The Autobiography The Caged Parrot Sings English Literature Essay

'I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings' is an autobiography, written by Maya Angelou.

The book made an appearance in 1970, and became a bestseller. The main figure in the book is the author herself; Marguarite Jonsson also known as Maya Angelou. The book's main topics are discrimination and getting older.

The story starts in a community called Stamps in Arkanses. The 7 years old Marguerite and her 8 yrs. old brother live here using their strictly religious grandmother and crippled uncle, Willie. They are all dark-skinned and therefore they participate in the underclass, called the Negro's. Mrs. Henderson, also called Momma, runs a meeting place for many years in the town, what gives them still a little respect. They mainly sell food to other blacks, whites partly because they seldom go to the shop. That is due to the fact they behave themselves superior to the blacks. Marguerite and her sibling Bailey always thought that their parents were dead, because their grandmother never described anything about them. Until Xmas, when their father showes up with some Xmas presents. He stays on for some time and then leaves with Marguerite and Bailey with their mom, Vivian Baxter. She actually is an attractive woman who earns her money by working in nightclubs. Marguerite and Bailey go into a global they aren't used to, they get exposed to illegal procedures such as gambling and alcohol. They are also getting far behind with university. Marguerite and Bailey can't get along with the boyfriend of these mother, Mr. Freeman. One day, when her mother is away, he abuses Marguerite. At first she looks forward to his attention, but after a while Mr Freeman rapes her. She actually is forced not to mention this, because he threatens to murder her sibling when she speaks about the event. But Marguerite's mother discoveres what has took place as she confirms semen in her underwear. There uses a process in which Marguerite is asked to testify. She right answers the question whether he previously ever touched her before with 'no', what is a lie. The next day Mr. Freeman is murdered and Marguerite thinks that is because of her rest. She refuses to talk to anyone, aside from Bailey. After this incident the kids are send back to Stamps. Marguerite doesn't inform anyone about her rape, because she actually is afraid that individuals think she's strange and they will dismiss her. She satisfies Bertha Flowers, a friend of Momma, with whom she gets along very well. She is very happy because she can be herself with her. But nonetheless she often reminds the actual fact that whites see blacks as second-class citizens. She is often discriminated and even a white dentist refuses to help her because of her dark skin area. Momma chooses to send the children back to their mother, who now lives in San Francisco. Here they'll live for the others of their youth. Marguerite attempts to neglect all her problems by focussing on other things, like dancing. After some time they are asked by their dad to spend the vacation with him. They can be enthusiastic, but they, especially Marguerite, involve some problems with their father's new girlfriend, Dolores. She actually is fearful that Marguerite is going to interfere in her relationship with their daddy. After a while Marguerite spends a weekend together with her dad. Dolores stays on behind very disappointed. They go to a cosy cafe, but her father gets so drunk that Marguerite determines to bring him home with the automobile. Marguerite is currently 15 yrs. old and didn't ever drive a car before. She visits another car. When they finally reach home, Dolores is so irritated towards Marguerite that she injures her with a knife. Her father determines to bring Marguerite to the neighbours, but she runs away and spends the night time in a car demolition. But the place is apparently inhabited by people with certain rules. Marguerite decides to join them.

After per month she goes back to her mother in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Marguerite is trying to find work there as a tram conductor. Initially she isn't accepted because of her skin color, but after 3 weeks of constantly applying she finally gets the work. Through the period she lives with her mom, she reads a reserve about homosexuality. Due to this book she has questions about her own erotic orientation. She believes she actually is a lesbian because she behaves like a male. She's never been thinking about kids, but to confirm that she is not a lesbian, Marguerite goes to bed with a guy. She finds the experience disappointing and now thinks she is certain about her intimate orientation. After 3 weeks she appears to be pregnant. She doesn't tell anyone for a long period, because she is afraid she's to give up her education. 3 weeks before Marguerite graduates, she admits that she is pregnant. It is not possible for her to get used to her newborn youngster, but after some time she nevertheless is very content with her baby. Marguerite and her baby guy live happily ever after.

Creative Task 14: Biography of the author with agreements from the book

Maya Angelou

I have chosen this creative task, because the publication is an autobiography about the copy writer herself. So there are lots of agreements with her youngsters in real life and with her publication. Maya Angelou has fought her whole life for equal individual rights. She have this because she belongs to the black contest herself, and from her own experience she knows what it's prefer to be discriminated. In 1970 she printed her first book "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. " Maya Angelou describes the first 17 many years of her childhood, where she as 'black contest' were discriminated tons by the 'white' competition.

Maya Angelou was created on 4 Apr 1928 in St. Louis, Missouri. She was raised in the town of Stamps, Arkansas with her grandmother and uncle Willie, just as in the booklet. Her name is Margaret Ann Johnson. In her youngsters time, the 'dark contest' i still seen as an underclass. She knows from her own experience how it feels to be discriminated. Two illustrations from the e book are that a dentist refused to help her because of her skincolor and she is not being accepted as a tram conductor because they is one of the underclass. The occurrences in the reserve such as her rape by Mr. Freeman and her bafflement about her intimate orientation match exactly with the situations in her true to life. Three weeks after Maya Angelou completed her analysis 'boogie and drama' she gets a kid, who she calles Man. With this happening the book ends. You will see shared more autobiographies about her life as an adult. For example "Gather Together in my own Name" in which she describes the time in when she actually is 17 to 19 season old.

In the time 1954-1955, when she was grown up, she journeyed around in European countries. She analyzed modern party and danced in a few shows on tv set. In 1957 she documented her first recording. In 1958 she transferred to New York where she joined up with the "Harlem Authors Guild', where she wrote and performed 'Cabaret Of Flexibility'. In 1960 she changed to Ghana, where she published articles for 'The Ghanaian Times' and where she thaught at the University of Ghanese University of music and drama. After the years she spent abroad, she returned to America and proven the new "American Organization of African Product'. Associated with her friend James Baldwin, she wrote her first reserve "I Know Why The Caged Parrot Sings. " The reserve was published internationally and achieved great success. There made an appearance even film version of her publication. Her bestselling titles with mainly non-fiction literature, matters more than 30 headings.

Maya Angelou come to also huge succes on television, she published the script for the movie 'Georgia'. This was very special because it was the first script ever compiled by a black female. She also appeared in videos, and she enjoyed a job in a few films like "Roots" and "Poetic Justice". She also published the screenplay for "Down In The Delta". On her behalf job in the film world she achieved lots of awards. So she received the Presidential Medal of Arts in 2000, the Lincoln Medal in 2008 and three Grammy Awards. She also read a poem once go on television set at the submission of President Clinton.

By including her words, works and actions, discrimination decreased the last previous years. Also blacks 've got more respect and tend to be more viewed as equals. Because she she recommended a whole lot for racial equality on the globe, I've a whole lot of respect because of this woman. I think she explained her true to life perfectly in "I UNDERSTAND Why The Caged Parrot Sings. " Therefore I would recommend this publication to everyone.

By Thijs Elands, A5b

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