The Postmodernism Influences IN THE Matrix English Literature Essay

1999s Technology fiction film The Matrix was aimed by Larry and Andy Wachowski. The film shows another where the fact humans believe in is not actually real but is a simulated reality called the matrix, things aren't as they seem to be. This simulated the truth is created by sentient machines that are employing the humans as a power source. When the main figure Neo (a computer programmer) involves knowledge of the truth and "wakes up" he's guided by other people who have been freed from the "dream world" to rebel resistant to the machines.

Watching the Matrix for first-time I did not notice much relationship with postmodernism or the philosophy behind when i was taken again by the visible effects and action in the film. After taking a another considering the film in more depth and with further research of the film, I possibly could see the philosophical part and it was clearer that the film Matrix has a lot personal references to the cyberpunk, philosophical and spiritual ideas and imagery that try to communicate the ideology of Bandrillard's postmodern theory. With this research of the film I am going to discuss and give attention to how postmodernism is shown threw out the film and I will all so focus on postmodern the truth just being truly a simulation. I will look at many of the philosophical ideas and problems increased by the film. For this I will be considering the first film The Matrix not the squeals.

Postmodernism and the consequences than it on the film

Postmodern and can be summed up as expressing it is something that is no longer modern, "Postmodernism identifies itself by something it isn't. It isn't modern anymore". The British artist John Watkins Chapman was the first to use the word Postmodernism. 1914-22 were the beginning of the posties which occasionally arrived in the first 1960 in economics, books, communal thought and religion. So if Postmodernism isn't modern forget about then what is modern? What is it possible to call modern? It had been in enough time of 1890s and 1900s where new technology came out a time which experienced development, a time of change. Modernism was grounded in the beliefs of the enlightenment. The film can be seen as postmodern not the entire film but the simulation part. Neo is preventing against a postmodern condition which is the simulation.

Plot Brief summary of the film The Matrix

The Matrix is about a character known as Thomas A. Anderson who's also known in the film as Neo. He is a man who may have been living two lives. First of all as a normal commuter programmer who pays his taxes promptly just like population needs but by nighttime he becomes known as Neo the computer hacker. Neo later wakens in the film by Morpheus from the exclusive simulation of the world in to the real life. Morpheus is also a computer hacker brand name as a terrorist by the federal government. Real life which Neo is shown is nothing like the simulation he has just come from. In real life humanity well most of the human race has been captured by the race of machines. The machines are managing humans by imprisoning their brains with simulated certainty which is called the Matrix. They are using the humans for there body temperature, this body temperature is what the machines live off.

Now as a rebel resistant to the machines he must battle them. Neo dates back to the Matrix and comes face to face with the real estate agents. The agents are extremely advanced and powerful computer programs. The agent's job is to find and stop Neo and any individuals that battles and rebels up against the machines. Before Neo battles the agents he was presented with training to learn to use his new skill that he has just come to no to beat the machines and become the saviour of mankind.

The matrix arena by landscape on key points

Through out the movie there are many clues and hits considering that this movie can be seen as a postmodern content material. Not only will the film refer to postmodernism but it also makes a great deal of recommendations to religious beliefs, such as Christianity and Buddhism. The film also shows the truth about real life as it performs along providing you clues about it.

The film commences off with a discussion. At first all you see is a dark-colored screen with a square dot flashing like over a computer and of a call has been made. Next on the screen 'call trans opt: received. . . . ' appears and a discussion begins between to people. While on the screen you see quantities in green moving down wards. At this time it seems that the color green is of same importance and so this means. Later we come to understand that dialogue is between Trinity and Cypher chatting on the phone about Neo who they have been keeping and eyesight on and been watching what he is doing. Their dialogue quickly ends when they Trinity suspects something, that which was happening was these were being traced by someone.

We are then considered into arena 1- Trinity in a jam and picture 2- impossible quest: In such a world Trinity is resting alone in accommodation when police officers come crashing in to get her. She battles all of them unnatural strength and swiftness. When two agents joins the authorities in trying to capture her, she leads them on the chase on roof structure tops where she handles to jump incredible distance from one roof top to another in support of the realtors can follow, the authorities officers are remaining in impact and one of them even says "that's impossible". This plainly let us the audience know at this point that there surely is something not right with the entire world, there's something happening. Close to the end of the seen Trinity gets to a telephone booth which begins ringing and has to reach it before the agent will with the pickup truck he is in and likely to ram the telephone booth with. She handles to get to the telephone booth so that as she right answers it she disappears.

