The Responses To Lord IN THE Flies English Literature Essay

"Lord of the Flies" takes place in a remote control island presumably near THE UK, "That is an island. At least I believe it's an island. That is clearly a reef out in the ocean. " (pg 2). There's a war going on, and a plane carrying British young boys, likely getting evacuated, gets shot down and accidents on the island, "we was attacked" (pg 2). The one survivors of the crash are young kids with ages ranging from 6 to 13 years of age. They get stranded on the island, and try to survive until they get rescued, "I could swim since I used to be five. Daddy thought me. He's a commander in the navy. When he gets leave he'll come and rescue us" (pg 7).


Clambering (pg 1) - "He was clambering intensely on the list of creepers and destroyed trunks when a bird, a perspective of red and yellow, flashed upwards with a witch-like cry; which cry was echoed by another. "

Fledged (pg 3) - "The shore was fledged with palm trees. "

Coarse (pg 3) - "The bottom beneath them was a bank protected with coarse grass, torn all over the place by the upheavals of dropped trees, dispersed with decaying coconuts and hand saplings. "

Upheavals (pg 3) - "The bottom beneath them was a standard bank covered with coarse grass, torn everywhere you go by the upheavals of dropped trees, spread with decaying coconuts and hand saplings. "

Eccentric (pg 12) - "The creature was a celebration of kids, marching about in part of two parallel lines and dressed up in strangely eccentric clothing. "

Muddled (pg 12) - "Then he received muddled; the twins shook their heads and pointed at the other person and the group laughed. "

Incredulous (pg 12) - "These were twins, and the attention was surprised and incredulous at such cheery duplication. "

Intimidated (pg 13) -"He was intimidated by this uniformed superiority and the offhand expert in Merridew's voice. "

Furtive (pg 14) - "There was hook, furtive young man whom nobody knew, who kept to himself with an interior strength of avoidance and secrecy. "

Clamor (pg 15) - "Jack started to protest but the clamor evolved from the general want a chief for an election by acclaim of Ralph himself. "

Acclaim (pg 15) - "Jack started to protest but the clamor evolved from the general want a chief to an election by acclaim of Ralph himself. "


Ralph - The novel's protagonist, Ralph is described as being good haired and athletic. He's the elected leader of the tribe. Ralph can be an allegory to civilization, control, and order. As the most the other children are more thinking about having fun and playing, Ralph is more concerned on building shelters and working on ways to get rescued, such as creating a hearth, "if it rains while we drop in we'll need shelters, fine" (pg 42).

Jack - Jack is the antagonist of the novel, he is the first choice of a sizable choir of small children. He and his group end up being the hunters, with him as the first choice of the hunters. He developed a rivalry with Ralph since he wished to be chief of the tribe. Throughout the book he will try to get more power, and becomes more savage. He later defects from the tribe and creates his own band of barbarians, "Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Bash her in" (pg 75). Jack is an allegory to the savage and animal instincts of man, other to what Ralph represents.

Simon - Simon is a taciturn and delicate boy in the tribe. He's the only figure in the novel that is respectful to the others. He always works to help the city, such as building huts, "And I work all day with only Simon so you come back and do not even spot the huts" (pg 45). Since Simon's kindness appears to be something that he was created with, instead of a learned patterns, he presents the natural goodness and kindness of man, unlike Ralph's morality and Jack's savagery.

Piggy - Ralph's "right side man, " piggy is whiny, literally weak, but smart boy, exhibiting all the qualities of a "nerd. " Piggy's cleverness lead him to be very inventive and impressive. He developed the idea to use a conch shell he and Ralph on the ground to make a whistle to rally the other survivors of the airplane crash, "we can use this to call others. Have a meeting. They'll come when they listen to us---"(pg 10). Piggy signifies man's intelligence and creativeness.


