The Short History Of Gordimers Country Lovers English Literature Essay

Gordimer's "Country Fans" and Smith's "What it's like to be a Dark Woman" have been one of the very most interesting and studied literary works. Though developed in various centuries and ethnic settings, both literatures offered insiders' take on the racial discriminations which were dominantly express in early societies. In Godimer's short story, an in depth insider's view is narrated of a black young gal and a white young son characters who traced their origins to differing backgrounds. Gordimer carefully used and narrated the situations and actions that characterized the strong human relationships that existed between these two addicts to depict the racial and public boundaries that were obvious in the early 'Apartheid' South Africa. On the other hand, Patricia Smith tracked the difficulties which were encountered by the dark people in the old American societies.

In dealing with the ethnicity or contest issue as highlighted above, the two writers spiced up their literary works by applying a bunch of stylistic devices the majority of which were endless to the next: framework, style, form, content and irony. It is from the abundant use of the devices that the author found enough reasons to initiate the following comparative and argumentative research of these two works that covered a similar key theme of ethnicity.

To focus on, it should be distinguished that Gordimer's work was a brief story that attended to the racial discrimination that was eminent in the Southern African 'Apartheid' program. On the other hand, Patricia Smith made use of poetry to communicate her suggestions to her audience.

Likewise, the author clearly founded that the changing times and social backgrounds associated with the setting of these literature works were greatly differing. Gorder's "Country Lovers" followed its origins in 1975 to a Southern African farm owned or operated with a white settler (Godimer, 1975, p. 332). It really is from this plantation that the white farmer's kid; Paulus Eysendyck, discovers the opportunity to develop a close companionship that later on progressed into a 'sour' love romantic relationship with a African gal called Thebedi-who was a everyday laborer on this farm. In contrast, Patricia Smith's tale traces its environment in america in the time around 1955. It is around this period that the young lady in her poem emerged face to face with the racism that been around in some sections of the American world, especially in locations where sparsely populated immigrants called their 'home'.

The context encompassing the setting of the works is also a subject of debate. In setting up her history, Nadime Gordimer had been motivated by the happenings which were taking place in her home country, South Africa. The united states had been colonized by the Dutch, who got in in-turn presented an oppressive authority style that was locally and commonly referred to as the 'Apartheid' (Holcombe, 2008). This system of government possessed allowed the local South Africans to be exploited, terrorized and segregated. Furthermore to Africans, Asians and other 'blended races' races were also oppressed by the plan. In oppressing the mentioned races, the Dutch whites would make sure they are to work at low salaries on their expansive farms. As Ray (2007) noted, Gordimer "examines the complexness of white privilege, welcoming us to observe how weakened the liberal reaction to 'Apartheid' was (p. 213). It is from the described context that Nadime found it beneficial to develop her brief storyline. However, Patricia's circumstance shows some similarities in the context surrounding its environment. The period surrounding 1950's had been majorly characterized by 'non-American' immigrants settling in different regions of the united states, albeit for different reasons. Amongst some of the reasons highlighted because of their immigration was the need to pursue 'The American Wish' and the necessity to secure their lives from the politics upheavals and instabilities which were eminent in their expresses. In their efforts to stay in foreign American territory, these immigrants got encountered increased circumstances of racial discrimination. It is from this framework that Smith found enough proof to write her poem of an black young lady who was forced to beat the much discrimination functions aimed towards her; from the pure whites and other mixed races (Wolf et al. , 2010, p. 234).

In the structures of their environment, the following can be highlighted. In "Country Lover", Gordimer accumulates her story on a step-by-step approach. She offered her major idea by narrating incidences that may have motivated her audiences into reading further forward. For example, she started by highlighting that there was a young lady who worked on a white owned or operated firm. Throughout her work, this young female develops friendship with the master's young young man, Paulus. The story then goes on, highlighting key aspects in their life styles. In splitting up her work in steps, Nadime wished to establish the exhilaration and mystery that would keep her audience reading to the finish of her short story. Alternatively, Smith quickly availed her idea to the audience when she used phrases that were active, strong and irregularly structured sentences to reveal the seriousness of her idea from the starting point. For example she readily and easily availed her idea to the audience when she narrated the next sentence in her fourth syllabus, "it's being 9 years old and feeling like you are not finished, like your edges are wild, like there's something, everything, wrong"(Gillan & Jennifer, 1994). This just offered the view that the young dark-colored girl was being discriminated and therefore enduring a whole lot of pain in the process.

In checking the perspectives as kept by the two authors, we plainly note that Gordimer's perspective kept on changing accordingly throughout narrating her brief story. This was apparent when she illustrated the separation of the young man, Paulus and her then ex - enthusiast, Thebedi. Until their parting, the author possessed engaged herself in the story-by providing specific explanations of the occurrences. However, she ranges herself from the storyline when she only offers slight suggestions on the factors surrounding the separation of these two former fans. She fails to clearly point out to the reader the exact thoughts that were manifest in the two lovers during their separation. On the other hand, Smith, as the first persona, is involved in all the details encircling her lifestyle. She fully had taken control and possession of the whole scenario, providing conclusive evidence overall parts of her poem. This enabled readers to gain a clear understanding of all parts as was shown in her poem.

