The Pursuit Of Destiny English Literature Essay

Slumdog Millionaire, aimed by Danny Boyle, showing the storyline of Jamal Malik, a past streets child, from the Juhu slum of Mumbai who appears on the Indian version of Who Wants to Be considered a Millionaire and was one question away from receiving 20 million rupees. Thus it aroused the suspicions of the overall game show coordinator and of law enforcement officials. However, prior to the last question, he was caught and interrogated by the authorities, who suspected him of cheating because of knowing all the answers with little education.

Key words: Slumdog Millionaire, brotherhood, poverty, love, money.

Slumdog Millionaire, showing the storyline of Jamal Malik, a previous streets child, from the Juhu slum of Mumbai who shows up on the Indian version of Who would like to Be considered a Millionaire and was one question from winning 20 million rupees. Thus it aroused the suspicions of the overall game show number and of police. However, prior to the previous question, he was caught and interrogated by the police, who suspected him of cheating because of knowing all the answers with little education. The story revolves around the interrogation of Jamal and the police. Jamal accounted that the happenings in his life which provided him with each answer. In the long run, Jamal earned the grand award and found Latika at the railway stop and kissed. It uncovers that the low in India. Jamal's flashback uncovers that the various injustice and challenges the low in India confront and the introduction of the contemporary society.

The British isles director, Danny Boyle often share tragedy by attracting support from

comedy, such as his most widely known film " Trainspotting ", which is absurd and absurd but actually bleak and miserable.

Jamal, Salim and Latika was raised together after they possessed lost their family in a religious conflict. They were born in an urban slum, where was packed with garbage and flies. Garbage and slums became the sign of India at that get older. They thought of themselves as three musketeers. The storyline of "three musketeers' would start anew. But I am wrong, they've wandered over locations in India. The truth was cruel, no matter how hard they tried out, they were still in lower class.

Destiny always play jokes on people. These were considered by Maman, the leader of a offense syndicate, who tips and trained block kids into beggars. When Salim discovered that Maman was blinding children in order to make them far better as singing beggars. Jamal and Salim ran away, and Latika didn't. Latika became the pain of Jamal.

We stay in a genuine world, which is filled with injustice. Love is the terms people all know from all over the world. Two na‡ve kids tried their best to have, supplier, guider, nomad. At Jamal's insistence, they had come back to find Latika. They rescued her and Salim killed Maman. For some reason. Jamal was separated from his sibling and Latika again.

While years later, Jamal was a tea server at an Indian call centre, he found his brother and his precious female. Salim was regretful for his past actions and only begged for forgiveness when Jamal bodily attacked him. While Jamal admitted his love for her, Latika asked him to just forget about her. Jamal promised to wait for her every trip to 5 o'clock at the VT stop. Latika attemptedto run with him, but she was recaptured by Salim. Jamal reduction connection with Latika when Javed shifted to some other house, outside of Mumbai. Understanding that Latika observed it many times, Jamal tended to get hold of her again by becoming a contestant on the show Who would like to Be considered a Millionaire. He made it to the ultimate questiont, At last, the love bird satisfied in the railway train station and kissed.

Life is dear, love is dearer price. Both can get up for freedom--------almost everyone can recite Petofi's poem. However, just how many young men consider liberty is dearer than love at this age˜

There was always a woman in Jamal's heart from he was just a little boy to a man, her name is Lakita. That they had been separated twice in their life, and Jamal tried out his better to find her each and every time. Once he told Lakita "I understand I am going to find you, it was our destiny".

"I don't know where they've taken her. I visited the show (Who would like to be a millionaire), because I thought she'd be watching, " Jamal said th the police quietly.

No mater where they result from, no mater what regime, race, skin, school and idea, people feel love.

In this film, one of the main shape, Salim, who possessed a strong excitement to money. He was created in poverty. He wa. nted to eliminate it eagerly and this thirst led him for an apparently inexorable journey. Finally. he recognized that after what he'd done, the most important thing was not money, but happiness. He couldn't go back where he was, his wish was to save his sibling and his lady. He helped Latika and wiped out Javed. With his dying breath, Salim gasped that God is excellent.

As Jamal represents the specific occurrences that resulted in his having the ability to answer each one of the quiz show questions, he's simultaneously sharing with several stories, stories of the hyperlink between brothers, the never-ending battle with poverty, the lure and pitfalls of crime and the rapid modernization of India.

In my view, I don't think Jamal could live without his brother. Although Salim was bad, he wished to protect his sibling deep down the center. He sacrificed himself. They are the theme of Slumdog Millionaire-------love, thirst and brotherhood.


1. Specifically, in the Kumar article, Boyle referred to Deewaar (1975) by Yash Chopra and Salim Javed, Satya (1998) and Company (2002) by Ram memory Gopal Verma, and Dark Friday (2004) by Anurag Kashyap

2. A number of the other Indian motion pictures cited by Boyle as guide tips for the film include Satyajit Ray's Pather Panchali (1955), Mira Nair motion pictures such as Salaam Bombay! (1988), Ashutosh Gowarikar's Lagaan (2001), and Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par (2007).

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