My favorite character in this publication is Piggy. I admire him because he's so passive, even though he's constantly teased and ridiculed, either to be overweight, or having medical problems such as asthma and poor eyesight. I think it is wrong that the other children tease him for things he does not have any control over, but then again it is not surprising since the group involves only young males. I think that this is an excellent reminder to all of us that we should top bullying and harming other folks. My least favorite persona is Jack, though he's an excellent head, he is a very dishonorable person. Jack handles to convince the majority of the tribe to become listed on his group of savages and barbarians, "He offered a untamed whoop and leapt right down to the pale sand. At once the system was full of noise and exhilaration, scrambling, screams and laughter. The set up shredded away and became discursive and arbitrary scatter from the hands to this particular and away across the beach, beyond night-sight. Ralph found his cheek touching the conch and required it from Piggy" (pg 80). Jack shows the qualities of the dictator, people can do what he says, even if they have no idea why, plus they view him as their savior. I believe he might be an allegory to various dictators such as Hitler, Stalin, and Sadam Hussein.


Festooned (pg 39) - "The tree trunks and creepers that festooned them lost themselves in a renewable dusk thirty ft above him, and about was the undergrowth. "

Unheeding (pg 39) - "Then dog-like, uncomfortably on all fours yet unheeding his irritation, he stole frontward five back yards and discontinued. "

Tendril (pg 39) - "Here was a loop of creeper with a tendril pendant from a node. "

Pendant (pg 39) - Here was a loop of creeper with a tendril pendant from a node. "

Node (pg 39) - Here was a loop of creeper with a tendril pendant from a node. "

Complication (pg 40) - "Ralph searched up, frowning, from the complication of leaves. "

Contrite (pg 40) - "Simon's contrite face came out in the opening. "

Brimmed (pg 40) - "Jack took up a coconut shell that brimmed with fresh water from among an organization that was organized in the tone, and drank. "

Perceptible (pg 46) - "Simon changed away from them and went where the just perceptible path led him. "

Flaunted (pg 47) - "An excellent tree, dropped across one area, leaned against the trees and shrubs that still stood and an instant climber flaunted red and yellowish sprays right to the most notable. "


During a great conflict, an airplane taking several British boys, presumably evacuating them from war-torn England, gets taken down over the remote island. The young boys get separated from the other person until two kids, Ralph and Piggy, discover a conch shell on the beach and Piggy chooses to make use of it as a horn to contact the other survivors. After the group is constructed, they begin to elect a innovator; Ralph is elected as the "main. " Ralph assigns a young man called Jack Merridew, to be the leader of the group of guys whose job will be hunting. Ralph and Jack, and a third boy named Simon start checking out an island until they find a huge mountain; Ralph expresses that a flame must be lit on top of the mountain to act as a sign, so the group can be rescued by the passing ship. They manage to start out a flame by concentrating the suns light with Piggy's eyeglasses, however they leave the fire unattained for too much time and it goes out of control and uses up some of the forest. They soon find out a young son with an unfamiliar name but with a "mark on his face" disappears. He most likely perished in the open fire. At first the boys decide to target more on playing, but Ralph announces that huts and a signal flame should be built. 1 day, Ralph and Piggy notice a ship passing in the horizion, but unfortunately for them, the fire which was said to be looked after by the hunters, had opted out as a consequence to insufficient maintenance. Jack got decided that his main concern was to catch a pig for food, though he succeeded, he was not greeted with a warm welcome from Ralph. Ralph, Piggy, and Jack dispute and even engage in physical violence, until Ralph telephone calls an assemblage by blowing the conch shell. While at the conference, some of the younger young boys or "littluns" as the old boys call them, complain they have had nightmares of an "beast". The more mature boys try to convince the littluns that no such beast is out there, but they remain frightened. A short time after the conference, military planes engage in a dogfight above the island,

"A sterling silver moon rose within the horizon, hardly large enough to make a journey of light even though it sat right on the; but there were other lights in the sky, that shifted fast, winked, or went, though not a faint pooping emerged down from the battle fought at ten kilometers' eight" (pg 83).