More so, the writing style in the two works show that Gordimer made use of flowing and long phrases in the beginning paragraphs instead of the concluding paragraphs. For instance, in the first paragraphs, while talking about the two friends program at the river loan provider, she employs the following flowing and long word, "while he talked he twisted and tugged at the origins of white stinkwood and Cape willow trees that looped from the eroded globe around them"(Royston, 1998, p. 68). Her phrases are shortened in the long run paragraphs. For example, while narrating the court-case scenario, she outlined that Paulus got insisted that he visited the hut where in fact the child was without the objective of poisoning her. This is executed to help readers to quickly understand the "fact" that led to Paulus being cleared of the murder charges in the end paragraphs. On the other hand, Patricia made use of short and clear sentences. For instance, to stress on the sufferings that which were imminent in every phases of her life, she makes mention of the following expression, "It's growing extra tall and using a lot of White" (Gillan & Jennifer, 1994). This intended the insults fond of her increased yr by calendar year. This, such as Gordimer's case, helped her audience to understand the meaning of her phrases with ease.

In addition, Patricia employed more imagery in her poem in comparison with Nadime who seldom, or if she have, occasionally employed the utilization of this stylistic device. Throughout Smith's poems she made reference to imagery phrases such as jumping to the double Dutch until your legs pop upgrowing large and putting on a whole lot of white (Gillan & Jennifer, 1994). Each one of these were designed to help us grasp the transition of the girl into adulthood or woman-wood as Patricia put it. On the other hand, Gordimer didn't directly make use of imagery in her works. The imagery in her short story can only be deduced in users' own perspectives. For example, the users can deduce that the young gal represented the suffering Africans.

The range of key people as found in both literatures is varied. Gordimer, decided on two main heroes, Thebedi and Paulus and followed their lifestyles from childhood to their youthful level. She then designed additional minor people throughout her narration. Alternatively, Smith continued to be silent on the identity of her key figure, only discussing her as 'the young-black woman'. A number of the audience, in endeavoring to interpret who the young gal really was, concluded that she referred to her own lifestyle.

The two works employ the first person narrative. In the "Country Fans", Gordimer occupies both the role of the observer and the narrator and 'uses' the two characters in the key stages of the life. She then illustrates their key habits and actions to provide us a definite picture of her idea. On the other hand, Patricia Smith took up the role of the key player and narrated the discrimination and sufferings that she experienced in her youth to woman-wood stage ((Wolf et al. , 2010, p. 234). ).

Tellingly, the two works solve the same key theme. The main element theme attended to by the two works is that of racism. In Gordimer's case, she uses the young woman who used to work on a white-owned farm and the secret relationship that been around between this young lady and the white boy to indicate the racial discrimination that was eminent in the Apartheid routine in South Africa. Alternatively, Patricia Smith uses the imagery of an black-young gal to emphasize the sufferings that black and other blended races underwent in their initiatives to find 'new' homes in the 'secure' and 'rich' USA.

Besides the key theme, it ought to be noted that modifications happen in the other additional themes or templates eminent in both of these literatures. Gordimer's work is seen as a more additional styles. For instance, in Gordimer's work, the following additional styles are clearly established: love, relationship, murder/fatality, (failed) camaraderie/relationships, education, wealth, poverty and failed judicial systems. The effectiveness of love is shown in this brief storyline when the young gal, Thebedi falls into a relationship with the young white boy- Paulus. Regardless of the variations that were clearly obvious in their life-style, both of these young partners decided to engage in companionship that later on developed into a romance. The theme of murder was revealed when the young boy found out that her ex - lover had cracked her proposal to her and acquired wedded to her former peer-Njabuto, whom that they had bored a child. The young white young man was irritated by the flip of events resulting in him indirectly causing the death of their baby. The discriminatory and failed judicial systems in the first Apartheid regime were evidently symbolized by the decision of the Southern African court to vindicate the young white young man of the murder charges which were committed by him-despite all data directing at him. The styles of wealth and education were shown by the young white boy who lived a lavish lifestyle and the young lady who lived a poor lifefestle.

On the other word, the additional theme of suffering, imitation and poverty were eminent in Smith's work. Struggling is uncovered in the insults that are directed at her. For example, she strains to her audience that she was forced to smell blood vessels, just highlighting the sort of suffering that nearly revealed her to fatality. The theme of 'imitation' or 'copycatting' is shown when she attempts to look at the life-style of the then 'adored' white people. She even applies cosmetics to her body and imitates their function of dressing to resemble them. Her main purpose of doing this is to stay away from the pain and hurting she was then undergoing therefore of her dark coloring. Furthermore, Smith shows the theme of poverty when she highlights that despite her intent to imitate the lifestyles of the whites, the black-girl couldn't efficiently source for the funds to buy some of the luxurious which were associated with the life-style of the white people.

Conclusively, it is obvious that the two works in endeavoring to represent the main element theme of racial discrimination were manifest with many styles and abundant literary devices-which all justify the author's decision to compare and assess these two great works that tackled the same key theme of ethnicity.

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