The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance British Literature Essay

The film commences with the entrance of an aging Ransom "Rance" Stoddard, a U. S. Senator to a little town called Shinbone in the company of his better half Hallie. It raises questions as to the reasons the Senator is in that town considering it is nearly obsolute and has nothing to offer to activate a U. S. Senator's visit. It is even more perplexing that the senator is there to attend the funeral of a man who resided in the city, an apparent no one, Tom Doniphon. As ordinary citizen's it is evident that curiousity takes its course when an important person whether a politician or star comes our way in the absence of an important event occurring. It is assumed that "these" kind of people only visit the places where ordinary citizen's live when there's a function fitted their status occurring. Among the journalists is wondering enough to ask the U. S. Senator why really he's there. Out of this point on, the storyline takes a flashback to ages earlier to give the viewer possible tour of the Senator's brain thus giving a remedy to the journalist's question. That is when the other character types in the film also take their positions in the complete film plot.

Sometimes the tiniest and oddest encounters can lead to lifelong friendships and even form relationships that can with stand the tides of energy. In the case of Senator Rance Stoddard, his unplanned encounter with a complete stranger is the start of his flashback. The then young attorney was on a stagecoach because the rail road hadn't come to Shinbone yet and the region was still a Western place with the purpose of establishing a legislation office in the tiny town. The planet has a funny way of bringing people together whether it's by use of acquaintances or chance encounters. The stagecoach that Rance was riding is waylaid coming by outlaws who are out to rob the travellers. Rance being the charismatic and fearless man he is, dares the outlaws and in the process makes himself a brutal conquering and is still left for the deceased. This unlucky event is the beginning of a long term relationship with a rancher called Tom Doniphon. This man demonstrates the human being virtue of pity and selflessness when he takes the badly beaten Rance to his friend's home to be studied attention of. Rance gains more friends in that family, Peter and his wife Nora and their child Hallie. These folks become his new family and even offer him a job in their restaurant once he is back to his two legs.

There is crime almost everywhere and occasionally the same crooks keep terrorizing people and little or nothing seems to be done to keep them in balance. It is no different in the town of Shinbone. It really is depicted that the folks in this town know the gang that acquired ambushed Rance's stagecoach; the gang is led by one Liberty Valance, a lawbreaker who uses dread as his weapon to keep people from arresting him. He's a gunfighter who wields a silver-handled whip to intimidate people thus no-one dares question him or his gang. This only would go to show the level humans can land to when experienced by fear and intimidation. There's a town Marshal who also appears to have been enveloped by the fear of the gang and is remaining spineless and incompetent to handle the outlaws. The town Marshal shows his incompetence when he points out that the stagecoach ambush was out of his jurisdiction since it just happened outside the town limits, everyone understands that he is merely as terrified of Valance and his gang as the ordinary folks.

People in a position of power, however they acquired it, can use the same to humiliate and misuse others. This point is well demonstrated in the case of Valance and Rance getting together with in the restaurant where Rance works. Valance remembers Rance off their earlier come across on the stagecoach and is out to solely humiliate him for he recognizes that Rance and pretty much everyone in the city fear him. He tours Rance who falls and spills the material of a plate he is providing to a customer on the floor. Valance then orders him to pick the strewn little bit of steak from the ground with his mouth area. His good friend Tom Doniphon involves his help again by intervening in the tense match-up though Rance brushes him off and tells him never to fight his battles.

Genuine people will always show their true selves and always stand by the good beliefs they have aiming to better themselves and the ones around them. Rance is a good man and he searches for a way to pay off the Erickson family for having looked after him when he was unwell and then for offering him a job in their restaurant. On learning that their

daughter Hallie was illiterate, he offers to teach her how to learn and write and sets up a makeshift college where even the local children and some adults could go to. He teaches them the great things about creating a democracy and lectures them on issues about the constitution. All of this he does for free and with the good intention of posting what he is aware of with anyone else inclined to learn for their own good.

It is this class that the facet of race arises. One of his students is an African-American called Woody Strode who while reciting the North american Declaration for Independence stumbles on "all men are created identical" claiming he just forgot the part. Rance makes fun of computer in order to keep the complete issue controlled for he's intelligent enough to learn that racial remarks and anything coming in contact with on racism could blow out of proportion and bring on animosity and divisions among people. This only would go to show the way the issue of racism had multiply even to the smallest of cities like Shinbone and how the African-American community needs it personally even though there is no cause to or indication of discrimination against them, much like Pompey.

Love conquers all. This has been a stating for years and every day we face or read a story that demonstrates this as true. Hallie is provided as Doniphon's true love and both are even engaged for marriage at some point. Doniphon misjudges Hallie's tearful affection towards Rance after he is beaten again though this time around he manages to wipe out Liberty. She had gone in advance and alerted Doniphon of a gun challenge that was to take place between Rance and Liberty and knowing too well that his friend could never come out of it alive, Doniphon had gone ahead and aided Rance, hence he previously came out than it victorious and a hero in everyone's sight. When Doniphon considers Hallie with Rance following the fight, he seems dejected and downplays his achievements by showing Rance to keep her and since he previously already educated her to learn and write, tells him to give her something to create about. Actually, Doniphan is the real hero but feels he's no match for Rance thus gives his love up for Hallie. In doing this, Doniphon leads a solitary and lonely life in the town till his death, since he previously given up on his true love.

True a friendly relationship is a bond that can stand the test of time. In the present day we start to see the now Senator Ransom Stoddard participating his late friend Doniphon's funeral. He had committed Hallie and had a successful profession in politics. Rance then confesses to a reporter that he was not the the one that had wiped out Liberty Valance somewhat it had been Doniphon who was simply hiding and shot Liberty to save lots of Ransom's face. He had fought a attack for Rance and along the way lost his one real love and made Rance appear to be the hero at his own expense, abandoning himself to lead a lonely and unpleasant life. The reporter does not have any intentions of posting the storyline now and declares the saying that, 'what you do not know will not damage you'. The Senator will not forget his friend and comes those years later to attend his funeral. His good friend Doniphan acquired sacrificed a lot for him and the planet would never let him neglect as witnessed in the teach journey back when the coach conductor says him that another train was looking forward to him, that nothing was too best for the person that had wiped out Liberty Valance.

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