The American Desire Grapes Of Wrath English Literature Essay

In the book "Grapes of Wrath" Steinbeck attempts to spell it out the hard conditions in which farmers like the Joads needed to suffer during the Dust Bowl. Throughout the novel he focuses on the Joad family and their quest to California. Steinbeck got mixed intentions that he is trying expressing, perhaps his message in this novel is how the dispossessed family members were cured through the trip from Oklahoma to California was or it might have been the way the American aspiration was designed by the catastrophic events that was taking place during this time. The novel does represent what the American desire is suppose to be but at the same time a new notion of what the American desire should be is being develop. The North american dream changes regarding time; this is excatly why there may be never a concrete notion of what the American fantasy is. In Steinbeck's novel he is aiming to define a new explanation of the North american fantasy, for a farmer during this time it might have been, own land with a residence where their family could lived in and have enough to eat. While this may seem like little or nothing to us, they noticed like this was the best they could get.

The American goal only developed because there where many people at times that were in misery. If there would of never been misery in this country then your American desire would of never been around, if everyone is wealthy and has everything they need they don't genuinely have any aspirations to acquire or become something in life. Steinbeck provides detailed information of

how horrible was the misery of folks living during the Dust Bowl. "The dawn came up, but no day. Within the grey sky a red sun appearedMen and women huddled in their properties, and they attached handkerchiefs over their noses when they went out, and wore goggles to safeguard their eye. "(Steinbeck, 2), this is exactly what the people during the dust bowl endured and thought it could go away in a few days but for their bad luck it wouldn't.

Part of the development of the American dream is the unity that American households had during this time. Everyone depended on each others work, generally the daddy was the top of the family and was responsible for bring the food to their home, the mother was in charge of taking care of the home as well as educating their children. Steinbeck uses heroes dialect to express the Joad's unity. "The family became a product. Pa squatted down on the ground and Uncle John beside him. Pa was the head of the family now. "(103). Despite the adversity the family stood united and may choose a leader to continue.

In "Grapes of Wrath" every figure in a way got dreams of their own, like Rose of Sharon which possessed her dreams and does nothing but surprise about what her dreams would bring. She wished Connie to review at night time and then work at an ice store, she also acquired dreams on her behalf baby and she imagined living a nice little house all alone as a family group. But she really didn't do anything and couldn't do anything to achieve her dreams, she as well as all of those other family were in a struggle to surviving so she experienced no other choice than to stop her dreams. While many of Us citizens have their notion of what the North american wish is, few get to see that dream come true.

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Most of the described incidents in the novel tend to kill the chance at succeeding to reside in the American fantasy. Times for the families couldn't be most detrimental, People in the usa where in a great depression which intended that the overall economy was really bad, this results in one of the reason why for why Us citizens in this time lost wish on the American desire. "And money that might have gone for wages gone for gas, for guns, for real estate agents and spies, for blacklists, for drilling. For the highways folks relocated like ants and sought out work, for food. Along with the anger commenced to ferment. " (215). A lot more than just the money, real wood, and work the Joad's want for justice, for humanity.

For the Joads the North american dream meant for than self success, it designed to protect their and more right because they wanted to are in a country that was secure to them and their family. "Wherever they's a fight so hungry people can eat. I'll be there. Wherever they's a cop beating' up a man, I'm going to be thereI'll maintain the way kids giggle when they're hungry n' they know supper's ready. "(319). This also shows the unity of an individual with its modern culture.

The American dream helps to keep a society contained and going, because then one feels that if I'm not prospering, if I'm not buying these exact things, then that means that I would be doing something amiss. The American goal for these people during this time period was more of a refuge and enthusiasm to continue and keep dreaming of what one believes and wishes, the American dream is similar to a religion for the person, he would have goal in his mind for every decision that he makes, he would try to construct his life for this belief. Steinbeck novel show this, the Joads with their dream of having an improved life have to improve their way of living, move from the area they always resided in, leave individuals they love just to pursue their beliefs.

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