The CONNECTION WITH A Lifetime English Literature Essay

My name is Frank Dark brown. I come from a small town out in the middle of Nebraska. I loved where I resided because I realized everyone and we all have been friends. There have been many fun things you can do, we mostly went to the ponds and creeks to seafood and also hunt. While we fish we usually cool-down by swimming in the fish-pond. I was a normal Nebraskan youngster. I performed for my dad on his plantation and I quite simply farm and hang out with friends through the summer.

I was only 19 years of age whenever i was drafted into the Vietnam War. It was a warm warmer summer months day in Nebraska when I acquired the letter. In the mail it mentioned that we was to are accountable to training at 9 P. M. the next Monday. I gone and told my children that nights at the dinner table. Everyone went calm and was miserable, my mommy burst into tears. I didn't caution much; it was my work to serve. I recognized that my papa was proud of me. That night I remember I didn't get much rest, I was thinking about the war very much. I told my friends that I'd be leaving another Mon and we hung out all of those other week and experienced a blast. We went angling and swam in the pond almost every day till I had fashioned to leave. My father was really skipped me on his farm, particularly when it came time and energy to harvest. There is a great deal to do on the farm; I didn't understand how he may continue.

My dad required me to my location for boot camp. I got most of my training from there. I discovered how to throw the guns, use my equipment, and I acquired in condition. Training explains discipline fast and also how to work as a unit. It had been really hard stuff to do. I was just lucky i was kind of in shape. I remained there for seven weeks. That is where I made my best good friend Tom Hutch. He was a extra tall, slender, muscular man. He had red wild hair and was from Nebraska too, so we had a lot in common. I didn't know then but we'd be posting the hardest times of our life collectively.

After basic training my unit was delivered to go deal with in Vietnam. We got a aircraft to South Vietnam and then rode in a truck to the capital Siagon. That trip felt like forever. There were soldiers all over the place and it was really a sight. Even as were with other military they informed us a myriad of stories. Reports of the particular Vietcong were like. The Vietcong were the North Vietnamese fighters. We observed stories how the would use gorilla warfare tactics(World) and established booby traps in the jungles and rice domains. I was very scared to go out there to be honest.

Our unit acquired called upon one day and we had to join leading line(The Press). Tom and I were part of the 53rd infantry and were advised that people would be stationed three kilometers north of Siagon and that people were going to be defending a community called Rien. We'd found out about this place before. You understand the typical horror stories that people heard at home. You don't quite know for sure what's going on though until you have it for hands. Unfortunately for us it was coming all to quickly. We were only 19 years of age and we were entering battle on the front lines of the Vietnam War. Once we arrived at our location we were commanded to secure the area and not let the enemies take over.

We went off threw the community and everyone viewed the same. They wore bad clothes with the hair tied up or short head of hair with these hats which were wooden cones. They looked kind of silly. It had been terrifying though, because we didn't know who had been the regular civilians and who have been the Vietcong. One day once we were walking threw the village we were found in the line of flames. We finally located the source of the gunshots and we wiped out the three that were capturing at us. I remember very obviously the guy which i shot. It was the to begin many Vietcong customers that I wiped out. We travelled in the building to make certain it was secure and it was strange. The Vietcong used the same clothes as civilians. Nobody was injured inside our unit, and luckily no civilians were taken and killed. I swear one of the men that we wiped out was the same man I needed seen on a farm which i talked too. Then i experienced a bad sense concerning this place. That was the first reported harm in the town for some time, but I had developed a feeling that this wouldn't be the previous. I recall myself thinking then. EASILY make it out of the place alive, it will have to be on good trust and perseverance(Hauschild).

That following day I remember I got a letter from my mom(Buller). This is what it said.

Dear Frank,

We all miss you back here on the farm. I pray for you every night. For your safeness and so that you can go back home to us at the earliest opportunity. We are so proud of you and are thinking of you constantly. Your dad could really use you on the plantation too. We acquired a fresh cow and some chickens on the plantation now since you left. I sometimes get lonesome when many people are gone here. That's why I made a decision to write you this notice, to observe how you were doing.

