The Assault And Conflict Of Romeo And Juliet English Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play about two young families that hate one another, the Capulet's and the Montague's. At a party, organised by the Capulet's, Juliet matches and falls in love with the Montague's son, Romeo. They can't be together as a result of conflict between their families, and consequently, they both expire because of their love. However the play mainly deals with love, there's also many other themes or templates, for example, assault and discord. The prologue informs us that the assault in the play happens consequently of 'ancient grudge' between your two families, which contributes to the tragic deaths. The impact of violence between your two young families also contributes to Verona's citizens being swept up in violent behaviour, "Civil blood vessels, makes civil side unclean", this implies that the theme of violence and conflict affects everyone. This essay will discuss whether violence and discord is central to Romeo and Juliet. The essay will analyse three different views in the play, Take action 1 picture 1, Act 3 field 1 and Work 3 arena.

In Act 1 Arena 1 the third civil brawl begins by Gregory and Sampson, servants of Capulets, biting there thumb at the Montague servants Abraham and Balthasar. This is an example of public conflict as the citizens of Verona get excited about this brawl. Gregory and Sampson were comically insulting one another, "My naked weapon has gone out", when they run into the Montague servants. This civil brawl happens in a general public put in place Verona. Abraham and Balthasar lose their temper and swords are drawn to fight. This conflict starts from a rude gesture, "will you bite your thumb at us sir?" to the Montague servants. Gregory and Sampson choose to keep conflict because they are taking honour for their family and are taking a stand to them, "Why don't we take the law of our sides". Tybalt joins the scene and learn to battle and continue the turmoil. Tybalt attempts to choose a deal with on Benvolio who's Romeo's cousin, "Have a discussion of peacefulness! I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montague's, and thee. Tybalt enjoys to start battles and create assault. Tybalt wants to carry on the violence from the threat of Gregory and Sampson, the rude gesture. Benvolio endeavors to avoid the attack and bring peace between both family members, he believes assault is not the way to settle things, "I do but keep the peace, set up thy swords". Benvolio is the peacekeeper who doesn't believe in violence and for that reason, tries to avoid any kind assault and conflict between your families. Violence and discord in central to Romeo and Juliet just because a fight has cracked out onto the roadways by way of a rude gesture, on the other side violence and turmoil might not exactly be central to Romeo and Juliet because Benvolio attempted to keep calmness within both families.

Lord Montague and Lord Capulet will be the head of their family and house. They dislike each other because of an, "ancient grudge", which nobody remembers. The Prince explains the grudge as an, "airy word" or something small made up for grounds to fight. On this scene Lord Capulet and Montague attended to see the situation when they meet one another, and want to start conflict. Lord Montague says, "Thou villain Capulet! Keep me not, i want to go", and Lord Capulet says, "Give me my long sword". Therefore this shows even the parents will struggle the other person as well as the kids and cousins. Discord and Violence is popular in this scene because the people become involved and continue turmoil, "Clubs, expenses, and partisans! Attack! Defeat them down". This demonstrates that assault and issue is central to Romeo and Juliet because the brawl has affected the people of Verona to obtain violent behavior.

The Prince warns both Capulet and Montague when there is another conflict between the families in the public places of Verona the result will be fatality. There were 3 earlier civil brawls between the families, so this will be there last warning, "You shall pay the forfeit of the peace". This field is vital because the Prince offered a warning of any further conflict, death will pay the price. Therefore this makes the individuals cautious because of their actions plus they have been warned about the consequence for just about any further conflict brought on.

