The book 'Crow Lake' by Mary Lawson

The book Crow Lake written by the talented Canadian novelist Mary Lawson has recently attracted the visitors' attention not only in Canada but also in a great many other countries. This publication was translated into many dialects. Although it is main works of Mary Lawson the book Crow Lake has impressed the viewers greatly.

From the name of the e book we can see that this story takes place in Crow lake, a fairly small farming community situated in the north part of Ontario. I feel that the main idea of this booklet is showing the relationship between your characters who experienced greatly and completely evolved their patterns and their relation to life.

The tale shows the years as a child and the mature life of the key people whose life is directly linked with the ponds situated not definately not their house. The main personality of the reserve Kate Morrison instructs a terrible report of her life.

Kate was 7 years old when her parents passed on in the car accident. Kate, her little sister Bo who was 1, 5 years old and her brothers Luke and Matt who were much older than Kate became the orphans. They didn't want to live on separately following the terrible tragedy with the parents. The elder brothers Luke and Matt does everything they could to help their family to make it through. Aside from the community didn't leave the poor little children without their help.

The ponds played an important role not only in the life of Kate Morrison but also in the complete storyline of the book. May be that's the reason Mary Lawson, the author of the book, chose the subject of her book Crow Lake. I'd like to analyze the significance of the ponds in the novel and make a bottom line.

The tragedy that takes place at the very beginning of the story had a significant influence on the children of Morrison family. It is a great subconscious trauma for the children who loose the dearest people in their life - their parents. The childish tears, their rueful thoughts and their voyage down memory street when that they had their mother and father near them acquired a deep affect on the childish head and the life perception.

Of course their strong desire to remain together as a family is one of the key items of the e book. But I think that the core of the novel is the fact that Kate tries to determine what hinders her to maintain good relations with Matt, her elder brother who always set her the example, who educated her love the ponds and the nature around. It really is her struggle that which sets boundaries in her life and makes her cover emotions to Daniel, a man who's dear to Kate.

The ponds in the novel are not only a place around which some happenings take place. The ponds in the novel signify the more important and valuable sense: they show those close relations between a sister and a sibling which are well worth admiring. Furthermore the ponds in the novel let us see the young many years of Kate when she was innocent and did not understand those things which she recognized later after Matt's betrayal. Kate says, "By the following Sept the ponds themselves could have been desecrated twice over, as much as i was worried, and for some years from then on I did so not visit them at all. And when I did, it was without Matt, and it had not been the same" (Lawson 218)

Kate's selection of her future profession depended on the ponds in ways. She was frightened that the ponds would die and at the same time her recollections of her childhood would expire too. She says, "I thought myself heading back to them 1 day in the future, looking at their depth and viewing nothing"

No wonder the writer gives priority to the ponds and the primary character types of the novel Kate and Matt choose biology as their field of study. Matt explicated Kate many interesting ideas about the type around and the life span kinds of the ponds during their numerous walks to the ponds. Kate discovered many interesting things about the tadpoles of different kinds of frogs and the turtles, about the newts and the catfish, about the whirligigs and water striders. She was so enthusiastic listening to Matt's reviews: "The eye which Matt experienced sparked in me had produced by then into a deeper curiosity, and that year I was noticing and wanting to know about things without being prompted" Therefore she decided to analyze biology in the School in Toronto and this was her right choice.

Besides significant amounts of beautiful explanations of the ponds receive in the novel. I think they have a particular role which is mirrored in the title of the publication. It is the author's riddle which can be resolved by the viewers who are enjoying the course of the situations in the novel attentively. I am sure Mary Lawson needs showing the viewers of her book that aspect has a great effect on us. It not only provides us the possibility to enjoy its beauty but it addittionally helps us to defeat difficulties which occur in our life and to outwear sorrow as it was in the Kate and Matt's case. Kate and Matt possessed a great time mutually at the ponds and they were happy. They attempted not to think about their family tragedy, and observing the life forms in the fish pond they knew that they were the area of the Nature, the part of the Universe.

When we start to see the loss of romantic relationship between Kate and Matt we feel pain at our hearts. Furthermore Kate is undoubtedly someone who is worried of new close relationships with Daniel because she does not want to have one more reduction. She is afraid of establishing her affections upon Daniel and puts her job and everything that is connected with it on the first place in her life.

Mary Lawson's novel Crow Lake demonstrates the fact that the ponds as a part of Nature helped a young woman Kate Morrison as well as her brothers and sister to make it through after the tragedy in their family. Additionally the ponds became the part of her recollections linked with her childhood and with her elder sibling Matt. And one more important conclusion is usually that the ponds put Kate on the correct way in choosing her job of the biologist. Kate is sure that the ponds will be the part of her life. She says, "There is no image of my years as a child that I carry with me more evidently than that" (Lawson 4)

I feel that every person should find such a location in his or her life given by the Universe which will help to get over the hardships and the miseries of life and enjoy the happy moments of life with dear people.

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