We got a new radio that people pay attention to non-stop. This new melody "My Girl" is the one which I really like. It is by a group called, "The Temptations. " I gamble that this songs will be a big hit. You'll love it, I understand you'll. The Beatles are my favorite group though. Their tunes are beautiful and catchy. (Flashback 1965)

Did you listen to about what happened on the 21st. Winston Churchill perished, there was a huge wedding ceremony for him and it was very sad(Flashback 1965!). Does I let you know we acquired a television set too? That's how we found out about because we were seeing Peter Jennings on ABC's nightly information. Your father pieces it constantly given that we first got it. He'll come in from work and actually sit back and eat his supper in front of it. Technology is so great and unbelievable. How did anyone even think of how to make one of these machines?

I went to the city the other day so you wont imagine what I saw. Dairy was getting sent to people by trucks or what they call milkmen. I simply thought that that was the craziest thing I ever before performed see. (Boyd)

I heard on the radio last week that Martin Luther Ruler was caught while protesting express legislation on voting. That is just crazy talk. Flexibility of speech can be an issue nowadays I assume.

Please write me back again on how you do. I would very much appreciate it. I want to know about your experience and what your doing. Perhaps you have made any friends? What now ? everyday? What do you take in? I wish to know more about what your doing and how you do more importantly. Stay safe and use your great brain to your advantage son. Your daddy and me love and miss you a whole lot.

Son if you every get frightened pray to God. Consider us and do what you ought to do to be safe. Don't do anything dumb or try to be a hero. God will protect you in everything you do. I am praying for you kid.



That notice really struck me hard. I remember just how it made me feel. It made me feel warm inside and made me feel treasured and great, that was precisely what I needed at that time. It gave me the craving to do whichever it took to get rid of the conflict so that I could go back home to my children.

That evening I wrote again.

Dear Family,

Don't stress I am fine here. I am lucky enough to truly have a great leader in General Tucker Jr. He is a hardened veteran of conflict and seems to know everything, and most importantly helps to keep his soldiers out of threat that i know is hard to believe when your in a war but up to now he has only lost 3 men which were offering under him and that is darn good if you ask me. I found Tom Hutch during training camp and we've been best friends since then(Hauschild). He is one of the very most funny folks that I know, I think that he could probably make a cow laugh if he wished to. Despite the fact that he isn't the smartest person around he is defiantly a guy that you can count on and I would rather have a guy that I could always depend on to acquire my when I'm in the middle of a battle than a smart kid that doesn't care If I expire or not. I think that he has already saved my life a couple of times and I know that if it arrived right down to it I would have a bullet for him and he would have a bullet for me. It is nice to truly have a friend like this in your daily life and I feel that this warfare would drag on forever if he wasn't around to help me go although day, and when we escape this stinkin battle we are going to produce an everlasting friendship collectively. I am really getting fed up with eating MRE's at all times they are not the best tasting meals(Buller)(Wieneke) on earth but at least it keeps me full. I long to get back to your good home cooking and have a few of you home harvested potatoes with fowl fried steak and gravy.

I can't believe that all the new machines that are coming out these days. It is pretty incredible to think that you will be watching someone that is all the way across the country but still see them equally plain as though they were located write in font of you. But I feel that the actual fact that father actually bought it amazes me the most. I figured he'd never buy anything like that; I figured he would think that it would all be just a number or rubbish and wouldn't ever buy a T. V. Our company is lucky enough to truly have a radio to listen to sometimes occasionally, whenever we have ended in a town or city. I really like it and I feel that it is almost as effective as viewing T. V mainly because I get to listen to sports activities because they are happening and not only read about the overall game in the paper the next morning. I was able to listen the new hit song(Reporters: Fairytails) that is triggering such a raucous "My Girl". I have no idea if I like it yet nevertheless, you know that old stating, you got to try it ten times before you prefer it, and I feel that maybe I need to pay attention to it nine more times to actually tell if I love it.

I hope daddy is attempting to hard during harvest time because I understand his back dislike to numerous 12 hour days and nights in a row especially without me there to help. I hope are wheat harvest is absolutely good because I noticed that it is in high demand these days to help supply us over here. It might be nice to have a bumper crop this season and it sounds like you and daddy are pretty treat head wear are crop is likely to be good, particularly when you are buying Television sets I heard they are really scarce and that it is pretty rare for you to definitely have one. I guess with me not there eating your food all the time you have extra cash to buy nice things like that.