Scene 3- follow instructions: In this particular field we meet Neo who is resting his head on the workplace with the computer screen before him when all of the sudden he receives a message by an unknown person. Telling him 'wake up. . . Neo. . . . The Matrix has you. . . ' Neo appears puzzled as he looks at the screen the messaging proceeds by showing him 'follow the white rabbit'. Then a knock on the entranceway, Neo opens the door and after a talk Neo walks to his shelf picks up a booklet which is none other then Jean Baudrillards simulacra and simulation. This is the first strike the viewers is considering that the film is approximately postmodernism. It shows the idea that postmodern simple fact as being simply a simulation. It's not the actual fact that he gets the book it shows postmodernism however the undeniable fact that the publication has been hallowed out shows it relates to postmodernism.

The chapter that he opens the publication to is section On Nihilism. The subject of that section is seen as a idea from what's to come. Nihilism- a denial of most real existence that your matrix is seen as, humanity is at denial of the true presence which is the real world they haven't woken up to. Nihilism- also as being a total rejection of established laws and establishment. Neo down the road in the film goes from the machines the simulation and there rules. In the section of Baudrillard reserve he talks about the lifetime of god. How if his presence is not believed then he does not can be found. It's about the knowing of simulation and what the truth is. He even questions whether god is out there or not. He explains the destruction of appearance and meaning. ". . . before the simulacrum of the materialist or idealist realization of the word in hyperreality (God is not deceased, he has become hyperreal), there is no longer a theoretical or critical god to recognise his own"

Scene 4-The question: Neo is lead to a membership after following the white bunny. Within the club he fits Trinity which is informed by her that his is in peril, "they are really seeing you Neo" during this part we no she talking about the agencies she continues on to simply tell him that "your looking for him I know because I got once looking for a similar thing so when he found me he told me I wasn't really looking for him I was looking for an answer its the question that drives us Neo. . . . you understand the question just like I did. " Neo replies "what is the Matrix" the al important question.

Scene 5- They're approaching for you: in this scene Neo receive a parcel at his workplace, directed at him in his cubical. He receives a cellular phone which wedding rings immediately once he opens the envelope. He right answers the decision it's Morpheus who warns him. "They're coming for you Neo. . . . however you and I have run out of the time. . . . and I don't now what they will do" Neo sees the providers with the police and tries to escape from them guided by Morpheus who is still speaking with him on the cell phone. Unable to break free Neo is captured by the agencies.

Scene 6 - Struggling to speak: On this arena we really obtain the sense of how powerful the providers are and what there are wire of doing. And how they would like to control how are you affected. They don't want anyone coming in their way. In custody of the agents they offer Neo a clean slate by dismissing all the crimes he has dedicated as a hacker if he helps the agent catch Morpheus. Neo doesn't corporate with the agencies leading to them sealing his mouth and place a traffic monitoring device in to his abdominal button. Then instantly wakes up in his own bed, causing you to question whether that was a wish or not. Morpheus calls Neo; that's where Neo is informed by Morpheus that "you are the one Neo" and provides him a spot to go to.

Scene7- Obtaining the bug out: In this arena we find out so it had not been a dream but happened in reality. Neo enters an automobile with Trinity where they remove the traffic monitoring bug. "We think your bugged" once removed Neo is surprised "Jesus Christ that thing is real"

Scene 8- Morpheus' proposal- Landscape 9- Down the rabbit opening: Neo satisfies Morpheus for the very first time. Morpheus ; "I can view it in your eye a you take a glance of the person who allows what he views because he's expecting to wake up ironically this is not far from the truth". . . . . . ". . . . . . . . . you are here because you now something. . . you are feeling it. . . that there's something wrong with the world. . . " and then Morpheus right answers the question most of us wish to know the question Neo has wished to now which lead him here in this place. The reason for him being here in entrance of Morpheus gets replied. " the Matrix is just about everywhere nonetheless in this very room you can view it when you look out your windows or when you turn on your tv set you can feel it when you go to work. . . . . It's the world that is pulled over your sight to blind you from the truth". Neo asks him what truth, Morpheus replies informing him that he's a slave blessed into a prison for your mind. Morpheus then presents Neo with the all important choice, he provide a choice between two pills a red pill and blue supplement. The blue supplement "the storyline ends and also you wake up in your bed like nothing took place. " The red supplement ". you stay static in wonderland and I show you how profound the rabbit gap runs" Neo decides to consider the red tablet.