The young boys are asleep and don't notice the lighting flashing in the clouds. One of the pilots get shot down and eject, but is wiped out perhaps through the ejection or while drifting, and he comes to the island, near the signal open fire. Sam and Eric, or "samneric" as others call them, are the twins assigned to view the fire. They can be asleep while this incident occurs and do not notice the downed fighter pilot land. When they wake up, they start to see the large shadow of the pilot's parachute, and hear the strange looks the parachute makes as it flaps in the breeze. Samneric mistake the pilot for the so called "beast" rumored to be roaming the island, and rush to the camp where the other young boys were sleeping to declare that they had been attacked by the beast. The males start an expedition to get the beast. Jack and Ralph travel in the mountain and find the shadow of the parachute, looking at it to a "deformed ape-like creature". The males assemble a gathering in which they discuss their sightings. Jack calls Ralph a coward, and they claim until Jack gets completely fed up and problems from the group, taking others with him to produce a new group. Jack is made head of the new tribe of hunters, and he announces that the first assignment they would carry out is always to search for pigs. After getting a pig, he decapitates the pig and leaves the top as an offering for the beast. Later, simon encounters the pigs head, and has a hallucination where the pig talks to him. The speech who phone calls itself "god, the father of the flies", tells Simon that he'll never have the ability to avoid the beast, as it is accessible in every men. Simon goes by out, and later wakes up and rises the mountain also to the deceased pilot. He realizes that "the beast" is not really a monster or something that is present on the outside world, but instead a metaphor for the natural bad each man offers. Simon trips to the camp to inform others about his finding, but the males are carrying out a chaotic boogie, with Ralph and Piggy joining in. when they see Simon, they fault him for the beast and defeat him to death.

The following day, Ralph and Piggy discuss what took place last week. Jack and his tribe harm them and through the quarrels take Piggy's spectacles. Ralph's tribe rises the pile to confront Jack and take back Piggy's glasses, Jack however becomes irritated and fights Ralph, on the other hand his group captures Sam and Eric and can take them as prisoners, and Roger, his right palm man, kills Piggy by rolling a boulder onto them, also shattering a conch shell. Ralph escapes, and Jack requests a manhunt him the next day. Jack continues in the forest, and Jack starts off a forest flames to drive Ralph out, suggest while Ralph discovers the "lord of the flies" and destroys it. Jack works away to the beach, knowing others will soon find and get rid of him, he collapses. When he looks up he sees a naval officer standing before him. The ship came after witnessing the large fireplace in the forest. The official asks Ralph to describe what happened. After hearing the explanation, the official says, "I should have thought a pack of United kingdom boys could have been able to put up a better show than that" (pg 182). Though Ralph is aware of he is safe now, he begins to cry because of the events that happened while he was stranded; the other males begin to cry too.


At first I thought this book would be another account about how precisely a person survives in the wilderness for several years, like the books "Robinson Crusoe" or "Island of the Blue Dolphins". To my shock, it was completely different. The reserve is less concentrated how the boys survived together on the island, but more about how they try creating civilization. It really is an allegorical reserve, similar to the novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell. Jack signifies chaos, and Ralph signifies order. I found it interesting that it was Jack who became the savage and lead the group into chaos. Since he was the leader of a choir before the plane crash, "The son who handled them was dressed up in the same way though his cap badge was gold. When his party was about ten yards from the program he shouted an order and they halted, gasping, sweating, swaying in the brutal light" (pg 14). I would expect him to have some experience in control and maintaining order. What I also found interesting was that the situations in the book occurred during the midst of the battle, perhaps relating the barbarity of the kids to the barbarity of the individuals in the outside world, "A sterling silver moon rose above the horizon, scarcely large enough to make a route of light even when it sat directly on this particular; but there were other signals in the sky, that moved fast, winked, or went, though not a faint pooping arrived down from the battle fought at ten miles' eight. But an indicator came up down from the world of grown-ups, but at the time, no child was awake to read it. There was a sudden smart explosion and corkscrew trail over the sky; then darkness and stars" (pg 83). This booklet is an remarkable piece philosophical and literary work which discusses human dynamics, and whether people strive to live by rules and keep maintaining order in population, or tries to get as much power as they want and live widely with no rules.


