The Representation Of LADIES IN Hamlet

Everyone has a weakness in their lives that can get over their lives. Some of the weaknesses could be greed, anger, and unhappiness. Weaknesses can create issues, but can also make people learn life lessons. In Shakespearian time women were not permitted to play themselves on level, and they were often seen as weak individuals. In Shakespeare's play, the personas all have flaws that eventually lead with their fatalities. Ophelia and Gertrude are two different women who appear to be stuck in the same circumstances. Therefore both Gertrude and Ophelia lack the drive to be paid attention to and are therefore seen as weak and fragile woman.

Ophelia will follow the direction of others and not stand up for herself. At the beginning of the play, we see both Ophelia's dad and her sibling lecturing her about her romantic relationship with Hamlet. They speak about how she shouldn't be with him and they warn her there is absolutely no way Hamlet will want to marry her without his only desire being gender. After an evident visit from a distressed Hamlet, Ophelia says ". as you have command, I did repel his words and rejected his usage of me" (2. 2. 180-110). Equally her father told her, she declined Hamlet. Hamlet definitely loved Ophelia, and suddenly, she rejects him. It gets a whole lot worse when she agrees to confront Hamlet before Claudius, Gertrude, and Polonius, just to allow them to observe Hamlet's response. She gives Hamlet his words again, which prompts Hamlet to state "get thee to a nunnery" (3. 1. 131). Within a nunnery women cannot marry in any way; they cannot be consuming men, or effect men at all. Hamlet feels that's where a female has a best chance at being faithful and where she will cause minimal amount of harm. She won't have children meaning she cannot tolerate wicked children like Claudius. Furthermore, Ophelia is not strong enough to make it through alone, and after noticing this, she phone calls her brother for help and guidance. Polonius's managing manner is unrecoverable. Ophelia realizes that "I would give you some violets / nevertheless they withered all when my father passed away. . . " (4. 5. 207-209). Violets are known as symbolic of faithfulness, this is excatly why Ophelia says that the violets are gone because she feels betrayed that her father has remaining her even though it wasn't his problem as he was wiped out by Hamlet. Violets also imply forgiveness, which Ophelia will not feel compelled to do for Polonius. Polonius's information has influenced Ophelia's emotional growth and has only allowed her to think and feel what she actually is informed to. Ophelia's activities cause her being weakened and unable to remove her from days gone by and being with the capacity of making her own decisions.

Gertrude is forbidden by her passion from men, as well as her trend to make use of men to satisfy her life, which of course makes her centered upon them. Hamlet is convinced that Gertrude's quick relationship to his uncle was a sign of her weakness since it shows she could not stand to be alone. He expresses that

A little month, or ere those shoes were old

With which she adopted my poor father's body

Like Niobe, all tears-why she, even she

O God, a beast that desires discourse of reason

Would have mourned longer!, committed with my uncle (1. 2. 151-157).

Hamlet is plainly upset that his mother's emotions were so weakened. He amazing things how she could quickly marry her husband's sibling after burying her hubby. Gertrude clearly can not be by herself and constantly needs a man in her life to satisfy that empty location inside her. Gertrude throughout the play is questioned about being immortal due to the quickness of her relationship. It seems like she's no sympathy to the fatality of her man and may not hold out to jump into another relationship with Claudius. Hamlet realizes this and says "O, most wicked swiftness, to post/ with such dexterity to incestuous sheets!" (1. 2. 161-132). Hamlet has problems along with his mother's sexuality. It's not that he's disgusted by Gertrude's matrimony to Claudius, but the fact that he dislike to think she is having sex. Though it is quite clear that Gertrude is weakened and depends on Claudius to make her happy, she will not realize how much they have afflicted Hamlet. He does not only lose respect for his mom and his uncle, but starts to question his mother's preceding love for his dad. To conclude, Gertrude demonstrates similar weakness characteristics to Ophelia by permitting the men in the play have an enormous impact on what sort of she think.

In Hamlet, the ladies play small tasks in portraying their historical position. Although Gertrude is the Queen and Ophelia is the prince's fan, their voices are never heard and their activities are inspired by the men. Although Gertrude and Ophelia are not well toned throughout the play, their activities, language and effect portray them as the sort of women that are constantly counting on men making them frail human beings.

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