The Love And Peace English Literature Essay

In 1939, I put a boyfriend whose name is Jack, an extremely normal name therefore i didnt feel that would be a so famous one in next days. I love him for he was so brave, clever and strong. He was sunlight in my life. He's from a military family, his father was a soldier in World War and was very pleased with his military medals. So when Jack and his old brother were very little, they were asked to try their best to study in america Military Academy at West Point. However, Jack didn't want to be a military. He love music and literature ¼Œand dreamed to be a poet one day. We'd a happy amount of time in our high school time, and we all knew that whenever high school finished everything must had an ending.

Sometimes, we would watch a movie in a local cinema. I love the black and white silent film, and I must say i miss them. I and Jack shared enough time with Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and other actors' performance. And we always listened Bellie Holiday and Bessie Smith 's disc, both of these had a sadly tone, as they were complain their sadness. Exactly like Bing Crosby, a famous popular music singer. For music, Jack prefer songs with bright and cheerful rhythm ¼Œlike the songs of Louis Armstrong. In that days, times fly and we'd no attention about any of it.

When Second World War broke out, most of us had no idea about any of it. We still enjoyed oxygen and beautiful sunshine for the Roosevelt government didn't intend to join the war unless the Axis attack us first. Although we didn't care, we still feel very sad for the sacrificing people. We didn't discuss war between us for we all love peace and didn't want to start to see the slaughters. Even almost depends upon was under the haze of the war, we still lived in our ways excepted Jack's father. One day, I had been invited to Jack's family diner. Up for grabs, his father even talked the war beside me. He was so excited ¼Œseemed back to the days of the past when he was still a young man ¼Œand told me his military medals. Being frankly, I didn't care about that, but I still tried to pay attention and understand because I'm really respect him. And I thought it is possible for him to go to the battle if American join the war and he didn't get legs hurt in John Pershing commanded the second battle of the Marne.

When times move in 1940, after graduate I chose study in a local university I had formed find employment in Louis restaurant, and Jack volunteered to join the Marines. In that summer, we stayed in different places and he told me everything will be alright when he finished military service, and we'd study in the same university and had a same beautiful time like high school. Louis is a tiny family place with good food, and continually be nice to men who skip the taste of family dishes. It's a fairly easy job for me and the employees here were just like a family. Manger aunt Jenny was very patient and kind, initially, she helped me to get familiar to the job as a waitress. It isn't very difficult for me, the things I have to do were provide services for customers dining here and set the table. And the clients didn't make trouble to you if you continually be careful and friendly. I really like this lovely job, and I love have a conversation with them.

The wether was addressing cold in the December, the restaurant's customers were talking about the bad wether and the war. Most of the customers were just care his business, and I was take the customer's order. Ms. smith rushed in as something happened, and said, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor each day. The complete restaurant was get hot, every person was get very angry, plus some guests banged the table and roared, totally about insulting Japanese. I got quiet for yesterday was Jack's last day in military, so today he's back, and we made a date tonight. i quickly remembered what of Roosevelt's presidential campaign, he said -- ' unless the United States is the fist to be offensive '. There was no doubt that the war would come, and American would never stand beyond the war. Jack would go back to the army, that' what I did't like to see. I lost all my ideas ¼ŒI couldn't stand the longest noon in my own life. When all my jobs finished, I ran for the Jack's house in my quickest speed for I missed him a whole lot, and I couldn't wait one more minute. I knocked the door, Jack's mother opened it. She was smiled and asked Jack transpired stairs, then she gave one glass of juice and went away. When Jack stood before me, I hugged him. He kissed my forehead, and comforted me. I didn't ask him if he would reverse to army for I had fashioned a feeling he previously already known the news and from his eyes I saw angry and responsibility. I thought I had formed receive the answer, he'd go if the battle and comrades need. I QUICKLY left with Jack's company, he talked with me at night, but I didn't hear anything. I knew he loves me and he could do anything for me, but I won't ask him never to back because I respected his decisions.

The following day, December 8, every family had known japan attack Pearl Harbor throw radio, news and crowds in the streets were shouting. Everybody got crazy, even my little brother stay at home in the Monday morning. In the noon, we heard the declaration from Roosevelt, he said from the date that will live in infamy. Even I had fashioned guessed this result, but I still felt I'll lose something. Just that afternoon, Jack left and joined the army. I still worked in the restaurant, but there's fewer customers than usual. From the window I saw the streets were filled with crowds and conscription ad. I only wanted Jack would stay at the country instead of being delivered to other countries and I hoped he'd be secure after the war. In the next few days, increasingly more men were join the war. It's hard to see some teenagers on the street. Later, the government asked women to visit the factories. And I heard that the Asia people were avoid to be on the street especially japan, and they were hit by the angry people. I didn't want to make any conclusion about that, although they were innocent.

The war spread in this country, and I felt sick. I hated the battle, blood full of everywhere. No-one loves getting hurt, nobody loves death. Even the battle is to the name of the God ¼Œto save us from hell, I still hate it. No evil desire, no war. I didn't hate the Japanese, German, I hated the endless desire.

Only a couple of days later, I heard there's a hard-fought in Wake Island and everyone dead. I got shocked it is the place where Jack's forces were. WHENEVER I heard the news headlines I cried, it is not only for Jack, it's for all of lives loose during the war. Everyone who live on the planet earth, breath mid-air, drink this has his to be here to take pleasure from his own life. Jack was a good man, the same did others. I lost Jack, and there must was various other girls lost her love. Unless the war stop, there would become more sacrifice.

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