Social And Psychological Oppression Of Women

The electric power of marriage between men and women had clearly shown in both of the novel. In the book "Nervous Conditions", the writer portrays the five women Tambu, Tambu's mother Ma'Shingayi, Nyasha, Maiguru and Lucia in a powerless way. They need to follow the men all the time. During the college vacation, Tambu and her relatives went back to the hometown. Maiguru as a Babamukuru's wife who's the headmaster of the objective school, she actually is expected to cook, clean and prepare everything for the expanded family. Although she is highly informed but she actually is still enthralled to the wants of her man and the men in the community but because of her culture she makes to keep silent and obedient. She has no choice but to check out. "This business of a womanhood is a heavy burden. When there are sacrifices to be made, you will be the one who must make them" (Tsitsi Dangarembga 16). This is exactly what Tambu's mother told Tambu. This quote shows that once women marry to a man, she is like a burden to the men. Women are the one who always sacrifices themselves for the family. Women are delivered to be a burden of men. In "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare, the queen of Denmark, Gertrude is a woman who will obey men. She committed with Claudius after her husband's loss of life within a month. Gertrude is a female who cannot live with out a man. Beside, another figure, Ophelia also follow the guidelines of female gets the lower position in society. She eliminated mad when her father, Polonius passed away. (William Shakespeare)

Women have a tendency to obey men, it is because they feel substandard towards men and they obey this custom since their ancestors. They just follow the position quo that men are dominance in contemporary society. Besides, in the second novel "Pride and Prejudice", this book begins with the word "It is truth universally acknowledged, that a solitary man in possession of good fortune must maintain a want of your better half" (Jane Austen 1). This quote demonstrates that the man wants a partner then they can obtain the wife, women doesn't have the opportunity to reject them. The person has option as well as liberty to choose any gal that they wishes, however women only can get whichever men want them. From here, "Pride and Prejudice" shows that how pitiful is a women. They don't have the chance to choose the person they need. If so happen they marry to the men they do not like, they have to face the men for the rest with their life. "The color Crimson" which is written by Alice Walker, is a novel that about a black women, Celie, who have been sexually abused by the person she thinks to her daddy, robbed of her two children, and wedded off to man she hates. She believes that men are the ones who dominate in society (Alice Walker). This novel is the evidence of how a woman can obey. Even though Celia has raped by his father but she causes herself to remain silent and obedient towards her dad due to the position quo of men in society.

"In my own heart, I think a woman has two selections: either she's a feminist or a masochist. " (Gloria Steinem) In Gloria Steinem's perspective, girl is a weakened party in world. It appears that women don't have any chance to look the higher degree of life. Both of the novels are in the community which is follow the process called entailed. In the book "Nervous Conditions", after the sudden death of Nhamo (Tambu's sibling) Tambu is determined to take over him. Before that, the family does not allow Tambu to review. "It's the same everywhere. Because you are a womanwhat did you expect? Did you truly feel that you can send you to ultimately university?" (Tsitsi Dangarrmbga 21). This quote shows that Tambu really want to examine and gain knowledge but she actually is a lady, therefore she does not have the opportunity to study because her family will not pay for the school fees. This offer implies that it is very hard to obtain a female to success. For the reason that time, virtually all the careers are for men. In this novel, women experienced very few selections in their life. They do not have any chance to do whatever they want. They have to please the men.

Not only that, in the next novel "Pride and Prejudice", "It is from my cousin Mr. Collins, who, while i am dead, risk turning you all out of this house when he please" (Jane Austen 62). Mr. Bennet's property is entailed, and therefore he must passed his property to a guy after Mr. Bennet loss of life and can't be inherited by any five of his girl, his property need to complete to a man comparative on his aspect of the family who's Mr. Collins. This implies that male have the bigger status than a woman. They are able to inherit the property with their family or even side family. However women don't have any chance to get the house off their family yet once the women marry to men, whatever the women owned will automatically became her husband's. Besides, in the novel "Little Women" women's fight between your family responsibility and personal development. This book demonstrate that a women has their own thought and wanted to have their own job however they must follow the tradition that they have to stay at home and complete their obligation.

In the poem "An unbiased girl" by Audrey A Cooper, "She makes her own living, and doesn't worry what anyone believes" (Audrey A Cooper line 1 &2). Both of the range shows that an independent female can live themselves, they do not rely upon man. Within the novel "Nervous Condition" Tambu is impartial. She plants and sells vegetables and fruits to earn the money herself. She do this because she needs to review and she wishes to save the funds to pay for the institution fees and she has learned that her family won't and not in a position to pay the school fees on her behalf. From here, Tambu shows that women are unbiased as well at that timeline, they aren't only depends on men. When she able enters to the institution, she was working very hard. Finally, Tambu is offered a scholarship to study at the esteemed quest college. Tambu was learning very hard because she desires to change her life. In this article "Women against Conflict" by Glenice Whitting, "African women retaining emaciated infants, Moslem women crying over tiny caskets. I cry with them, but have no idea of the depth of their grief. " (Glenice Whitting, collection 8) it has shown that women are fragile sometimes but they are strong enough to make it through in a war.

"I had not been sorry when my buddy passed on. " (Tsitsi Dangarembga 1). This offer implies that Tambu actually does not like her sibling. Her brother, Nhamo was an important role in Tambu's family. He was the role of future company of his family. He was given the chance to study in quest school. He presents everything in his family. This is just because he's the guy and the eldest of the family. Although Tambu is clever and hardworking than Nhamo but she seems play an unimportant in her family this is merely simply because she is a female. After Nhamo's sudden fatality, she finally seems her importance in her family, it is because she has step into her brother's role therefore she had not been sorry when her brother died but enjoyment. Now in population, women are getting more important. "Over the last 30years women, especially from Asian countries, have become an extremely in this important element of this market" (J Stor, Feminist Review). This has shown that women's hard work finally got appreciate by the contemporary society. According to this article, women are awake and the society started to realize the value of the ladies.

In the next novel "Pride and Prejudice" Elizabeth is a very good example of an independent women. "I thank you over and over for the honour you did me in your proposals, but to simply accept them is absolutely impossible. My sense in all respects forbid it" (Jane Austen 105). This quotation shows that Elizabeth declined Mr. Collin's proposal although Elizabeth's mother needs her to marry with him because Mr. Collin is going to inherit Mr. Bennet's property after his death. Elizabeth dares to voice out everything she desires. 19th century world is very controversial at that time but Elizabeth's behavior is against with the very thought of 90's behavior. She has her own thought. Elizabeth will not want her life control by her mom, she is self-employed enough to reject and settle thing by herself. Inside the songs "I am a woman" by Helen Reddy, at the beginning of the lyrics "I am woman, listen to me roar In figures too large to disregard" (Helen Reddy, Stage 1) it has demonstrated that a female used to be ignore by the society because women is a female. They do not trust women and feel that girl is a poor and useless get together. "it's wisdom born of pain, Yes, I've paid the price, But look how much I gained, If I have to I can face anything" (Helen Reddy, Chorus) however women are strong enough to face all the hurdles. They are now strong and invincible. They don't want to have their life like how they used to be, they actually not simply want to obey the men. They experienced the pain and they are now even more robust than a man.

In final result, in both of the novels "Nervous Conditions" and "Pride and Prejudice" women tend to follow man because they do not want to against their custom since ancestors. However female is woke now. They would like to be equivalent with man and there is no a right reason that why men are prominent in society. Men dominant is no more the norm. Woman are getting impartial. They commence to tone out what their recent and they're having more rights and respects in world. Everyone is equivalent. The position between women and men should be similar.

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