The Case Of Marion Jones British Literature Essay

Doping is a significant challenge facing sports today. There are plenty of sportswomen and men who use performance enhancing drugs which enable them to perform better at athletics through upsurge in resilience and agility aided by drugs. Doping is a significant concern in the sports activities fraternity since it offers competitors unfair edge over the others. Since athletics assume a level taking part in field for challengers, doping is heavily criticized and punished in the activities industry (Morgan 56-62). Marion Jones is a world famous athlete who excelled in athletics tournaments over several years. She customized in 100m and 200m meter races and won several silver medals in her career as an sportsman. However, Jones' profession in athletics arrived to a halt after she was trapped doping and she decided to the allegations. She used steroids which increased her performance and provided her an edge over challengers. These actions made her be stripped of some silver medals early won and led to an early retirement living in athletics. Although she later began playing rugby, doping caused a significant embarrassment and a finish to her athletic career.

Doping may be in comparison to drug used in society. The society does not embrace medication users and they are seen as public deviants in virtually all societies. Doping in athletics is also not condoned in society. The modern culture embraces the many benefits of activities including recreation, occupation, stress reliever, health booster, bringing together warring communities among other benefits (Morgan 23-28). The modern culture therefore ensures that individuals play at level playing fields and they allow results achieved. This newspaper will discuss the issue of doping in sports and compare this to the entire perception of society regarding to drug use both in activities and outside sports activities. The situation of Marion Jones will be used in the research. The discussed issues will be summarized at the end.

The circumstance of Marion Jones

Marion Jones was a successful track sportsman who won several medals over her profession as a sportswoman. She is a nationwide of both Belize and the United States. Jones excelled in sports activities over her years in institution and later hitched a tracks mentor, Hunter. During the 2000 Olympics, her husband who was simply to participate in shot put was suspended from fighting after failing medicine checks. Traces of steroids were entirely on his body and he was pressured to withdraw from the competition. She received five gold medals during the Olympics. Although traces of steroids were later entirely on her body, she rejected with them. However, in 2007 she admitted to steroid use and the fact that she lied during her prior denials about her use of these drugs (Shipley 2007). She was stripped of medals received in 2000 and given banned for just two years from taking part in track happenings. Jones was later jailed for six months after admitting to lying down in past investigations about her medication use, which constitutes perjury. In 2008 she was released and remarried Thompson after splitting up with Hunter in 2002.

Throughout her job, Jones had been accused of drug use. These allegations began when she was in senior high school although she rejected all of them. Her connection with known people who used performance improving drugs such as Hunter also gave credibility to these allegations. Her former husband Hunter as well as BALCO founder Conte also testified that Jones was using drugs, even before her admission and punitive steps were used against her. The actions by the athletic athletics body offered as alert to other sportsmen who used performance augmentation drugs. In addition, they served to show that players risked going to prison over resting to investigators about their possible use of performance augmentation drugs.

Society image of doping and medication use in general

The use of drug use in population is a problem which affects people of all cultural backgrounds and classes. Drugs are being abused by folks of all ages, the poor and the abundant and generally, all segments of society. You can find legal and unlawful drugs which can be abused and these include stimulants, depressants, prescription medications and others. The usage of addictive drugs including liquor and hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin has greatly damaged society. It is because medicine users are burdens with their friends and individuals, thereby making the problem a public problem. They are simply a burden to the state since treatment and treatment charges are passed on to duty payers. Recently, there is an emergence of misuse of prescription medications which has cost the lives of many people including celebrities.

In sports, the culture also criminalizes the use of performance improving drugs especially in keep tabs on and field occasions (Mottram 33-35). Many people spend money on sports activities either as occupations or for recreation. The importance of sports in world can't be understated. It really is a billion buck industry which provides several positive worth to world. Doping is therefore not tolerated by the world in general. The usage of performance improving drugs is looked down upon and sportspeople who use these drugs are seemed down upon by society. Hardly any people would offer sympathy for sportspeople who are found using performance improvement drugs. In the case of Marion Jones, few people had sympathy for her as she understood the consequences of her activities.

Generally, the culture expects public norms to be followed in every public role played out by people in a interpersonal grouping. Any immoral take action including infidelity, assault or drug use by athletics players is appeared down upon (Berry 692-693). After PADRAIG HARRINGTON confessed to infidelity, he lost sponsorships worth huge amount of money. Many people shunned him and few had sympathy for him. This shows the seriousness with which contemporary society expects athletics people and especially role models to young people, to uphold the communal norms.

