Struggle of Identity

Struggle of Identity

The movie, "10 Things I hate about you" stands alone ground in comparison to the Shakespeare's masterpiece, "Taming of the shrew". The movie is designed but modern version of the renowned play. Both the works revolves around the key character's life, Katherine the Shrew. One of the common difference in both masterpiece would be that the Shakespeare's play's main theme encircle throughout the marriage of two sisters:Katherine, an outspoken, rude, cruel and mismanaged woman, while, Bianca a very soft spoken, innocent, wonderful woman, a desire of every eligible bachelor of the city. "Taming the Shrew" has a setting of London's rich family, as the movie is dependant on the family living in California, whose daughters are studying in Padua senior high school. In spite of huge generation gap between both the works they show a distinctive struggle of women in society, both plays uncover the women's strong want to break society's biased rules.

The fathers in both the stories set a problem for the younger daughter's marriage, but the reason behind the problem is dependant on the time body of the storyline. "Taming the Shrew" takes us to the time of male dominancy, where women are expected to follow the orders of the guy and were supposed to get hitched at a certain age group. However, the director, Gil Junger has improved the play to bring more radiant technology to the theaters by dealing with the problem of being pregnant prior to relationship. The father in the film desires to protect her daughters by imposing no going out with law. Both daughters disagree with this cruel legislation, but later on this step with their father prove important in taking mature decision with their life. Alternatively, Mr Minola is concerned about the marriage of her old daughter, because no person is willing to talk about life with her. He was following the tradition of society by expecting relationship of her little girl at a fix age; often his reputation would be in trouble.

In Shakespeare's play marriage is shown as an exchange of materialistic prosperity, there is absolutely no place for relationship or love in the partnership. Every figure in the play has his or her motto behind the every action. I couldn't see any love between daughters and parents, nor between Hurotio and Kate. The movie on the other side describes an overwhelming bond between father and daughter's romance. The question arise was there any living of unconditional love through the Shakespeare's time?Was Kate behaving obscured because she didn't have anyone to love her infinitely?Or was she aiming to make assertion that she is also a individual, she also owns equivalent protection under the law as that of a man.

We can easily see many components of gender biased population in, "Taming the Shrew". If a women begins revolting and opposing the original norms then she is considered a shrew, the condition of women in Shakepear's play is demoralizing, where the complete emphasis is given on the tendencies of the Shrew(Kate) as the soiled politics of male figure is slightly neglected. Kate in the story was outspoken and always insulted others to shut their mouths, but there isn't any clue that why she was behaving such as a Shrew. This 50 % left unknown is fixed by director Gil Junger in his movie, "10 things I hate about you". Shakephere's composed the play to amuse the folks of Elizabethan time, while 10 things is mainly made for individuals of 21st century. An important changeover from patriarchal to free unbinding population can be seen in both works.

In the play, various events covering Kate's have difficulty, Patriarchal plot and struggle between the characters disclose the position of women in the 16th century. On the other hand, 10 things portrays a feminist figure enjoying all the protection under the law in free American society. The star solid of 10 Things comprises of popular Hollywood stars Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles. Director of the movie presents the materialistic American contemporary society possessing electrical and mechanical gizmos and easily conveying erotic knowledge. Modern America motivates equality of sexes which can't be seen in Shakespeare's play, which exercises the boundary between two genders.

The overriding theme of both texts is matrimony. INSIDE THE Taming of the Shrew, relationship is offered as an institution, where people are anticipated to be present. It takes the form of business when contenders with high financial position race to acquire their favorite girl. This matrimony is deprived of any love or feelings. The container of the Taming of the Shrew needs me back to my old traditions of my country, where bridegroom was selected by the parents rather than by the bride. But, the situation in the play is different as Katherine by the end selects groom of her choice. Within the movie, 10 Things however, the guidelines are completely contrasting. There is absolutely no obstacle regarding economical difference between bride and groom, the marriage here's not cared for as form of establishment, instead it's cared for as a everlasting bond full of love and sacrifice for each other. The one barrier in ladies is the unwritten guideline established by their daddy, the health of not dating. The father stops ladies for dating, scheduled to fear of unprecedented results of going out with in the so called frontward society.

Another factor which differentiates both the work is the use of words and text message. The characters in The taming of the Shrew adopts an Elizabethan or Shakespearean vocabulary, a terms which is dependant on social status of an person. Shakespeare runs on the formal vocabulary to explain minutest detail of every figure in the play. The text is so wonderfully attributed that any reader can judge the speaker no matter he starts to read from any place in the play. On the other hand director Junger got additional medium, a medium of expression, the movie, through which an individual can express his feeling without speaking an individual word. He tweaked the dialogue in the movie to the particular level so the new technology can understand it. The heroes in the play as well as in the movie are masked with dual personality. For example Lucentio reveals himself as a French scholar. In the same way, in the movie Bianca's lover masks himself as if he knows French and starts off developing involvement in French.

Lastly, one area which differentiates both the work is the amount of ways the written text is taken care of immediately. The Shrew was constructed when women were attempting to develop their identification in a patriarch dominated culture. It was the time when the independence of women was shunned by giving no wise reasons. These were cared for as puppet whose deeds were manipulated by her maters, here in the truth of Katherine the role of master is enjoyed by the world and also to some extent by her father. Women never dared to revolt in this male dominated population, I am looking forward to do research related to the brave women in the Shakepearean era. I wish to know very well what their fate was, were they curbed or they succeeded in changing the idea of view of the authoritarian modern culture. Four generations later 10 things face different set of social rules, the ladies can be seen now at every top position in the population. They may be rewarded after an extended lasting have difficulties of life, now they can be not just seemed after as a health care taker. But, when the position of American women is weighed with the positioning of women of other underdeveloped of producing countries, there exists a huge generation space between them. Without doubt the women in the us are more personal reliant and determined, but there exists lot to be achieved for the women residing in third world countries.

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