The Great Gatsby Masks British Literature Essay

In life, masks are being used for a wide range of different things, whether it's for a theater production, to complete a Costume for a outfit competition or even just to put on in a store for fun. The thing about those masks is they are visible, In Scott Fitzgerald's book THE FANTASTIC Gatsby, the characters in the book put on masks, the difference is, is that these masks aren't visible to others, and are used to conceal their imperfections. The individuals that apply are three of the very most obvious ones in the book.

Myrtle Wilson's personality in the reserve is said to be one of the important character types. Myrtle is a female in her "midsection thirties, and faintly stout, but she taken her surplus flesh sensuously as some women can" (Fitzgerald 25). She's not the prettiest or skinniest out of the character types in the booklet, but she likes to think she actually is. Myrtle is committed to a guy named George Wilson, whom she actually is unhappy being wedded to, therefore the mask that Myrtle wears monitors the discontent on her behalf marriage. Before Myrtle possessed wedded George she got believed that George had money so that is why she would marry him, but when she found out the fact he didn't have as much money as she thought, and that he had to acquire his tuxedo, it was too past due to lower back out. Instead of expressing these emotions, Myrtle masks them by behaving as though she's quite happy with her situation. By making herself feel better she actually is unfaithful to her spouse and cheats on him with Tom Buchanan. Myrtle most likely does this because she would like visitors to think she's wealthy, because Tom purchases her each one of these expensive things.

Daisy Buchanan, whose husband is Tom Buchanan, is someone else who wears a cover up. Before Daisy married Tom she was deeply in love with a guy named Jay Gatsby. When Jay went off to battle in World Warfare I, Daisy experienced promised to stay and await him to comeback. Instead, she found Tom Buchanan, a very rich man and decided to marry him. The cover up that Daisy wears hides the actual fact that she selects to be wedded into money, and this her motivation for money is more important. Daisy strives to be high on the public ladder so if she is prosperous then people will think different of her. When Daisy and Nick Caraway are communicating, Daisy says to him "You didn't come to my wedding" Nick replies with "I wasn't back from the war". At that point, Daisy exclaims, "That is true. " "Well, I've experienced an extremely bad time, "Nick, and I'm quite cynical about everything" (Fitzgerald 16). When daisy reveals this, it looks like she cases she understands, but really she's unsatisfied with such an reason so another cover up is that she nobody really recognizes how she seems because she doesn't really express it. The repercussions that Daisy faces is that instead of being with Gatsby, her real love she decides to be with Tom for selfish reasons.

Jay Gatsby is a guy who wears a cover up the entire time up until his loss of life. He's is a guy who has come into a "Lot of money" scheduled to his family dying (Fitzgerald 66). Being that Daisy Buchanan, the women he loved before the went to war left him for a wealthy man named Tom Buchanan, Gatsby wears a cover up. Gatsby likes to flaunt his prosperity by throwing large lavish parties at his mansion hoping that Daisy will go to one of them considering he happens to live over the normal water from her. Gatsby is so busy trying to make an impression Daisy that while he throws these get-togethers, his behavior created gossip, that leads people to realize they don't know much about him at all. We find out later in the reserve that Gatsby didn't acquire all his lot of money from his family dying, that he actually accumulated it from sorted out criminal activity of most sorts. It seems like the complete time Gatsby's covering behind this cover up he's getting further and farther from reality and his aspiration to win Daisy is typically not going to occur, because she's not impressed.

Overall, Myrtle Wilson, Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are three of the personas in the novel that put on false fronts to be able to conceal their own defects, and they all go through repercussions in a single way or another. No matter if a mask is obvious or not, they still conceal true identity of any person.

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Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. New York: Scribner, 2004. Printing.

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