The Hardships INSIDE THE Poem Mom To Son British Literature Essay

Everyone life is filled with hardships but one must defeat from these hardships to achieve success in life. Within the poem, "Mother to Son", mother is pushing her kid for hard work by telling example of her own life and it can be seen as Litotes and Metaphor in the poem. Every mother wishes her child to see as an effective person in her life. Therefore, she explains to her child about the pitfalls of life so that her child not does indeed the same oversight. She expects from her child to learn about life from her experience of life. And, this love and treatment of a mother for her child has proven by Langston Hughes in the poem, "Mother to Son". Through this poem Hughes wishes to convey a note that everyone must work hard in their life. No matter how difficult is your job but never give up in life. Hughes also wishes to convey a communication that there is a need of conviction and courage to be able to get the fight in life.

"Mother to Kid" poem is a remarkable monologue. This means there is merely one presenter and that is a mother. Mother gives advice to her child that life is filled with hardships nevertheless, you have never to stop in your life. Mother instructs to her child that never rests down or converts back life because of hardships. Always keep climbing on the ladder of success. Hughes has used whole lot of metaphors in this poem to compare life obstructions with other activities, for example, "Well, child, I'll tell you: Life for me personally ain't been no crystal stair" Here Hughes has likened life with the stairs because climbing stairs is a exhaustive task and on the other palm climbing on the ladder of success is also a difficult task. Mother says to her child that the path of the life is no as simple as it looks. It is include filled with tacks, splinters and stumbling blocks but it doesn't mean that we have to stopped moving in advance. According for some lines of "Mother to Son", it would appear that mom is not well educated and she actually is still fighting against the hardships of life, for example, "And sometimes goin' at night". But, she's a better connection with life because she's learned a lot from hurdles in her life. The vocabulary in the poem is also not grammatically perfect which has good point that it gives a real sense of mother to son dialogue to a reader. Another important factor of this poem is metaphors which has been used to smoothly compare life problems with real life instances, for example, "reachin' landin's ", "climbin'on" and "turnin' corners". It means that mother is informing to her son that she has faced a lot of problems in her life. Problems were challenging like climbing on the hill but she never quit in her life.

Furthermore, mother tips her son that there surely is a need of persistence and courage in life because she is aware that her boy is also going to face hard times in his life. Therefore, she is preparing him to fight against all hard times and to never give up in life, for example, "Cause you sees it's kinder hard". The very last four lines of poem is a advice to kid from his mom that don't take a seat or turn back because of your problems, just

Keep on marching in advance and never give up.

"Mother to Son" poem by Langston Hughes teaches a lesson to those people who get terrified of hardships in life. And, loose expectations to overcome using their company hardships. This poem shows that if we've strong persistence and courage then we can win any race nowadays no matter how abrasive is our way.

We are Seven

"We have been Seven" is a brief and nice poem. William Wordsworth opens this poem by requesting a question that how much a child knows about fatality. Wordsworth satisfies a eight 12 months old girl. Young lady has curly hair and beautiful sight. Wordsworth asks to her that how many sibling you have? She replies seven. Then copy writer again asks her "where are they?" she says two of them are in Conway, two of these have died to sea and two of them are in churchyard grave. Then article writer says that this means you are five siblings. She says no we live seven. Then article writer gets perplexed, he asks her again that your two brothers has passed away then the way you have six siblings. Woman says that she spend time with those siblings who are useless. She rests and sings near her sibling's grave. Then copy writer thinks which may be child knows about death better than mature people.

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