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Im not a huge supporter of reading to be honest. I havent read many catalogs. Since I got in the 10th class I actively started reading. It was necessary and it was also area of the exams program therefore i was required to. The literature that I've read were generally for Dutch. I needed to read 5 catalogs. I've read books like Gouden ei, Turks berries, Het leven is verrukkeluk etc.


I have chosen to read the publication The millstone. I have a few explanations why I've chosen this e book instead of another one. The first reason is because of the name. The millstone is a unusual and unusual title. It immediately got my attention. I QUICKLY began to read a brief information of the publication. It said that I was about a female who received pregnant. And it sounded interesting. So I thought to myself sure.

Bibliographical entry

Title of the e book: The collector

Author: John Fowles

First shared by Jonathan Cape, London 1963


The story is approximately a man named Frederick Clegg. He works as clerk in a city hall and gathers butterflies in his free time. Clegg is enthusiastic about a girl called Miranda Grey. She is a art pupil at the Slade University of Fine arts. He admires her from a distance but is unable to make any connection with her, because of his extreme insufficient social skills. One, day he is victorious a large award in the sports pools. This allows him to stop working and buy a residence in the countryside. He feels lonely and desires to be with Miranda. Clegg makes a decision to add her to his collection of pretty objects. He expects that if he stored her captive long enough she'll increase to love him.

After careful preparations, he kidnaps Miranda by drugging her with Chloroform and locks her in his basement. When she wakes up she confront him using what he has done. Clegg is embarrassed and he offers her that he'll let her follow per month. He also promises to treat her with value and will not sexually molest her and this he will shower her with items and presents on 1 condition. She can't leave the basement.

During her captivity Miranda kept a journal. In it she writes about her earlier life before she happened captive.

Clegg scares Miranda and she will not understand him at the start. At first, she feels that he has erotic motives for abducting her, but later as his true personality begin to reveal she realise that it's incorrect. Miranda starts to involve some pity for Clegg, because of his hopeless obsession with her. Clegg explains to Miranda that his first name is Ferdinand.

Miranda tries to flee several times but failed. Clegg was always able to stop her. Miranda also tries to seduce him to be able to convince him to let her go, but this only resulted in him becoming lost and angry. When Clegg won't let her go, she begins to fantasize about getting rid of him. After a failed attempt, she thought that killing Clegg would lower her to his level. She refrained from any more efforts. Before Miranda can break free again, she becomes very sick and dies.

Clegg found out that Miranda passed away. At first, he wished to commit suicide, but after reading her diary in which she wrote that she never enjoyed him, he makes a decision that he is not responsible and is way better off without her. The e book ends along with his announcement that he plans to kidnap another woman.

Bibliographical entry

Title of the book: The millstone

Author: Margaret Drabble

First printed by Weidenfield & Nicolson 1965


The story takes place in London in Cambridge in the 1960s. It's about a 19 year-old woman known as Rosamund Stacey.

The main persona is Rosamund Stacey

Other important individuals will be the Beatrice ( the sister of Rosamund), Lydia (good friend of Rosamund), Joe and Roger, George.


The most significant incidents are that Rosamund got pregnant and she hasn't told the father George, the family and friends except Beatrice and Lydia.

Yes the life span of the Rosamund changes.

Both Joe and Roger feel that she actually is sleeping with one another so neither one of these presses her to have sex.

In a pub Rosamund complies with George Matthews. He's newsreader for BBC radio. She seems attracted to him plus they wrap up in her flat and eventually have sexual intercourse. Rosamund. . . When she discovered that she actually is pregnant, a whole new world opens for her. While she makes a decision not to inform George and her parents in order not to annoyed them, she does notify her sister, Beatrice in the expectations she will get some good moral support

First personal reaction

The book is very interesting. You may relate with the situations that happen in the book. The storyline is convincing and has a profound core.

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