The Handmaids Tale | Booklet analysis

I think this is exactly what God must look like: an egg. The life span of the moon may not be on the top, but inside. The egg is glowing now, as though it had an energy of its own. To check out the egg offers me intense pleasure. (Atwood, 137)

Tropology(Symbolism): The term "egg" is utilized to symbolise the eggs present in females for reproduction.

By providing an insightful description of the egg, Offred uncovers that she too is eagerly looking forward to her eggs to become active. She wants to become heavy with a kid.

This description illuminates the very idea of fertility of the handmaid's and how their survival is based on their ability to reproduce.

Through the utilization of tropes, Offred uses eggs as an excellent symbol of delivery and rebirth; a lifeless subject out which life comes.

The egg may also be symbolised as Creation, where in fact the outer shell presents the external atmosphere, the colorless filament represents normal water and the yolk symbolizes the earth. This interpretation reinforces the importance and power a "mere" egg is made up of.

Offred can also be seen as a personification of the egg. Like an egg, she's a tough exterior that will not break easily. Also, she too has the capacity to bring a new life to the world like the yolk of the egg. She also offers an expiration time frame as she can be sent to the colonies of the "Unwomen" if she doesn't reproduce, just the way eggs are disposed if they are not consumed within the given time frame.

The glowing of the egg shows the greatness and vitality that it supports. If she actually is successful in reproducing a kid, she'll be known which emphasises that she has the actual to be great.

Thus this design factor works well in portraying the theme of fertility and power as the specific explanation of the egg shows her determination to have a baby.

This makes the audience think does the glowing of the egg foreshadow the introduction of a baby in the commander's house?

Why will Offred feel powerful pleasure by looking at an egg? What deeper meaning does this phrase demonstrate?

Offred can be in comparison to our planet Earth. She has a hard exterior portraying that she actually is very intelligent and cannot be easily fooled, like the earth's surface. But as we dig deeper, Offred is shown as a very delicate female with precious memory of her man and daughter. She's a shows a lot of love and devotion towards them which indicates a smooth interior, just like the earth's main is liquid mantel. These elements make Offred a complete woman.

The red Birthmobile is parked in the driveway. Its rear door is open up and I clamber in. The carpet on to the floor is red, red curtains are bring over the house windows. (Atwood, 138)

Tropology(Symbolism): The color red symbolises fertility, which is also used to address the handmaids.

By using the colour red as a symbol of fertility, the writer attempts to emphasis the goal of the handmaid's in the Gilead society.

Also, by stressing on the color red, the very idea of personality and segregation of women among different classes is signified.

The handmaids are only allowed to wear the color red. This demonstrates in the contemporary society, they are identified by this color. Red, which often symbolises fertility, is worn by the handmaids to show their position in the contemporary society while the wives of the commanders and women with rich marriages are given the liberty to wear the threads of their choice.

The handmaids have to wear red which creates a sense of confusion as it is not specified whether the new distinction is beneficial to them or not.

Red is also used as symbolic of danger. They are really most prone to damage in the Gilead world due to emotions such as jealousy which is often exhibited by the other handmaids or the wives.

Thus this design element is effective in disclosing the theme of the segregation of women in the society which is often displayed by the color of the clothes that your handmaids wear.

The handmaids know why the color red is chosen to them. Thus the repetition of red illustrates that the handmaids are always reminded of the purpose in the community.

This makes the reader think, how come the van where the handmaids are transferred called the "birthmobile"?

Should the assistance, such as travelling, provided to the handmaids certainly be a privilege?

This situation is identical to 1 of the situation in the book "The Kite Runner" by Khalid Hussein. Within the football stadium, during the half time, the Taliban drive a red pick-up with two people who had been to be carried out publically. Both, the color of the pick-up and the birthmobile is red. So that it indicates that in both the societies, the federal government harms the folks if the guidelines are not obeyed.

A thing is appreciated, she says, only when it is rare and hard to get. We want one to be valued, girls. She is abundant with pauses, which she savours in her mouth. Think of yourselves as pearls. (Atwood, 141)

Character: Aunt Lydia's character is portrayed from her dialogues.

From the above lines said by Aunt Lydia, she appears to be very convincing which uncovers that she actually is a very good orator.

This shows the theme of brainwashing and segregation of the ladies classes in the Gilead society.

Aunt Lydia belongs to a course of women who are in charge to teach the ladies like Offred the ideology of the Gilead world and make them follow their fates peacefully before they become handmaids.

This sentence is a flashback of one of the sayings of Aunt Lydia which haunts Offred. This makes it noticeable that Aunt Lydia is a scary woman who totally wants Gilead's guidelines to be followed.

Her words effectively manipulate and brainwash the thoughts women in the Red Centre. She tactfully induces the wrong belief into the handmaids' thoughts they are respected in the modern culture. Her abundant pauses is a attractive example of just how she is in a position to change and brainwash the women in the center.

Her actions and thoughts support her persona as a tutor who genuinely is convinced in the virtue of the Gilead's order.

Even though she is a woman in the Gilead community, she holds a posture of electricity and expert which is seldom attained.

This makes the reader ponder, who gets the authority within the aunts? Who has the ultimate specialist in Gilead?

How does the aunts get a great deal ability in their hands? If indeed they were women, why were they given this power?