Scene 10- Slimy rebirth: after taking the tablet Neo wakes up in the real world. He wakes up in a pod bounded by other humans in pods with IVs connected in to his body and his mind. He's then unplugged and taken down the pod into drinking water where a machine arm picks him out of the water and Morpheus, "welcome to real life" Within the religious theme this seen can be seen as Neo rebirth and him being batiste when he falls in this inflatable water so then Morpheus can be seen as John the Baptist as Morpheus was the main one who prepares the way for one who'll come after him.

Scene 11- Nebuchadnezzar's crew: Within this field Neo is recovering. Morpheus tells to relax ". the answers are coming"

Scene 12- Real life: Neo wakes up in real life, which doesn't seem to be very satisfying to the eye. He realizes that he's not in the entire year 1999 but in 2199. Morpheus, "you believe it's the calendar year 1999 however in fact its nearer to 2199 I can't tell you precisely what year it is because we actually don't now" he then show Neo the ship, a Huber build and introduces him to the staff. This is actually the first-time we reach see somewhat of the real world and where from they are hacking in to the Matrix. He meets Apar, Transition, Cypher, Container, Dozer rand mouse which is then loaded into a pc program and shown what can be generated. In a spiritual theme this is seen a brothers among dispels.

He is told by Morpheus that the entire world he new is just a simulation and is shown real life. How Chicago now looks like which is all destroyed. Morpheus, "this is the world you world as it was known by the end of the twentieth century it exists only now within a neural interactive simulation that people call the matrix you have been living in a fantasy world Neo" he's then considered what Morpheus message or calls "the desert of the real". We then type in to Baudrilards perspective. Neo is shown real life which seems to no longer exist because real life is covered up by the simulation. You can't see it no more. "Simulation is no more that of territory, a referential being, or substance. It's the generation by modes of a real without origins or actuality: a hyperreal. The territory no more precedes the map nor will it survive it. It really is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory precession of simulacra that engenders the place. . . " And we learn that there was a war between the humans and the machines that "scorched and burnt the sky. . . they were dependant on solar power they believed they would be able to survive devoid of a power source. . . "the machines became aware that they might use humans as a battery pack so long as humans didn't now about. "And they also built a prison out of your recent, wired it to our brains and switched us into slaves".

Scene 13- the search has ended: Neo is resting in his banker when he asks Morpheus "I can't go back can I" Morpheus tells him he can't return back and apologise for unplugging him at his age and then continues on to in regards to a man. "when the matrix was first built there is a man born inside who experienced the ability to change whichever he required o remake the matrix as he thought fit it was he who freed the first of us informed us the truth as long as the matrix is available human race won't be free after he passed away the oracle prophesied his go back. . . . . he arriving would end the battle. . . . . I did what I did because I believe search is over" Another religion which is referred to in this film and can been observed in this picture is Judaism. To be more pacific the brunch with Judaism called Gnosticism which assumed in a saviour that would come and save mankind from illusory world that they were stuck in. This is exactly what Morpheus is speaking with Neo about; he believes Neo is that one.

Scene 14- Training starts: Neo fulfills with Fish tank for his training which is tod about Zeon the previous human being city. Neo starts his training by getting upload with struggling with skills.

Scene 15- Morpheus and Neo matchup: Neo shows Morpheus his skill that he has just learnt insurance firms a preventing match with Morpheus.

Scene 16 - First hop: "free your brain" Morpheus shows Neo how to make impossible jumps he is trying to get him to free his brain, once he is able to free his brain then they can do anything in the matrix. Neo doesn't make his first hop as no-one else has made the leap. This creates any doubt whether he's the main one. "everybody falls the first time".

Scene 17- the gatekeeper: In this landscape Morpheus and Neo are walking threw training curriculum which was created to look like they are in the matrix. "the matrix a system Neo that system is our enemy. . . . what do you business men. . . the very mind of men and women we are trying to save but until we do these folks are still area of the system and that makes them our opponent. . . . " Morpheus is still talking whenever a women in a red dress walks by and Neo gets distracted. This is an example of simulacra, the lady in debt dress. She actually is a backup of a person who never existed formerly.

Scene18- Working silent and profound: In this particular scene the dispatch will come in to trouble. There exists another ship after them, it only has one purpose to search and eliminate. So they the silent game until they leave that they do.