Unhandily (pg 81) - "Ralph and Simon picked him up unhandily and transported him to a shelter. "

Fitful (pg 84) - "Here the air flow was fitful and allowed the strings of the parachute to tangle and festoon; and the amount sat, its helmeted mind between its legs, held by a problem of lines.

Festoon (pg 84) - "Here the breeze was fitful and allowed the strings of the parachute to tangle and festoon; and the amount sat, its helmeted head between its legs, held by the complication of lines.

Scurrying (pg 85) - "Eric watched the scurrying woodlice which were so frantically struggling to steer clear of the flames, and considered the first open fire - just own there, on the steeper part of the pile, where now was complete darkness.

Frantically (pg 85) - "Eric viewed the scurrying woodlice which were so frantically unable to prevent the flames, and thought of the first fireplace - just own there, on the steeper side of the pile, where now was complete darkness.

Contours (pg 85) - "Idly looking beyond the open fire, he resettled the dispersed rocks off their smooth shadows into daylight curves. "

Interminable (pg 87) - "An interminable dawn faded the superstars out, and finally light, unfortunate and gray, filtered into the shelter.

Tremulously (pg 87) - "The twins, possessing tremulously to each other, dared the last few yards to another shelter and spread the dreadful information. "

Pricking (pg 87) - "Ralph stood up and strolled for the sake of dignity, though with his back pricking, to the system. "

Fanning (pg 87) - "The sun which were fanning up-wards from below the horizon swung downwards to eye-level. "


The Issue of the storyline is a variety of Person vs. Person, and Person vs. home. When the children are marooned on the island, they can be freed from adult rules and regulations. Now they have a problem with two opposite and conflicting individuals instincts, the one to create a population with order and regulations, and the other to be free and do what they need. Ralph presents the first instinct, the one to construct civilization with order and laws, and Jack presents the other instinct, the one to live on by one's own laws and regulations and guidelines. Ralph was elected head, while Jack was chosen as the person to lead all the hunting expeditions. Ralph was however worried about making a signal open fire and shelters, while Ralph is focused on hunting; and it appears that he is more interested in simply killing family pets, then to really provide the group with food, " destroy the pig, lower its neck, spill her blood vessels" (pg 58). Because the two ideas are not compatible, Jack defects from the group, and starts his own. There free from rules, they start reigning terror over the island. They wipe out piggy, and shatter the conch shell, which represented order, since it was used to call conferences, and the person keeping the conch through the appointment was the only person permitted to talk, "Shut up! I got the conch" (pg 36). The turmoil is a clash of the civilized and the primitive, and the contradictive features of human characteristics.


Does man want to are in security, but with restricted freedoms, or with independence, but with low security? That is the question this book asks, and shows very vividly what happends in both scenarios. The Conflict of this publication is a universal problem all young adults face in their life, when they would like to be rebellious and break guidelines and do whatever they need. It could be exciting for a brief timeframe, but after a while you will get implications. In the reserve, Jack determines to disobey Ralph, and go hunting, instead of maintain the sign fire, which he was allocated to do. The effect was the increased loss of a potential rescue,

"The fireplace was inactive. They observed that right away; saw what they had really known down on the beach when the smoke cigars of home got beckoned. The fire was out, smokeless and dead; the watchers were eliminated. A pile of unused energy lay down ready. Ralph turned to the ocean. The horizon stretched impersonal once again, barren of all however the faintest track of smoke cigarettes. Ralph ran stumbling over the rocks, kept himself on the edge of the green cliff, and screamed at the ship" (pg 57). In real life, if a youth makes a decision to be disobedient, he gets in big trouble with parents, police, and school, that could ruin a person's life. This reserve shows me that, even if sometimes they are a burden which is appealing to disobey them, guidelines and laws are a must for a modern culture to operate, and without them there would be no such thing as civilization.