Aunt Lydia's character is nearly the same as Adolf Hitler. Hitler was an extremely rigid and charismatic dictator. His words could stimulate anyone and initially people loved him for your. But he made many changes in the government insurance policies and harmed many Jews. He forced the citizens to follow him and was very rigid with his guidelines. Also, Aunt Lydia is a very strict teacher who wants the Gilead's guidelines to be used. She actually is a good orator and uses the Bible to justify her actions and is also very successful at it. She actually is very successful at brainwashing the handmaids by making them assume that they are appreciated in the world and that she is there to help them.

"Ofwarren is in the master bedroom, a good name for this; where this Commander and his Wife nightly bed down. She's relaxing on the king-size bed, propped with pillows: Janine, inflated but reduced, shorn of her previous name. " (Atwood, 145)

Location: The grasp bedroom

Ofwarren is transferred to the master suite in Commander Warren's house as she actually is about to give birth to the commander's child.

This act displays the notion of reality vs get away and brain washing of the handmaids.

While Ofwarren is along the way of having a baby to the commander's child, she actually is given the undivided attention of all the handmaids. Her location in the master suite is significant as this means that a transfer in the setting. Before the handmaid was placed in a bare room where there was nothing at all luxurious and anything provided to her was limited.

She is given temporary luxury which shows that the handmaids are given admiration and dignity they have earned only during child labor and birth. The nine months of maltreatment and isolation that they painfully face is neglected about when they give birth. That is a ingenious step used by the commander's partner as the final moment of luxury brainwashes the handmaid (Janine).

This take action of luxury and temporary fame makes the other handmaids jealous. This fuels their false belief that they are required in the contemporary society. They feel prestigious throughout the service but are completely forgotten about after the whole process has ended.

This conjures images of betrayal and anger as the handmaids are unconsciously controlled by the aunts and commander's wives by providing them short lived luxury, in cases like this, the keeping Ofwarren in the master suite.

This design aspect works well in getting into focus the thought of brainwashing and manipulation of the handmaid's thoughts by giving them with short lived fame and luxury.

This makes the audience ponder, why are most of the handmaids satisfied by this temporary luxury and fame? Will they ever before find out the truth or will they stay blind?

Will the handmaids have the rights they have earned?

The situation of the handmaids is indistinguishable to the condition of the labourers in the tribal regions of Africa where they work hard night and day to make it through. Their work is not accepted by the plantation owners and they are underpaid to a big extent. Yearly, these plantation employees get a benefit which is enough to keep them satisfied. They do not revolt against the system and forget the torture which they suffer through the year by only a bonus offer. The handmaids make the same mistake. They instantaneously your investment torture which they undergo throughout their stay static in their commander's homes and concentrate on the popularity and luxury which they get when they provide birth.

On this day, we can do anything we want. I revise that: within limitations. (Atwood, 139)

Perspective: Offred expresses her thoughts by making this daring remark.

This bold remark by Offred conveys the idea of flexibility and confinement of the housemaids.

The beginning of a kid from another housemaid brings enjoyment to all or any the housemaids. They feel for each other even though you can find some factor of jealousy.

Offred says that today they will be free. But her revision of the affirmation implies that even throughout a celeberation, they can never be truly free. There will be confinements.

This is an occasion of the words and appearance of the handmaids being supressed by the ladies in electric power. This represents the idea of segregation of ladies in various classes.

Since the handmaids are watched by the wives of the commanders even though they may be "free", displays that they will never be fully free. They'll never attain complete freedom even for each day as they are handmaids. They are believed to be at a low level in the classes of women in the Gilead population where they have got only one goal, i. e. to breed children.

This makes the reader think, why the handmaids do not charm to their respective commander's wives for just one day of complete liberty?

Why don't the handmaids revolts up against the Gilead system of they hate it? What are the possible effects of this revolt?

Offred from "The Handmaid's Story" is very similar to Prudenza from the novel "The Trophy Bride's Tale". In both the books, the women are put through repression. Prudenza was committed to a man much older to her without her consent. She doesn't have any sort of power and is meant to follow orders of the men. Identically, Offred doesn't have any electricity of her own. She is an instrument for duplication for the Gilead and does not serve some other purpose. They do not have any freedom and words to signify them. They have to follow instructions for success.

We play two video games. Larynx, I spell. Valance, Quince. Zygote. ( Atwood, 174)

Visual Composition: The italicising of what larynx, valance, quince and zygote.

These words stick out from the standard type on the page.

This illustrates the theme of speech of the handmaids and their fertility in the Gilead population.

The first expression which is laid out by Offred in the game scrabble is larynx. This brings into focus that Offred is trying to communicate with the commander. She shows that she actually is not able to converse with anyone in this modern culture. Her lack of voice in any area of the population is pinpointed.

The use of the other two words portrays that Offred would like like to share a few words with the commander based on these subject areas.

The last word which she uses is zygote. This reminds the reader of an egg. The very egg which Offred thinks of when she's her breakfast. Zygote symbolizes the kid which she's to procreate which she has failed to do up to now.

Valance is a symbol of her standard and the wings which she has to wear. Thus the words larynx and valance are used to express the confinement which Offred is meant to respect being truly a handmaid of the Gilead.

This makes the audience think, why is Offred looking to communicate with the commander even though he is dangerous?

Does the commander agree with the means of the Gilead authorities? How come he break the guidelines by playing a casino game of scrabble with Offred?

The way Offred communicates with the commander is very unique. Rather than directly talking to him, she uses what in the game to help her converse. This is very similar to the sign dialect which people use to speak without the use of any words. This can help them connect to one another without any form of immediate speech. Thus it can help people to converse in those places where you need to not discuss or cannot conversation, for example, underwater. Since Offred will not straight want to speak to the commander about some issues, she selects to speak to him using words.

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