In Action 3 Landscape 1 Tybalt comes looking for Romeo as he previously gate crashed his uncle's cover up party by going into god, the father Capulet's mansion uninvited to see Rosaline. Tybalt insults Romeo, "thou artwork a villain", this is a superb insult because he's a commendable man. He then tries to begin a struggle, "turn and sketch" Tybalt desires to continue issue for gate crashing his uncle's party. Romeo will try to keep calmness because he has committed Juliet and is now family with Tybalt, "Dearly as my very own be satisfied", Romeo cannot eliminate Tybalt because it would be an injustice to Juliet. Mercutio's is a hot tempered person who always wishes to combat; this is associated with his name which is similar to Mercury a volatile water. Mercutio chooses to keep discord with Tybalt because he previously insulted him when he came, "Here comes my man" this shows that Romeo is Tybalt's servant. Mercutio takes on around with words that Tybalt talks and makes him very angry, "Consort! What, dost thou make us minstrels?"

The second world brings about the deaths of Mercutio and Tybalt through violence and conflict, which takes place on a public block in Verona immediately after Romeo gets hitched to Juliet. Benvolio attempts to steer clear of the fight and alert them not to deal with in a general public place as a result of prince's effects, "We talk here in the public haunt of men, withdraw unto some private place". This shows us that Benvolio is a calmness keeper and does not want violence and conflict between your families. This menace demonstrates that, "public brawling" has occurred before, and he recognizes public turmoil as a real problem. Benvolio knows that the weather is very hot and people lose their tempers really quickly so he needs to get off the roadways to avoid trouble because he does know this may lead to brawls and fatalities.

Another type of conflict that's displayed in the play is verbal discord. Mercutio and Tybalt are in the feeling to fight and want to continue conflict in public when Mercutio says, "Tybalt you rat catcher do you want to walk?", and Tybalt replies, "what wouldst thou have beside me?" Mercutio takes on with the words that Tybalt talks therefore he wishes to get rid of him. Mercutio is eager to struggle and wont move proceeded to go Benvolio told him to, "I am going to not budge for no mans pleasure". He won't leave the avenues just to enough time Capulets which is willing to struggle if provoked. They get their swords and combat. Romeo will come in between them and Mercutio is stabbed and he dies. Mercutio curses both houses for his death as he is convinced Romeo was also involved of the death of Mercutio. That is another example of verbal issue, "A plague o both your houses". Mercutio curses both homes as Romeo and Tybalt are accountable for his loss of life. Mercutio's curse could cause conflict in the future because Mercutio cursed his own friends as well as his adversary. This curse may have addressed the ending of the play with the consequence of Romeo and Tybalt dying.

When Romeo considers his friend dying his feelings changes from being peacekeeper to assassins, "This starts the woe, others must end". Out of this point he says everything changes it is the start of the end. He needs to eliminate Tybalt because he wiped out his friend Mercutio therefore, the only thing on his mind is to wipe out Tybalt, discord becomes greater in the play because Romeo has a head of fury and anger. This shows that violence and issue is central to Romeo and Juliet because innocent Romeo has become a killer, the theme of assault has increased.

Romeo eliminates Tybalt with great anger, and he believes he has the fury of Mercutio, "And the flames eyed fury be my do". This suggests that the killing was competitive and bloody because he considers that Mercutio's heart and soul is still here because he just died, "That later thou gavest me for Mercutio's soul". Therefore, he feels that Mercutio will help wipe out Tybalt and Tybalt will sign up for Mercutio in heaven, "Either thou, or I, or both, must select him", to keep Mercutio company.

Romeo experienced loyalty conflict because he must choose whether to be a loyal man to Juliet or a dedicated friend to Mercutio, "My very friend, hath got his mortal harm". Romeo is in a problem whether to be loyal to Mercutio or Juliet. This also symbolizes inner turmoil because it's a tough decision that he must take. Mercutio is stabbed when Romeo grabs him. Romeo eliminates Tybalt, therefore Romeo has been disloyal to both people. As a result of the fatalities of Mercutio and Tybalt, Romeo is banished from Verona in which to stay Mantua. The effect is awful for Romeo because he can't be with Juliet any more. The Prince is in charge of keeping the peace in the city and his word on Romeo is severe because he wants to stop the feud permanently. This landscape is important because violence and turmoil will lower because the violent personas have passed on such as Mercutio and Tybalt, also Romeo has been banished from Verona. This demonstrates that violence and issue is central to Romeo and Juliet because a further two more charactes have passed away Tybalt and Mercutio.