Well I feel that its about time for me personally to cover things up because the general is dialling me. I think that I have to be a look out tonight to ensure no Vietcong harm are platform without me getting them first. I really like and miss someone to very much and I hope that I am viewing you soon which stupid conflict will be over.

Love your child,

Frank Brown

That night while I was located shield we were ambushed by the Vietcong and I was almost strike in the leg but luckily it missed by a bit otherwise I feel that it might have been the end of me. There is bullets fling almost everywhere it seemed like there were a large number of them just about everywhere and I thought for sure that I would die but thankfully for me personally I was able to make it back to camp and found cover where in fact the rest of the company was. From there General Tucker did his thing and we received out of there with a few small injuries for some of the men in are company. I'm happy that we am not a general because I don't think we'd have made it out alive easily was leading are company and I know for sure I'd not need been as peaceful and collected as general Tucker was that night time. If there is anything that I am going to bear in mind most about him is the fact that even when we don't know where the opponent is and getting fired at from all directions he would keep your cool which would keep us quiet and help us make the proper decisions that are need to be made when in the heat of battle. I feel that night I discovered more in what we were up against than I had formed learned in the first few encounters with the Vietcong. Despite the fact that we'd to retreat back that night I wasn't so ashamed when I then found out later on it might be known as the Tet Offensive(The Tet Offensive). That was one of the primary episodes on the U. S so far.

From there they took over the Hanoi Hilton that was a hotel in North Vietnam where they placed hostage a lot of are allied troops and determined many horrific and torturous acts of violence like hanging folks from the rafters by only there biceps and triceps and departing them to hold there for days and nights. The Hanoi Hilton wasn't the only real bad thing about the warfare. There have been times where we'd to sleeping with the mosquitoes swarming almost everywhere and despite having rats.

The Tet Offensive wasn't really the only major thing that happened to me during the battle. I was apart of the My Lai Massacre( Nation:My LAI: An American Tragedy)which is something which i am not proud of but something that I needed to be an integral part of. We wiped out many civilians because we were informed that everyone in the town was a menace and to take away as many as we could usually are own lives would maintain danger.

When walking to the villages through the forest we'd to have the people of different villages lead( Letters) us because the Vietcong would setup traps in the woods that could cause you to die an agonizing fatality. So when someone would lead us they would lead us through the correct path in the woods so that people wouldn't get harm or killed(Buller). We've heard of many stories of this happening, so getting a powerful civilian to lead us was our best bet to remain alive.

The Vietcong were very skilled and scary. They would use guerrilla warfare where they might hit us and run fast(Jensen). That made it very hard for all of us because we couldn't call in for bombings given that they would be on top of us too. We had total air control but we could only bomb on missions to the north. We couldn't really make use of it for our preventing close hands. We did contain the planes drop Agent Orange(Environment: The Agent Orange Affair), that was a pesticide that could kill the vegetation to out tree and other place cover. There would be no more leaves on the trees whenever we used that. We also used weather control if you believe that. We'd planes drop allergens of ice or something in the clouds and it could make it weather. Given that is science.

My mom dispatched me another letter which i still bear in mind, it said.

Dear Frank,

I am happy that you will be okay. It has been lonely weeks without you. Your father had to employ help for harvest time and it is just not similar without you. I am hoping you get back soon. How close do you think you are to stopping this battle? Shouldn't those communist's be about beaten over there. They should see that democracy, like in the U. S, is what needs to be put in their system. It could solve a great deal of problems.

Prices are fine. The cost of a bushel of corn is approximately 1. 2 dollars(Boyd). Figures say though that the common yearly income is approximately 5, 942 us dollars(Boyd). We are considering getting you a new Chevy Impala when you come home. They go for around 3 thousand these days, but you are worth it. We've been adding money away for a while. These stamps cost. 05 cents so that is why I put some in here(Documentaries). I want to keep hearing again from you.

