The Quest Of Special Olympics English Literature Essay

The quest of Special Olympics is to offer an opportunity and a protected climate for people of all age ranges with mental and physical disabilities to take part in the actions and sports everyone else plays. It really is meant to provide fun and encourage personal development and socialization with the surrounding environment. I always considered Special Olympics as a nice thing, but I never came to the realization how much this implies to the runners. There are those that look forward to this more than anything. A number of the adult players in the program have done this ever since these were old enough. It had been amazing to be a part of such a powerful program. I had gone to college in this field for the past three years, nevertheless, you live almost in a bubble. You do not socialize much with the surrounding community so you almost ignore there are people that live there that are not students, or associated with the school at all. It really opened up my eyes the community I have been moving into for so long. I discovered a whole lot about the area and folks in it. It was an extremely humbling experience to be a part of and I would recommend others to volunteer for some reason with Special Olympics. Some individuals may be considered a little stressed to take part, but if volunteers talk to their peers about any of it word will multiply. Hopefully this would be the push for more folks to want to volunteer. I added simply by turning up and talking to the runners. Just socializing with them and working as a team like they were other people will positively have an effect on the athletes. I did so observe that some volunteers didn't take their job very critically. The people in charge of the program should find a way to show all the volunteers in the beginning how much of a negative impact they can have on the sportsmen if they are not rewarding their role. This needs to be pressured and reinforced to be able to improve involvement and this program.


Today was my first day of bowling as a volunteer with the Special Olympics. I had been greeted by an extended line out the entranceway, a whole lot of noise, and just overall chaos. I passed myself and thought a little overwhelmed at the problem, but tried to take everything in stride. I did have a very important factor to my benefits. I have caused Special Education participants before. In my high school we had a golf club called Partner's Club where in fact the Special Education students and the rest of the pupil body could maintain an environment where they should work together and create friendships, it was a great program i was associated with during my mature year there. The institution also got Adaptive P. E. for anyone with either physical or mental impairments. I was students volunteer for one of the classes. It had been easily my favorite part about older year and I always looked frontward to going to people classes. That's what made me want to take part in Special Olympics as my Service Learning task. I was delivered to the lane with my team and was greeted by two sports athletes. Those would be the only two that could arrive today. The entire team we were participating in against arrived. Among the experienced volunteer led the group and demonstrated another volunteer and me how everything performed. I thought comfortable very quickly. Everyone was friendly, although one of my runners had hurt her ft. previously and so my team only had two different people bowling. The other student made sure to set up accurate blinds for my teams and we would end up winning because of it. I was bothered I'd make a fool of myself, and my team would be angry because I wasn't a good bowler. However, everyone was very encouraging rather than once said anything negative. It was a great way to start off the experience and definitely calmed my nerves and eliminated any reservations which i had.


When I got to the bowling alley on week two everything was much calmer plus more organized. There was only a short line this time and I believed much more comfortable knowing what I used to be doing. Once more there have been only two athletes that showed up, and the other volunteer on my team was still MIA. Weekly you are supposed to bowl against some other team. However, just as before I used to be with the same team as last week. I got actually extremely pleased with this because I had been fairly well acquainted with the other team and acquired along with everyone easily. A very important factor that was completely different from my other experience with Special Needs members is that I had been used to dealing with students closer to my age. A lot of the sportsmen bowling in Special Olympics are men and women. I acquired never even considered the fact that I would be dealing with adults for reasons uknown. This is kind of any twist that provided me a new challenge to handle. The adults which i worked with do not have severe disabilities and you can talk to them as your peers. I became comfortable around them considerably quicker i quickly thought. This is probably because of the way they treated me and how welcoming they were. This week my sportsman with an hurt foot wanted to bowl, but still couldn't on her behalf own so we used a bowling ramp. Fundamentally whatever you do is set up the ramp where you want to buy and thrust the bowling ball from it. I have never seen it used before and it was an interesting experience. It required a small amount of practice and teamwork, but we first got it working. I used to be extremely thankful she surely got to participate. It had been very clear she felt much more included and got a much better time this week.


This week since only two of my associates had showed up previously I decided to take a good friend who was extremely wanting to go. Of course when we arrived my whole team was there. We adapted and made a decision to switch off within my turn. The new people definitely weren't as social with the three folks that had been there the past two weeks. They were very nice nonetheless they were more off doing their own thing. The other volunteer got friends the next lane over therefore was continuously exceeding there when it was not her turn. She didn't seem very interested in socializing with the players, which could have been because she just didn't want to or because she believed uncomfortable. We enjoyed a fresh team today, however the two teams didn't intermingle as with the prior team. I think there was simply a lot happening with so many new people and everyone got to try to readjust. I could tell my friend was just taking everything in, because he didn't know very well what to anticipate. However, I believe he really loved the experience. After he pointed out how he surely got to socialize some with the players and exactly how he thought that really was cool that he got to speak to them. I had been glad I could share in the knowledge with someone I know to show them how rewarding it was.


This week once more just associates showed up. They were both sportsmen that had showed up for the first time the other week. Each of them are middle older and they are husband and wife. They enlightened me that the prior week when I couldn't go to that these were the sole two that arrived on the team. They looked disappointed by that. I sensed terrible that we couldn't come and this showed me just how important my attendance was. The others of my team was dropping through therefore i had to intensify as my team innovator. I had to be there for whomever made a decision to show up each and every week. They made a decision to bowl for everyone that was absent instead of putting on blinds. I possibly could tell they were getting worn out by doing this. I kept recommending that people could place the blinds on anytime. However, they were very adamant about bowling for everybody therefore i let them do it now. I appreciated having just two of them compared to last week so I could get to know them better. They appeared more public and comfortable in this environment.


This week my team received even smaller. Today is was only the spouse who showed up to learn. His better half was unwell and couldn't come. Once again he wished to bowl for everybody, which time he was on his own. We used a more social team this week. Individuals were interacting with one another and it was a great environment. All of the players and volunteers are so friendly there plus they seem genuinely interested in you as well as your life. Among my teammate's friends from the other team made a decision to help you my teammate by bowling for just two of the people that were missing. This made it easier on him and made him feel just like he previously another teammate. He seemed to enjoy that being that they are both very proficient at bowling. It had been another fun nights but I am beginning to worry about the others of my team not showing up. I am particularly surprised that the other volunteer on my team has only arrived one time so far. It is beginning to take the time me and shows up a little irresponsible to commit to something and not continue or even drop out for that matter. However, the team does not seem to be to be damaged by her lack because she was not here enough for them to realize she actually is missing.


Things are just a little on / off with Special Olympics. We'd the other day off due to Thursday night Virginia Tech football game. This shows what size an impact the college is wearing the community. It really is almost like everything stops for it. A lot of the community is Virginia Tech fans therefore this is a big event for everyone in the region. We likewise have in a few days off because of Thanksgiving. This week the team was still just the couple again. I then found out though that one of my associates had dropped away. He was a very good bowler and appeared to really like it so I am concerned in regards to what caused him to drop out. I hope he is doing ok. The other athlete which has shown up in some time has not been heard from so I really get worried about her. I used to be then asked by folks in control about the other volunteer. WHENEVER I told them she got only shown up one week they appeared very disappointed and frustrated. You can tell this is a major problem with the program and they're struggling with how to fix it. We'd another volunteer sign up for us from then on. He was really nice and participate in the team instantly. It combined things up a lttle bit and managed to get more fun to acquire someone different on the team. I've really reached know the existing to associates of my team and they seem to have become comfortable with me.

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