The Bonds Of Parents And Their Children English Literature Essay

The relationship between parents and children is vital because parents will will have a major effect on the lives with their children with the actions they make. The period of time these books are set in the period of time we are residing in now. In Affliction by Russell Banking institutions and Londonstani by Gautam Malkani, both books show the relationship that is available between parents and their children. They also show how parents ignore their children which can be an emotional factor, are bad role models and lack the basic physical requires a child requires. While parents are supposed to protect and love their children, in these texts, parents are directly responsible for the failures of their children.

The first person in a child's life is his parents and whatever he recognizes them do, is what he will aspire to do. An infant has the mind of the sponge and will suck up anything it views or hears be it good or bad. It really is quite unfortunate that a lot of children face a whole lot of bad behaviours which with time they will absorb and also undertake it, resulting in their failure later in life. Parents should show good examples but unfortunately they may be showing bad illustrations to their children. For Londonstani it shows a mother and son romance and magnifies the love a mother has for her son who calls for it for granted and later regrets it. Despite her love for Jas, she also offers a negative effect on her kid through her activities. "My mother be makin decisions for me, thinking I'm stupid, which i cant decide for ma self forget about "(Malkani 102). This shows how a mother lays to her child and sadly for Jas he knows she is laying. A kid that trusts his parents will believe that it is alright to lie and that is how he picks up the behavior of lying. Affliction is another book that depicts the obligations of parents for improving their children's behavior with bad individuals and it is about the tragedy of a family group and exactly how it affects the tragic hero. The tragic hero through this novel has a huge character flaw, which is his negative traits and behaviour transferred to him by his father. " though glen enjoyed sally, he beat her from time to time"(Banks 95). This unveils a father defeating up his wife right in front of his children. His kid will believe that it is alright to beat up a woman and his princess will hesitate of getting married so that she will not proceed through what her mother is going through. The similarity within both quotes above is the fact parents set bad instances through their activities on a regular basis. Although the actions performed will vary, the activities both lead to bad illustrations that are inculcated by their children. Another similarity is usually that the protagonists that are exposed to these bad samples are of the same guy sex however the parents are of the contrary sex. Parents have a tendency to do certain things that are incorrect with the expectation that their children won't do them. "I told you never to hang out with anyone who's not Hindu like us!"(Malkani 85). This is a mother showing her child never to go out with certain people forgetting that she does a similar thing and the child reminds her. Alternatively, some parents do not think their children are viewing them which results in the children's adaptation of what is portrayed by their parents. "Our daddy was a turbulent man who drank heavily"(Banks 95). This unveils how a child details his father in a sentence which ultimately shows that the child has been watching his father. It really is of no real surprise that the description of the father can even be used for the tragic hero within the book of Affliction. It's very obvious from the two rates that the parents always forget that their children are always watching them and that serves as a similarity between the two prices. Another similarity is that the children start to see the behaviours acted out by their parents, commence to do the same thing which constitutes with their character flaw and is also also accountable for the tragedy of the protagonists in the two novels. In conclusion, it is clear that parents show bad good examples with their children which results in their failing.