Scene19 - Interacting for bliss: scene where Cypher and Neo have a dialog about the matrix which he can easily see on the computer screen as codes. "I now what you're pondering. . . actually I have been thinking it since I acquired here. . . . Why didn't I take the blue tablet" this unveils that Cypher doesn't actually want to be in the real world and regrets his choice since he made it and it made me think that this person could change edges merely to be out of the real world and back again to all the comforts in the simulation. It's like what Jean Baudrillard said in his simulacra and simulation publication on section on nihilism "from a Weltanschauung of decadence" Cypher is like those people who like to self indulge and cart manage the truth. Later for the reason that seen following the chat we see Cypher talking to an agent making a offer because he desires to be back the simulation and revel in the pleasures of it, he knows it isn't real but he rather have that then be on what is the harsh fact. "Ignorance is bliss" he makes the offer with the real estate agents and instructs them that he doesn't want to keep in mind anything.

Scene 20- off to the oracle: everyone gets together and are eating there food and Mouse button is reminiscing about how exactly food use to flavor like in the simulation. "to refuse our own impulse is to refuse the very thing that makes us individuals" Neo is then taken to see the oracle. One the best way to see her in the lifts Neo asks questions about the oracle where Morpheus tells him about her. "she is very old she has been around since the start" "of the level of resistance she would say she knows enough" the dialogue continues "that I would find the main one". he's then left hanging around in an area with children to see the oracle.

Scene 21 - there is no spoon: Neo meets a chid who is bending the spoon. "do not try to bend the spoon that's imposable instead only try to realise the reality there is no spoon. " The oracle then recognizes him they are experiencing a dialogue when she says "and don't stress about the vase" Neo replies back stating what vase and has he changes drops the vase. Which makes us think that she can see ahead in time but makes us rethink when she says "what's really heading to bake your noodle later on is would you still have destroyed it easily didn't say anything" they continue chatting where she continues on to state "being the one is just like being in love no one can let you know are in love you merely now through and through. . . "she then goes on to check on him ". . . you now what I am already going to say. . "

Neo continues on to "I am not the main one" and the oracle replies My apologies kid.

Scene 22- selections. . . . and a cookie: she then goes on to simply tell him that he'll have to produce a choice its either going to be his life or Morpheus, one of them will pass away and Neo will determine who. "are you sure you want to hear this Morpheus is convinced in you Neo. . . . he thinks in so blindingly that his heading to sacrifice his life to save lots of yours" she gives him a cookie as he leaves.

Scene 23- 26 Glitch in the matrix, One left behind, Heroes unplugged and Cypher's burnout:: Neo and Morpheus are on the website in the past to calling with the crew when they notice something is wrong, there is a glitch something has been evolved. They have strolled into a trap and the police and agent storm in. We now that this a betrayal setup by Cypher who made the offer with the real estate agents. Each of them try escaping however the positions is distributed plus they come under assault and save Neo Morpheus stay behind to combat while allowing Neo to escape. Morpheus gets captured. Cypher gets back to the real world and disorders the team on the ship. Cypher talks to Trinity plus they soon clean what he has been up to. He unplugs all of those other crew eliminating them one at a time, he then comes to Neo and has he's about to pull the plug he's attacked from in back of and halted. Neo and Trinity go back to the dispatch.

Scene 27 - Things of perception: Neo dates back to save Morpheus who's being tortured by the realtors who are trying to break him. There are trying to break threw his head to receive the codes which will get them into Zeon and invite them to damage the others of mankind that is kept.

Scene 28 - Virus to be treated: In this picture the agent allows as now how much he hates the human race and lets us not what he believes of us. He see us just like a trojan. ". . . . you humans do not you proceed to an area and you also multiply and multiply until every recourse is consumed the only path you may survive is you propagate to some other area there may be another organism that comes after the same pattern you no what it is its a trojan human beings are dieses a cancers of the flower and we are the cure"

Scene 29- Lobby shooting spree: Neo and Trinity burst into the building where Morpheus has been held and start the there rescue. In this arena we commence to see what Neo is cable of. Neo and Trinity mange to obtain grades standing within way to getting to Morpheus. The lobby is cleared so then brain right to the roof covering top.

Scene 30 - Dodge this: When Neo comes in person with a realtor we appreciate how powerful Neo is and this is the one as he can move fast as the agents which no person has had the opportunity to do. Neo is on the roof top when he's met by a realtor that he assumes and manages to doge the bullets however, not completely as they graze me. Trinity finish off the job off by taking and blowing the agents brain off.

Scene 31- gotcha: Then they take the helicopter that's on the top top and head towards Morpheus. There a large take out between Neo and the brokers, Neo manages to get Morpheus but they both are suspending to the helicopters wire.