In the next scene Work 3 picture 5 Sweetheart Capulet makes Juliet's room unexpectedly. Girl Capulet wants to keep the conflict by getting rid of Romeo in Mantua by mailing someone there to kill him, "I'll send to 1 in Mantua". This turmoil symbolizes the hatred for one another because even though Romeo is banished Sweetheart Capulet wants him killed.

In this next field Act 3 world 5 conflict develops between daddy and girl. Juliet won't marry Paris, and betrays her father's wish and says she wishes to marry Romeo, "When I really do, I swear, it shall be Romeo". This occurs a big conflict because the Capulets hate the Montagues and Juliet want to marry a son from the Montague home therefore, she is disobeying her dad and dishonoured her home. Lord Capulet is puzzled at this time and dishonours Juliet by phoning her, "she", this claim that Juliet is currently a nobody to Lord Capulet and says she's unworthy to keep, "Unworthy as she is". The rage begins when Lord Capulet begin to call Juliet names, "Mistress Minion" suggesting that she's a spoiled brat. Lord Capulet persists conflict by getting in touch with her more brands, "green sickness carrion" suggesting she's a lifeless corpse. Lord Capulet is furious and wants to toss Juliet out the home to be dishonourable to him, "Out, you baggage" and says she's a pale waxy face, "You tallow face". Assault becomes enormous as Lord Capulet feels like dazzling her, "My hands itch". Not way back when he thought that Juliet was blessed however now he considers her as a curse, "Curse in having her" suggesting she's a bad luck to the family because there image has been tarnished. Lord Capulet now views her as a pointless person, "Out on her hilding" because she is not doing her duties as his daughter. Juliet has truly gone against her daddy to marry his enemy instead of marrying Paris who her father liked. She is a disgrace to the family to like a boy that is an enemy.

The Nurse inflames the problem further and makes the turmoil grater. The Nurse discussions on Juliet's behave and says, "God in heaven bless her" recommending that Lord Capulet was wrong to say that. This makes Lord Capulet more furious because the nurse is taking Juliet's part who's defaming his image. Lord Capulet becomes really furious and instructs the nurse to shut up and gossip with another old female, "Smatter with your gossips".

Lord Capulet's anger slowly but surely accumulates as he speaks as he doesn't want to listen to anyone. He says an enormous talk which summarises Juliet's betrayal and the consequences of that going on. Lord Capulet will send her to the roads if she doesn't marry Paris, "Hang, beg, starve, and die, in the roadways". He is so furious he is willing to toss her out the house and let her rot in the roadways, and he wouldn't caution. All relationships with Juliet have broken up as she's defamed her family. Girl Capulet leaves her and she is now through with Juliet, "I have finished with thee" all relationships have been damaged aside from the nurse. Although the Nurse says Juliet to marry Paris because Romeo is banished but Juliet disagrees and says, "amen" in the event that's what she thinks. She then breaks romantic relationships with the Nurse and is now all alone. She openly insults the Nurse, "Ancient damnation!" verbal conflict ends their relationship. This is a mixture of public issue because she can't be with Romeo as both families hate the other person and inner conflict because she can't notify her parents the reality.

In bottom line I feel that violence and discord requires a huge role in the play because everything happens through violent actions. Minus the theme of violence and conflict the story wouldn't be interesting because it is a romantic story and they live happily ever before after, but the theme brings about the tension and suspense in the play and helps it be more dramatic for people to learn. I feel that violence and discord is central to Romeo and Juliet because this theme is carried out throughout the storyplot. Violence and conflict becomes more endemic involving a whole lot of individuals lead to brawls and fatalities. The theme of violence is greater than love because Romeo and Juliet possessed one romantic evening together plus they had to separate in the morning before he was caught. This was the only scene demonstrating real love with no issue or assault, eventually they both died.

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