Brooded (pg 129) - "Colors drained from drinking water and trees and pink floors of rock, and the white and brown clouds brooded. "

Unearthly (pg 129) - "The light was unearthly. "

Interspersed (pg 130) - "Here there have been wide areas interspersed with thickets and huge trees and shrubs and the tendency of the ground led him up as the forest opened up. "

Thicket (pg 130) - "Here there were wide spaces interspersed with thickets and huge trees and the style of the ground led him up as the forest opened up. "

Glum (pg 130) - "The unconventional brightness was eliminated from his sight and he strolled with a sort of glum determination as an old man. "

Corpulent (pg 130) - "Then as the blue materials of the parachute collapsed the corpulent shape would bow forward, sighing, and the flies settle once more. "

Pitilessly (pg 130) - "He noticed how pitilessly the layers of plastic and canvas held together the poor body that should be rotting away. "

Indignity (pg 130) - "Then he took the lines in his hands; he freed them from the rocks and the shape from the wind's indignity. "

Looming (pg 131) - "Piggy was inspecting the looming sky through his glass. "

Primly (pg 131) - "Piggy took off his spectacles, stepped primly in to the normal water and then hook them up to again. "

Themes and style

The central theme I came across in this report is the issue between two instincts that are found in all people: the impulse to live by rules, in peace, and gain the group's interests rather than your own, and the impulse to presume absolute ability, lives free from rules, and to work towards your own interests, undermining others feelings. This is the primary driving pressure of the book, demonstrated as the English boys begin from behaving civil, obeying rules, and then needs to adapt to their jungle environment, and start behaving like uncivilized barbarians. Golding perceives as the impulse to live a life free without the rules, is more prominent in humans, since the majority of the boys join Jack's group of barbarians.

Another theme is the losing of one's innocence as a child. The boys improvement (or degress) from an orderly modern culture, to a cruel and barbaric one, effortlessly, through the process, they lose all their innocence that they had before. Jack's hunters chants show very well how they go from being innocent children, to cruel and sadistic, "get rid of the pig, minimize its throat, spill its blood" (pg 58). It's the opposite of the children simply playing in the lagoon in the beginning of the book. Golding does not portray the increased loss of innocence as something that is done to the kids, but rather the discharge of the evil they were already delivered with. The glade Simon sits on in the long run of section 3 symbolizes this loss of innocence. In The beginning, it is a location of natural beauty, but later in the e book, when Simon returns to the same area, he finds god, the father of the Flies, a pig's at once a stick. the Lord of the Flies symbolizes the natural eveil in man disrupting childhood innocence.

Golding's style of writing is very articulate. He vividly explains the surroundings and the natural properties of the island. AS I was reading the book, It was so vivid to me that I thought I had been on the island. However, it can often be hard to learn. Golding uses many complicated words in his writing, and he sometimes omits the "said " during dialogue, making it harder to know who is communicating, "The rest are making a line. Come on!' 'But-''-we' Come on! I'll creep up and stab - '" (pg 53).


Covert (pg 165) - "Ralph lay in a covert, thinking about about his wounds. "

Fronds (pg 165) - "The afternoon died away; the circular spots of sunshine moved steadily within the inexperienced fronds and dark brown fiber content but no sound emerged behind the rock and roll. "

Fiber (pg 165) - "The day perished away; the circular spots of sun light moved steadily on the renewable fronds and brown dietary fiber but no sound came behind the rock. "

Intent (pg 166) - "They would be intention"

Sun-flecked (pg 166) - "He paused, sun-flecked, supporting a bough, ready to duck under it.

Bough (pg 166) - - "He paused, sun-flecked, supporting a bough, prepared to duck under it.

Spasm (pg 166) "A spasm of terror placed him shaking and he cried aloud. "

Leaden (pg 166) - "The best thing to do was to disregard the leaden sense about the center and rely on their good sense, their daylight sanity. "

Cynically (pg 167) - "He walked slowly into the midsection of the clearing and searched steadily at the skull that gleaned as white as ever before the conch acquired done and seemed to jeer at him cynically. "

Inquisitive (pg 167) - "An inquisitive ant was active in another of the eye sockets but normally finished. was lifeless. "

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