Shakespeare Novels Twelfth Night English Literature Essay

One of Shakespeare books, Twelfth Night indicates a great theme and biggest role in the book which is deception. There are various character types in the book that suffer from deception, Three example, Viola who she disguises as a guy for her own benefits, also Malvolio deceiving himself, and last but not least Duke Orsino suffers by thinking that he enjoys the countess Olivia. Deception causes misery, while enlightenment relieves troubled.

The first exemplory case of deception is the primary character in Twelfth Nights; Viola, whom suffers from Duke Orison's love. Viola disguises as a guy for the advantage of her survival. She dresses and works like a man, and goes on the name Cesario. "I'll do my better to woo your lady. Yet, a barful strife! Whoe'er I woo, myself would be his wife" [TN. I. iv. 40-42] Theses last lines which Viola says, shows us that Olivia is not merely hiding her disguise from duke but also her love and love for him, she explains that it would be a struggle on her behalf to woo Olivia when she herself is in love with him. When Viola begins working for Duke Orsino, helping him woo Olivia, Viola comes deeply in love with Orsino, while Olivia comes deeply in love with Viola who is very Cesario. Thus, makes Viola go through by not being able to reveal her love for the Duke, in addition to not being able to notify Olivia why she cannot love her. When the reality arrived, Viola was able to be with Duke Orsino, and marry him, she did not suffer anymore on her behalf love for Orsino. Viola's deception and disguise triggers many deceptions and confusions to the people.

Another character example of deception is Malvolio, by deceiving himself mentally and literally. Although Malvolio is a servant, he firmly believes that he is in an increased social school than the other servants. "Perhaps you have no wit, manners, nor honesty, but to gabble like tinkers at the moment of nights Do ye make an alehouse out of my lady's house, that ye squeak out of your cozier's catches without the mitigation or remorse of words Will there be no admiration of place, persons, nor amount of time in you?" (TN. II. iii. 82-89) Malvolio will not think very highly of drinking and having a great time, when finding the Sir Toby, Maria and Andrew performing at night, he threatens them. his snobby frame of mind towards Sir Toby Blech, Maria, Sir Andrew, and Fabian, lead to them participating in a horrid trick on him, to make a fool of him, here Malvolia's deception was by others. Making him assume that Olivia is in love with him, gives him desires to maintain an upper sociable class. Toby isn't just rude, says Malvolio, he's also breaking rules of sociable levels. Malvolio's belief that he is in a high social school, will lead him to be in misery and never enjoy a himself. When the truth comes out, and notices his self-deception, he'll not be tricked or joked by anyone, and folks in the household will respect him. Malvolio really wants to be respected, to be studied seriously, and have control over the other characters hence, Malvolio suffers from both deception by others and self-deception

The Duke Orsino's notion that he is in love for the countess Olivia is also another Varity of deception. This triggers confusions and problems for himself and the countess Olivia. Orsino is included because he believes he is truly in love with Olivia, and worships her, even though he hasn't had a genuine dialogue with her. He considers her from considerably and announces 'The noblest that I've. O, mine eyes did see Olivia first, Methought she purged the environment of pestilence. That instant was I turned into a hart' [TN. I. i. 19-23]'. In this particular range, which happens in the first action shows us how Orsino is a passionate for love but he will not realize that he's in love with the idea of being in love, which Olivia is just an icon or symbol showing that. When the truth came out, Orsino could see Viola who have been suffering for his love, and made him recognize that he did not really like Olivia has he stated to acquire said preceding, he had not been fooling himself or others any further. Like Olivia, he quickly embraces the fact that Viola is a lady, and forgets all about his love for Olivia. Down the road in the booklet, it shows the reader Orsino's self-deception.

As stated above, lies causes trouble as the truth relieves enduring self-deception will come in many different kinds and varieties. Deception in virtually any form or regardless is not to be messed around with, because it triggers many problems and serious consequences. Shakespeare expresses those results through some of the main characters in the novel.

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