Scene 32- Rooftop recovery: These are dropped off on to a rooftop top as the helicopter has been struck. The helicopter is certainly going down when Neo grabs on to the rope in the attempt to save Trinity who is still in the helicopter. She grabs the rope and detaches it from the helicopter; Neo manages to hold to here. We the hear Container acknowledge that Neo is the main one and at this point any question that he isn't the main one is lifted. "I new it he's the main one" and then a dialogue between Neo and Morpheus about the oracle at this time we have now that the oracle was incorrect, what she said didn't happen. But what Morpheus says clears in the distress and answers why what she said didn't happen. ". . . she informed you exactly what she desired you to listen to that's all Neo soon or later your heading to relies as I did there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the road" but there's two way you can take this that the oracle was purposely incorrect to make Neo to do what he did exactly like she have with the vase. Which makes more picture why she does that with the vase and made him think about was it. the other that she herself was wrong.

Scene 33- 35 Subway showdown, "i am Neo", Sentinels strike: In this scene they can be heading back to the exist point which is situated at the subway. Morpheus and Trinity can be found but the mobile is ruined by the agent, forcing Neo to face him. Neo decides to fight instead of run. Neo fight the agent and receive the upper hand and as he is about to leave the agent back so Neo works to find the ringing telephone. The chase leads Neo tell you structures where he operates through this one apartment and on the TV the prisoner is participating in which is a series about paranoia and unreality. The chase continues. While Neo has been chased in the simulation in real life sentinels are attacking the ship, making it a competition against time for Neo. He must be again on the ship before the sentinels reach them. "rush Neo"

Scene 36- "He is the one": Neo starts the entranceway to where hear the phone engagement ring so that he does a realtor is there ready with a gun pointing right at him. The agent shoots him more then several time and Neo falls, we see in the true worlds his center flat series. The agent confirms that he is lifeless. "check him" "he's vanished" Trinity is clearly upset and start talking to him. "Neo I am not a afraid ever again the oracle told me I will fall season in love with that man the person that can be the one so you see you cant be inactive. . . because I really like you. . . " Neo then comes home to life it's like his rebirth. When he gets up and stops all the bullets he see the matrix for exactly what it is, he sees it as rules as your computer. At the idea Neo is totally a wake.

Scene 37- last connection: In this scene Neo shows that he is better then the brokers and defeats one of them by entering his body and destroying it from with in him making him explode. Neo earnings back just with time. The film ends just how it started with a screen but this time its Neo conversing ". . . . I can cost you now I given that your faired. . . your worried of change. . I emerged here to tell you how its going to begin. . . I will show these people what you do not want these to see I am going to show them a global with out you. . . . a global where anything can be done. " The tables have switched Neo is enabling the machines no that he's here to fight for what's real. Neo put the telephone down and fly's off in to the sky.

Religion in Matrix

The matrix makes a great deal of sources to the religion Christianity and Buddhism and the Gnosticism and uses metaphors to the. The main metaphors used in the film are the cyberpunk, Neo as a messiah and of sleeping and humans as batteries. Before I get into fine detail with these three metaphors, I am going to discuss the brands of the heroes which hold interpretation. The first personality we meet trinity, her name as name sake means the daddy, kid, and Holy Spirit in the belief of Christianity and in the film is a reminder of spiritual relevance. The name Morpheus is from ancient greek language, meaning shape discussing the shapes seen in desire and in the Greek mythology Morpheus was the god of dreams which is Morpheus who wakes Neo up from the wish world in arena 8. Chyper whose name means No and Neo as you and the matrix is made up of zeros and ones.

Neo the chosen one

Neo has been referred to as being "the one" many times in the film. His name Neo means 'new' but his first name also has some interpretation because in the New Testament of the bible Thomas was who doubted that Jesus had been lifted and Anderson means child of man so Neo goes from a doubting dispel to the new boy of man, this is one way to see Neo name another is the fact that it can be seen as reborn as the name means new. And you can say Neo has been reborn when he comes out the pod, when he wakes up which is picture 10 and even the scene title is suggesting this as it is named slimy rebirth. Neo is being regarded as a messiah, there have been many assessment made between him and Christ and he has been known as Christ for example in arena 3 one of is own buyers says "you're my savour man, man. My very own personal Jesus Christ. " Another example is when Neo gets shot, he's resurrected.

Cyber punk

In the matrix cyber punks are computer hackers who are resistant to the machines and hack in to the matrix. The film shows hacker Nostalgia which is performed by the colour green, back in the times the computer systems use to show a back display screen with green letters.


I have discussed all the key point in the film by going through the film seen by seen, I've discussed the spiritual reference made in the film and the metaphors used in the film. This film is one of my favorite films not simply because of the action and special effects but since it made me think. This film enables you to think about what is real, what do you call real, it makes you question your life.


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