Holidays are not the same with you ended up. This Halloween I made a jack-o-lantern of your face. It made me weep though. The family really misses you and sends words of love. All of them are praying for you they have explained to tell you, plus they also love you quite definitely.

I have some more favorites in the music section though. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Beach Kids, and last but not least, Elvis. They are the best performers theses days and nights and you have to hear them and notify me what you think. I wager you will like them the very first time you listen to their sounds.

The other day I noticed people protesting the war(Griffiths). It had been bad these were disrespecting soldiers and all of this stuff. They were disrespectful and it made me so mad. You are over there preventing for freedom and they are over at home complaining. It creates me so mad. Sorry.

Son when you reunite home I will make you nice food for a month. Chicken fried steak with gravy and potatoes one day, a good juicy steak the next day, and what ever you want really. So get back soon, please.

I miss you so very much these days I have started to get addicted to watching TV and listening to the radio. It really is quite sad if you believe about it, but it's one of the sole things I could do to get my mind off the warfare and the potential issues that you are in. It can help me to pray to God for your security, (American Sea) and you ought to be doing that too. I cannot wait around to see your beautiful face again son, hope to hear from you soon boy. Your father and I love you quite definitely.



I remember that notice so vividly since it was whenever we were getting near to capturing the North Vietnam capital. I couldn't wait around to respond to my momma that point due to good news I had fashioned for her. This is what I published.

Dear father and mother,

Thank you for all your concern as well as your love and support. I am certain this war is nearly over and will be ended. I thought like I have already been here for ever and sometimes I neglect what you fellas look like. It can help though to think about a good memory and everything comes home.

Mom, I did listen to all of those people that you prefer and you are right. They can be good and it's really music to my ears. When I get home I will dance along with you to the music of your radio. It'll be a grand time. It makes me smile just thinking about all of that fun(Hearts and Heads).

I have a great time at night's playing cards and telling reports with my friends here, it helps me go time and have fun doing it. My friend that we informed you about is a really good poker player. Its crazy. Don't worry mother, I pray every day for my safety, other soldiers safe practices, and even your security. I understand that the best man up there may be caring for me.

I think I am home in just a matter of months mother, so don't go causing too much trouble. I really like you fellas.



I had killed hundreds of men in Vietnam which is mentally brutal. I don't like to talk about the accounts and detail about any of it all(Buller). It's too hard for me to tell you guys. It really is hard to take in, a 19 season old man should not see this type of violence, no person should. Someone acquired to do it though. Liberty is what the United States is approximately and that is why I fought for it. It's very hard to handle though. There are lots of accounts of military committing suicide and going mentally insane due to conflict and the accounts that people had. It's an indicator that can not be cured, I have herd(Jensen). I assume I am blessed that my faith and perseverance led me to be fine at the end of it. I don't like to discuss it whatsoever but I could still offer with it ok.

Not to long the warfare finally finished and I was sent back home. I have been in warfare what had appeared like forever and it was finally over. WHILE I stepped off of the plane not everyone was happy. There have been protesters trashing us rather than supporting all that we did. That really pissed me off. Then I saw my family and I was overflowed with pleasure. My parents come over and hugged me and we all cried of happiness. I hardly identified my family though. My dad searched fatter and both of them looked aged. They explained I looked a lot old too though.

I understand that day I fulfilled my pal Tom's family too. They were nice people and gave me a hug and thought to me, "God bless you son. " I had been a great day then. I gone home to my children and I ate well for per month or two. Real well eating to be exact.

There was a memorial(Region) released for all of the Vietnam vet's that acquired passed away in the conflict. Tom and I needed a trip up there the year after it was set up and put down products at the wall structure for our fellow military who didn't make it(Moe). It had been very psychological.

As for Tom, and me we could close friends that live by each other, we both plantation and also have been close friends since. The battle was an extremely hard time for us, but we came out alive and well. We thank God every day for the beautiful days and nights and live our great free lives to the fullest.

20 years later out device experienced a reunion. Most of us caught up on life, informed stories, laughed and cried sometimes. It was an enjoyable experience and I experienced a blast discussing with my friends. We played out poker and I let you know what. Tom still got it, wiped us all out. It had been crazy and fun. I cannot wait around till our next reunion.

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