The Relationship Between Grete And Gregor Samsa British Literature Essay

Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" was initially posted in 1915. The short tale depicts the have difficulty of a family group trying to handle the insect change of the antagonist, Gregor. While there are multiple themes or templates shown in Kafka's words, the relationship between Gregor Samsa and his young sister, Grete, could very well be one of the basic principle topics in this brief account. Once a close and relationship between Gregor and his sister, their relationship slowly erodes over time as she grows elderly and the family issues continually worsen on account of Gregor's metamorphosed appearance.

In the next section of the storyline, after Gregor's transformation, Grete is the only person of the family to try and look after Gregor and apparently really sympathize along with his condition. Gregor's Mother is shocked by his appearance, she cannot endure to see him, and his dad is hostile and violent toward his child. Although still fearful of his new insect form, Grete still shows genuine devotion for Gregor and on her behalf own makes the decision to worry of him therefore making her the only one to handle Gregor on a daily basis. She feeds him and takes careful notice of what his new urge for food prefers. To discover which foods Gregor liked and disliked, "she brought him a broad selection that she disseminate on an old newspaper. There were old, half-rotten vegetables, bones left from the dinner protected with congealed white sauce, a few raisins and almonds, some parmesan cheese that Gregor had considered inedible two days and nights ago, a slice of dry breads, a slice of bread and butter, and a slice of breads and butter with some sodium" (pg. 290). Gregor greatly appreciates this as the guy can show his sister what foods he really does enjoy. Apart from becoming the home appointed caretaker of Gregor, Grete also assumes the role of Gregor's spokesperson to the family. After participating in to Gregor at night "she had to provide a detailed survey about how the area seemed, what Gregor possessed eaten, how he had behaved [that] time, and whether perhaps some small improvement was recognizable" (pg. 294) Grete acts as the sole website link between Gregor and the mom and dad. Gregor is very pleased for his sister's intricate treatment and he seems quite comfortable as an insect with high expectations that everything will get back into normal. In an attempt to again accommodate Gregor's new needs, Grete decides it would be best to take away the furniture in his room to be able to allow more crawling space for him. After convincing her mom this is an excellent course of action, they decide to take away the furniture as the daddy is not present due on account he may disapprove or

violently interfere. Although Grete's activities were of good intention, her plan ends in disaster when Gregor attempts to stop removing his furniture and shocks his Mother provoking his father to attack and injure him. Thus ensues a great severance in Gregor's marriage along with his sister.

Signs of change in Grete's demeanor and habit toward Gregor are first seen toward the end of the next section in the storyline. Grete undoubtedly commences to forget that this insect is her brother and that he still manifests human being feelings and desires. She becomes less sensitive in her activities when attending to Gregor's "den" as it is now referred to. In a single paragraph, Grete is shown frantically tearing the home window available to allow oxygen in to the dank and musty air packed room. She seems to even become less tolerable of her brother's appearance over time. On one occasion "she emerged a little sooner than usual and found Gregor as he was searching the windows, motionless and terrifyingly upright. but not only did she not enter into, she also actually jumped back again and shut the entranceway" (pg. 294). Completely inconsiderate of her brother's feelings she has made it known to him that she can no longer bare the look of his insect form. Gregor in a selfless work to save his sister from needing to see him takes on the challenging four hour activity of draping the sheet above the sofa he hides under thus covering him from anyone's view. Even the first words "You Gregor, " (pg. 297) spoken by Grete to Gregor are those of anger and distaste with an elevated fist after the mother experienced fainted at the view of her kid. After the events on that night, the family increasingly becomes more morose and sidetracked to pay much focus on Gregor.


In the third section, Grete, has attained a job as a salesgirl and begins to neglect taking proper care of Gregor. When feeding him she "[no] longer [considered] what might give Gregor some special pleasure, the sister now quickly pressed any old food into Gregor's room with her feet before she rushed off to work both each day and at noon; then in the evening, not caring if the food acquired only been nibbled at or -most frequently - still left completely untouched" (pg. 302). Grete, now working, places her other tasks first of all before her sibling suggesting he is becoming less important to her, that he is only a nuisance in family members. Gregor's room is even referred to as filthy with the wall surfaces and floor covered in dirt and dust and although it is Grete's work to clean the area it is done so in a way so careless and with such great haste that it makes little or no difference. Gregor irritated and angered by the condition of his room "would stand in especially offensive sides when the sister emerged in as though going to reproach her" (pg. 302). He's quickly becoming more hostile toward Grete who now respect Gregor not so much as he brother but more of a tedious chore. The arrival of the three boarders prompts the family to carelessly chuck any unwanted items into Gregor's room where they pile up around him allowing very little movement. His sister is now much more occupied helping her mom and dad with other chores and pleasing the boarders who are incredibly specific and particular. Grete, along with her mom and dad, has seemingly ignored about Gregor by now.

Gregor lies in his room amidst the junk and garbage throughout the day now, his true metamorphosis into a horrifying insect practically complete. One evening, following the family and the three boarders have completed their meal he hears the audio of Grete playing her violin from the living room. Drawn to the beautiful taking part in of the violin, he ventures out from his room "hardly


surprised that he previously recently begun to show so little matter for others; previously such thoughtfulness have been his take great pride in" (pg. 304). Gregor is continuing to grow shameless and inconsiderate much like his sister. As he makes his way out to the living room to better hear the violin, he has weird disillusions of reconciling with his sister and taking her to his room to try out violin for him. He imagines sharing with his sister he's mailing her to the Conservatory to review music and that "[she] would burst into tears of feeling, and Gregor would increase himself up to her make and kiss her on the neck of the guitar" (pg. 305). There continues to be pray residing within Gregor that he is able to placed things right and also have the relationship with his sister he once acquired. Whilst imagining all of these false fantasies he's discovered by one of the center boarders who is so disgusted by the perception of him declares he won't stay there any more together with his two companions.

This is as soon as in which Grete has finally possessed it with Gregor and eventually betrays him. Grete even abstains the utilization of her brother's name when she cries to her parents "I refuse to utter my brother's name in the presence of this monster, therefore i say: we should try to reduce it" (pg. 306). Gregor is no longer described by name or even 'he'. He becomes 'it', not a person, but a 'thing'. Grete no more sees any human remaining in her insect sibling, "[if] this were Gregor, he would have realized way back when that humans can't live with such a creature, and he'd have removed away on his own free will" (pg. 307). Upon Gregor's appearance to his room, his destiny is covered with Grete's change of the key locking him within his room to expire. In his final moments Gregor's thoughts focus "back again to his family with tenderness and love. His conviction that he must go away was, when possible even better than his sister's" (pg. 308). He peacefully comes to terms along with his sister's activities and dies within the early time of the day.


While Gregor has gone through and fatally experienced his metamorphosis, the family is now free to prosper and is now able to look forward to the hopeful future of Grete for "she had blossomed into a good-looking and well-developed gal" (pg. 310). Although Gregor's appearance had improved, his personality continued to be the same. Grete on the other palm had evolved also, not only in looks however in her personality as well. Once a adoring sister, she eventually comes to apparently hate Gregor, and condemn him. She has evidently changed Gregor in the family being the new young and responsible child with a shiny future like Gregor once had. Ironically the family he previously wished and functioned a lot for - especially Grete - possessed ultimately induced him his demise. Gregor had planned to provide Grete a smart future to see that she was successful in her pursuits, but when he needed her most, she got forgotten him. Although Grete's neglect, abuse, and lack of look after Gregor had wiped out him, he still passed away peacefully with unconditional love on her behalf.

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