The Love Never Dies English Literature Essay

N. I. M. H. A. N. S should this storyline starts from expression like this. I know the solution, it shouldnt. But beliefs and destiny of any one is always unknown to everyone, in other sense nobody can tell what the future will be.

For the majority of you who don't know very well what "N. I. M. H. A. N. S" stands for, it's a mental rehabilitation centre positioned in India's IT hub BANGLORE, it means "National Institute of Mental Health insurance and Neuro Sciences".

I am Jay, 25 12 months old software engineer located in WIPRO, and the reason why I came this is a take note which is formerly belongs to my best friend Tarun, a very bright young man with amazing quality of facing most severe situations of life, whom I arrived to meet over here. Yes he's in mental asylum. He was searching for job after doing his M. C. A studies from T. JOHN School Bangalore. As I said no person really know what will going to be after. Weekly before nobody recognizes that what's the reason that why Tarun is behind these asylum walls. But today I understand the solution.

After Tarun shifted to "N. I. M. H. A. N. S" her mommy called me in his house couple of days after. I proceeded to go there to see aunty because she needs much moral help on that time.

It was around 10. 30 AM after i reached Tarun's house. Before I can knock the door aunty opened the entranceway seems like she actually is looking forward to me and wanting me since constantly. I looked at her, she actually is looking just like a living useless. Only a mom can tell the feeling of pain when anything horrendous occurred to her son. After witnessing aunty I want to notify her "how are you aunty" but I couldn't. I simply stand before her chained my mouth shut clueless what things to talk next. "How it happened aunty" I asked, she advised "from couple of days, Tarun was frustrated and appears to be very miserable in himself. I asked him so often but he didn't respond positively. One day I send him to bring some house hold things from market, on the way he fulfilled with a major accident. After operation doctor told that he is out of hazard but sadly lost almost all of his memory and advised to send him to asylum. " From then on she explained to wait and gone upstairs. While waiting around I was enjoying those Pictures hanged on wall of me and Tarun's which we took together all these years. These pictures reminding me in our golden life which we'd spent alongside one another. Along with enjoyment of our golden past life thoughts I was feeling a deep sadness inside me, that what happened to him and why he done that to himself. Lost in my own thoughts broke abruptly by auntie's tone when she called my name, "Jay beta, I had been taking a look of Tarun's things yesterday night and I then found out this note in his closet written over "For you personally Jay". I didn't open this take note of and I want one to have this as your good friend is in love with you too much may be he want to share his secret with you". After expressing this she burst out into tears. I grabbed her shoulder blades and said her that "Don't worry aunty, u notice Tarun will be fine, Don't weep just await that instant" although I knew inside it can take quite a while to cure my pal but I don't want aunty to lose expectation only because of Tarun, because he always use to say some lines if you ask me that " Don't stress Jay, Be happy, because life is too much time to live on, enjoy every second of its minute, if bad time comes, don't dread, face it, because there can't be a bad finishing, there's always a door with happy stopping solution. " I left for my office, but nonetheless I was lost in thoughts of looking solutions because of this negative situation, which seems impossible to find. But I realized there has to be something very much important in Tarun's note making me impatient to read that notice.

Note: Jay we don't believe in love at first eyesight but that day in our fresher's get together I suddenly noticed like soaring in the sky and sensed that violins playing all around me when I observed Juhi. Which makes me believe there is something called love at first sight.

Good Encoding of mine drags attention of Juhi towards me because she also enjoys that subject matter. After couple of days we started to practise in my own room. As the day handed we become nearer. I still remember that day while i proposed her with no hesitation which day become the best day of my life. As the day passed our marriage goes more robust to strongest, at least I assumed that.

Everything was heading fine. We have been about to complete our post-graduation and I love Juhi more than anything. I organized to marry her soon after I got settled and only because of that reason I began spending so much time for my positioning. After a month my effort works and I acquired picked in accenture at first shot. At that day I distributed my success with you but could not share my emotions for Juhi on phone.

Juhi distributed my success with her parents and informed them about our romantic relationship, she was frightened about her parent's reaction. She relaxed when I promised to speak to her parents.

Before get that chance to speak to her parents' Juhi went Bhubaneswar for a week. I was impatient but was active with my new job. 7days becomes 10 but Juhi didn't come not even she contacted me once. I had been restless. On 11th day at 2am evening my mobile rang. It had been Juhi crying terribly on telephone. She informed that her parents fixed her relationship with another person in their caste. I shouted "How maybe it's possible. " My center shattered as i came to learn that Juhi was also agreed for that marriage and make an effort to influence me to leave her and also to neglect everything which happened between us. How maybe it's, I tried out my best to get her again but it seems like she was happy with her parent's decision. Reason is she cannot leave her parents because of me and because of different culture. I attempted to recall those unforgettable moments folks but nothing could pull her decision back. Our conversation continues for 3hrs. At last I guaranteed her to not to get hold of as she required.

I also told her that I'll remember you and will remember you because of your photograph that you gave me on our second night out.

After that nighttime I never resided an individual second peacefully, her thought hunted me night and day. My self confidence moves bad to worse. I began to do silly errors and forgot small things because of less attentiveness. I ended communication and acquired disconnected from exterior world and I let myself isolated with everyone and everything.

This take note of Tarun increased my eagerness to attained Tarun. Now in few second I will step into Tarun's cell.

"How is he responding?" I asked warden. He advised "not so well", each and every time he utters a name Juhi and appearance over her picture over and over which he has on a regular basis.

After this I lost my control over my thoughts and split up so badly which i lost courage to face my best friend. I made a decision to leave asylum without viewing him and I kept.

Only one question arrived to my brain "is anyone deserves go back like this in return of his / her real love?" I want to leave this question to those who find themselves going to read my best friend's life's history. You decide it in yourself!

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