The Most Beautiful Woman In Town English Literature Essay

Her name was Cass. She was the youngest of 54 sisters and the most amazing one. She realized her beauty and the effect this one possessed. But she was also interesting, smart, creative etc. She was so beautiful; she would have every man she desired. But she needed more than simply appears, so she used to pick the ugliest mans around. She acquired no parents and she ended up at a convent, where she was very unsatisfied. And when she remaining the convent she visited a club and fulfilled this man.

Probably the ugliest man around, and she was the most amazing woman he had ever before seen.

With her long dark hair and impressive body. Every female envied her; and everything man envy him because she had chosen him. The ugliest man around, not the most good looking one or the richest.

But this is because she was looking for a person, a personality. Not physics. Because man only observed her outdoors, they didn't care and attention if she was the smartest one or the most creative one. Each of them wanted just sex.

And she wished spirit, a discussion, a romance. So she selected him. After some time they saw each other many times. They made love and they were both happy. But people stated she was crazy.

And maybe she was. But what she wanted was to be enjoyed by who she was, not because of her beauty. She wanted to eliminate her beauty so people could se her intern beauty.

Beauty is something special, and it is a curse too. At the end she killed herself. She couldn't find what she was looking for. So she slice her neck.

At 20 years old. The most amazing woman around was useless. She passed away because of her beauty.

Six inches

This was odd to read, he attained her at a work get together, he thought Sara was beautiful, but no one else did, everyone was from her. After he asked they told him that she was a witch which she has disappeared 2 other men. They simply vanished.

He didn't caution and kept speaking with her.

They left mutually that nighttime and after a month they were wedded. She was a great make meals. So he began to win a small amount of weight and three months after they acquired committed she was getting annoyed by his size.

So one time she informed him he was so extra fat and that he wasn't size appropriate so she put him over a diet. No carbs, no potato chips, no nothing! Except for beverage. He didn't allow that.

He began to lose weight increasingly more. And he was happy with it, he sensed good and people were realizing how good he looked. But then he was too slender, his bones were beginning to show in his face. However the shook was when he started to shrink.

He informed his wife he was shrinking and she said that was silly but he actually was. Then he was 6 inches wide. And she used him as a intimacy advice. But he wiped out her with a head wear pin.

He escaped and he started to grow back to his normal size, he previously wiped out the witch, he was growing because of food, he ate cat's food to expand and have more power. He visited a supermarket where he lived for some time and ate the food there which helped him to grow. Then he stole money from there and remaining to Hollywood and lived happy?

Life and death in the charity ward

He found himself within an ambulance with a couple of other folks. He was vomiting blood vessels. Blood not from a cut, but blood from the insides, the dark heavy blood vessels we see in the horror videos. So near to death, and close to other folks dying

When he surely got to the hospital he was in a room packed with other ill man. The person next to him started out talking about a guy. This man was strong looking yet fats. He was kind of delusional. He stored vomiting blood vessels. He felt on to the floor, he noticed like he was dying, the tech was an asshole and rather than helping he was arguing. A nurse helped him up but he was to week to do that.

Then they altered him into another room filled with people dying. And I am hoping people is not like that in clinics but the nurses and doctors were chatting shit about him directly on his face and contacting him brands.

he needed blood vessels but he didn't have any blood credit. So they didn't give him bloodstream.

Instead, they offered him a priest. To expire. Awesome hu?.

I only liked the first one.

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