Orwell, who depicts downsides and horrors of the totalitarian talk about, Robert Sheckley shows two factors of the worlds which is available next to each other. In fact, in his publication "Status Civilization", Robert Sheckley juxtaposes two antagonistic poles, two societies founded on the similar surface but with another inclination. To place it more accurately, Sheckley depicts Omega, where people is rolling out the cult of Bad, where they have to kill, steal and commit other crimes to seem sensible of the life and also to worship the cult of Evil, whereas the Earth is a degrading globe, where people are in a presumably just world, where all people are identical and happy. In this regard, the Earth depicted by Robert Sheckley in his "Status Civilization" reminds George Orwell's "Animal Plantation" with its fundamental process: "All pets or animals are equal however, many are more similar than others". In "Status Civilization", people inhabiting the planet earth are not really equal and the contemporary society is not actually just because people may live in poverty and believe they participate in the middle-class, which they identify as the low-middle course, for instance. At the same time, the world depicted by Sheckley is not really a mere fancy of the article writer but it mirrors the actual society, divided into distinct classes, in which a few people rule, whereas the majority represents the center category and many live in poverty. Quite simply, similarly to Orwell's science fiction literary works, Sheckley's fancied world gets the ground in the real life. Thus, his work is dependant on facts, that happen to be backed up with fancies Sheckely earns to show viewers leads of the modern-day society which may slip to degradation also to the life on earth conditioned by robots or to the life on earth where people makes cult of Bad. So, as a research fiction literary work, "Status Civilization" combines facts and expensive.

Sheckley's "Quest beyond Tomorrow"

The notion of the absurd modern culture, like the modern culture worshiping Evil, can be traced not only in "Status Civilization, but in other works written by Robert Sheckley as well, such as "Journey beyond Tomorrow". "Journey beyond Tomorrow" is another technology fiction work, which depicts the near future society, where technologies have reached a superior degree of development but the contemporary society depicted by the author is still full of absurd extremes. For example, the main figure is imprisoned by the existing justice system but freed on the ground of your choice used by the digital oracle. So, "Journey beyond Tomorrow" is another technology fiction work which shows the alternative view of the writer on the culture and the introduction of the mankind. Sheckley calls for facts from the modern life and uses his fancy to modify and create the near future society, which is very different from the modern day one.


Thus, taking into account all previously listed, it's important to lay focus on the actual fact that knowledge fiction literary works signify a blend of facts and expensive, where research and technology serve as tools by making use of which technology fiction writers depict new worlds and new societies. Often freelance writers depict their vision into the future society. Anyhow, they make a fictional world, where in fact the fancy is tightly intertwined with some real facts extracted from the real life nevertheless they are customized to the amount that the final results of freelance writers' fancies make the population and world described unique and different from real ones. At the same time, research fiction literary works signify views and ideas of knowledge fiction writers, who try to create alternatives to real life, where impossible can be done. On the other hand, many science fiction works, like "1984" and "Animal Farm" by George Orwell or "Status Civilization" by Robert Sheckely, alert the public from the development of negative trends in the contemporary society and the prevention of potential hazards and hazards to the normal life of individuals in the foreseeable future.

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