Reports regarding Marion Jones and societal perspective

The case of Marion Jones is not unique to sports. Many sports people have been trapped using performance boosting drugs plus they have faced the results of their activities. It has been mentioned that the contemporary society needs role models and especially those in the sports industry to uphold moral beliefs (Kanayama et. al. 1-12). When the reports of use of drugs by the celebrated athlete arrived, the general public was amazed. Many individuals were miserable that she got acquired her prowess as a record professional through medication use. They noticed cheated and had little sympathy on her behalf. However, when she publicly confessed to the utilization of drugs and released her pension on live tv set, some people commenced feeling sympathetic towards her. They looked at her activities as misguided by her coaches and the individuals she interacted with. Although there was sympathy at this time, no person defended her activities since the culture does not tolerate immoral procedures such as medication use.

The media quickly enough started out interrogating her history and new revelations arrived. It was reported that suspicions on her behalf drug use commenced even though she is at high school. Many athletics commentators felt that she was required to bear the consequences of her activities which ought to have been clear right from the start (MSNBC Website 2007). The general public also began losing the sympathy it offers on her behalf since it came out that she acquired used these drugs for several years. The actual fact that she lied to researchers earned her half a year in prison. The sponsors also withdrew their support for her. In fact, acquired she continued participating in track events, she would have found it difficult to acquire strong sponsors for her off-the-field occasions.

Cultural lessons discovered from Marion Jones' experience

There are different lessons which have been learned from the experience which Marion Jones underwent pertaining to her participation in drug use. The first lesson found that that the population is against immoral activities such as medication use. Due to the challenges which drug use reveals to society, a sizable proportion of computer is against medication use and other immoral routines. This is especially the circumstance when such immoral routines involve superstars who should be role models to young people. The lack of sympathy for the activities of Marion Jones illustrates this perspective. Medication use, even in sports activities, is not condoned by society. Another cultural lesson learned is the fact that value of athletics in modern culture. Although the value of activities has been treasured over the years, the feedback from the public and its effect in the Marion Jones scandal underscores the importance of athletics. There was significant feedback on newspaper publishers, media and Internet sites and blogs. A lot of people were unhappy for her and this shows that they value sports activities and the value of level participating in domains among all members.

Finally, another important cultural lesson learned is that negative sanctions such as punishments need to be enforced to be able to encourage morality in contemporary society. Negative reinforcement is strategy which includes been employed by the society for a long time to encourage positive tendencies. Children are reprimanded or punished for bad tendencies while parents face the criminal justice system every time they perform criminal habit. Marion Jones was punished by both the athletics body and the legal justice system over medication use and perjury respectively. This implies that the population is keen on punishing offenders to be able to rehabilitate them and act as deterrent to the people keen on committing similar action.

Summary and conclusion

Various aspects of drug use within types and the culture in general have been mentioned in the paper. Doping in the activities industry has also been discussed. It really is a standard practice although heavily looked down after by modern culture. Doping is a significant concern in the athletics fraternity since it offers competitors unfair gain over the others. The importance of sports in world has informed the decision to criminalize doping. The world embraces the countless benefits of activities including recreation, career, stress reliever, health booster, combining warring neighborhoods among other benefits. Marion Jones a world famous sportsman who excelled in athletics tournaments over many years accepted to using performance enlargement drugs. In 2007 she accepted to steroid use and the fact that she lied during her previous denials about her use of these drugs. This decision found her restricted from sports for just two years and also serve a six month jail sentence for lying to investigators. The entire final result was her early on retirement from keep tabs on events.

In sports activities, the population also criminalizes the utilization of performance improving drugs especially in record and field happenings. The use of performance enhancing drugs is looked down after and sportspeople who use these drugs are searched down after by society. Very few people would offer sympathy for sportspeople who are found using performance advancement drugs. In the case of Marion Jones, few people possessed sympathy for her as she recognized the consequences of her activities. Different lessons which were learned from the knowledge which Marion Jones underwent regarding her involvement in medication use. The first lessons learned that that the society is against immoral activities such as drug use. Due to the challenges which medicine use presents to society, a big proportion of computer is against medication use and other immoral tactics. Another cultural lessons learned is the fact that value of athletics in society. Although the value of athletics has been treasured over the years, the feedback from the public and its response above the Marion Jones scandal underscores the value of athletics. Finally, another important ethnical lesson learned is the fact negative sanctions such as punishments have to be enforced in order to encourage morality in society. The knowledge which Marion Jones underwent should discourage sports athletes from participating in medication use during sports activities. It should also encourage athletics people generally to participate in competitive activities at an identical playing field in order to maintain fairness and integrity in the sports activities industry.

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