In a family group the kind of relationship that exists between the parents and children generally have an effect on the lives of the children later in life. It is either the relationship is good or bad, or the result of the partnership on the kids is either good or bad. In Londonstani the tragic hero encounters a physical encounter with mother and this triggers his actions to do something he has never done before. "Is this just how I bring you up? Like fighter-cock badmarsh ruffian?. . . You vont to eliminate me, hah? Is the fact it? You vont to destroy your own mother?" ( Malakani 120 ). This shows the protagonist being advised off by his mother and he's propelled to perform out of the house and stay out until it is very late. In a family one doesn't have to be literally present to really know what kind of romantic relationship is out there between parents and their children. Hearing what children have to state regarding their parents says everything. "Wade thought I wish my dad was inactive" (Banks 191). That statement goes right to the idea of showing what sort of child seems about his dad. The tragic hero in affliction desires for the death of his dad and without narrating the entire novel it is stunning, the type of relationship is accessible between the tragic hero and his daddy. The two rates are different in the sense that the first quote cannot be used to conclude that the partnership between him and his mother is a poor one totally but shows an unpredictable romantic relationship between them while the second quote may be used to conclude that the partnership between the tragic hero and his daddy is a bad one. They in the same way show that parents are the cause of the sort of relationship that prevails between them and their children because a child won't run away from your home or hate his parents for no obvious reason. The protagonist in Londonstani is dismayed relating to his mother because he only selects to love his dad more than his mom. The decision he makes is not suppose to be made at all by a child regarding his parents, although some parents tend to do that consciously or unconsciously. "My dad once told me, you can either be mama's son or daddy's young man, but you can not be both. "(Malkani 204). The quote shows how a father shifts the love of his kid from both parents to himself, making the boy detest his mother and love him by itself. And this decision does not only bring about a bad relationship between the boy and his mom but also to the tragedy of the child. So many factors determine the express of a family relationship & most factors are instituted by parents. In some cases it takes only 1 of the parents to cause an unsafe family relationship. "His partner and children nonetheless ran and hid from him"(Banks 98). The fear of your father's occurrence has sent his family into hiding and despair and his child happens to own the same influence on his own family, even though he's not drunk. Both rates show the similarity that the person responsible for the tragedy of the protagonists in both books is their fathers, which implies that majority of poor family relationships are triggered by men. They also change in the sense that in Afflictions the father affects the tragic hero through his persona and bad habits while in Londonstani the daddy places a decision for the protagonist to make between him and his mom. Parents should make sure that they maintain a healthy romantic relationship between them and their children. It is only a healthy romantic relationship that can lead to a successful family.

A child should always be given undivided attention throughout childhood and even up to adulthood because the child's first mentor is his parents. And they'll always run to them when they are mixed up, ignorant and even though they need a companion. Parents have a tendency to ignore their children without realising it. "But also his mother wouldn't normally protect him" (Banks 169). This price shows how a mother who is afflicted by the standard conquering from her partner is incapable of guarding her own children from the same destiny. She does not defend them even though she actually is also going right through what they are going through. Her children operate for her but she will not reciprocate the work. " If you touch her or me, or anybody, again, I will fucking get rid of you" (Banking institutions 198). Some parents deliberately walk out on the children even though they are really divorced. They turn their backs to their children, leaving these to grow up lacking any appropriate understanding of Adolescence and Adulthood. This action ends in the child's ignorance of lots of things about life because there is no life experience to study from around them for them not to make drastic faults. "What I believe is the fact that he never received enough knowledge of hatred, so he made his hate with us "(Malkani 89 ). This shows what sort of mother walked out on her son rather than contacted him unless he needed something from him. Growing up to be a man becomes a challenge for the protagonist. The similarity between your two quotes is the fact that their parents dismissed their children in their own ways when their children needed them the most. Wade in Affliction needs his mother's safeguard from his daddy while Jas in Londonstani needs his father to instruct him how to be always a man and this shows a similarity between both insurance quotes that the two protagonist are in need and look up with their parents. A kid must always come first in the center of a child no real matter what. ". . . I lost view of you for a few momemts, he said. I just had to come out for a smoke" (Lenders, 28). This shows how the protagonist in the novel Affliction selects to leave his princess alone in the place she is not familiar with; packed with people she does not know and steps out to smoke cigars. He chooses the cigarette over his daughter, disregarding her completely. Inside the novel, Londonstani, the tragic hero changes around to injure his mother after her feels rejected. A child may choose to carry out his pain or stress on someone else and it then becomes a cycle of life. "Dont make me demonstrate how I must say i experience you" (Malkani 203). This shows the protagonist reminiscing on his behaviour towards his mom caused by the pain he endured triggered by his daddy. The first quotation shows the protagonist, Wade, disregarding his own princess after suffering a similar thing from his parents while the tragic hero, Jas in the second quote, transforms against his mother's love because of his households rejection. Another similarity that the tragic heroes talk about is the fact both heroes got out their aggravation on the individuals who were near to them and part of the family. Parents should always put their children first so that the children will know that no matter what happens the family comes first.

It is quite regrettable that a lot of children in the modern culture are highly neglected by their parents. Their parents showcase bad behaviours that are scanned by the sight of the children and stored in their character. In a whole lot of homes today, a lot of parents own an unhealthy romance with their children and it negatively impacts the life span of these children. It is more than true that parents are in charge of the failure with their children which is high time a change occurs in the hearts of parents so that the generations after aren't adversely influenced, because in the future it becomes a trend and cycles from parents with their children and this extends to last mentioned generations.

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