The Street bike Diaries | An Analysis

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During these novels it could be seen how important is the background within, whether historical qualifications and sociable one were deeply connected in the way the plot originated, creating distinction and reflection about that current amount of time in both experiences. Besides, even these were written in various years they can be a critical informers about the lack of moral in the American world in the 20's and in the other palm, the cost-effective situation in Latin-America -specifically in South America -; the poverty that had taken part through the 50's and for some reason also customized thinking and performance of this society.

In a very brief review, The Street motorcycle Diaries says the trip of two friends the 29 yrs. old Alberto Granado and the main and later revolutionary character the 23 years old Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, both university students of medicine that travel from Argentina to Venezuela, go passing from Chile, Peru and Colombia.

Here the criticism of the sociable injustices of exploited mine workers; persecuted communists, ostracized lepers, and the tattered descendants of a once-great Incan civilization are the primary topics of the book.

Opposite to The Motorcycle Diaries, The Great Gatsby, compiled by F. Scott Fitzgerald, explains to the storyplot of Jay Gatsby, the Buchanan Family and Nick Carraway, the narrator of the storyplot. The book shows how the American contemporary society of the 20's - recreated in the brand new York city - was unwrapped in an environment of luxury, individualism, shallowness and looks, all shown in each one of the people in the story of the booklet and at exactly the same time are part of what Fitzgerald always idolized and wanted to get for himself.

However, it is vital to keep in mind that both reports were written in order showing to the reader deep situations that Fitzgerald like Guevara were involved with, trying to handle them and leave a moral maybe.

According to 'Che' Guevara this trip was not only another experience gained during children but also made of him another completely person; in his heart

"The individual who recognizes and polishes them, "me, is no more", at least I'm not the individual was previously (). Our America with a capital A, has modified me more than I thought" (Page 16).

But what are the encounters that made of him a completely different person, as it was pointed out recently, the poverty of the continent, the one of he belonged and the political practices far away of the real needs of folks modified his view of the life span.

According to Guevara the hospitality of Chile - ". . . To meet up in Chile means invite (to a house)" web page 101 - because in contrast with Argentina, Chile didn't are affected the mix-up between Creoles and the Saxons that lived in the south in that country: creoles and Indians resided together in ranges of each others. The lack of opportunities that Chilean people possessed for having a much better life-style was reflected and also the way the community, reflection of society in general, disapproved the other people conditions coexisting in that way a kind of a mutual bitterness between the people who is a bit much better than the other person who resided in bad conditions, and those who are under the "standard" level of quality of life between the other people over their living conditions whose reproach them

"and be a solely negative element in the struggle for life, and consequently, a bitterness for healthy associates of the city who resent their disorder as if it were an individual insult to those people who have to support them. " (Site 70)

Continuing in Chile and relating to different conditions that required part in the stay in this country; specifically in Valparaiso, they may find lots of communal issues that the established government during that time didn't solve, like the overcrowding and the almost inexistence of cost-effective help for the community exposed in the following mention

"is time that politicians and put less work wasting amount of time in the goddesses of their propaganda and more money, ( ), for handling the work in social gains. " (Page 72).

Moving ahead in the storyplot, the problem, deceive, and the naivety of police force and common individuals were involved each other. Moreover, positioned in the North of Chile, Chuquicamata, they attained one or two in the desert nighttime who have been communist, and where the men advised them about enough time he was in prison credited to his politics tendency; as the woman, his partner, followed him leaving the youngster with someone else until they acquired some money. This example was especially hard and miserable for both Alberto and 'Che' Guevara; going back one added

"(The few) was the living image of proletariat in virtually any place surrounding the world" (web page 77)

and matching to Guevara's words being communist was considered like a sin while. That soul produced the miss something better in the foreseeable future, at least that was the particular couple likely to get at the end, but is it worth putting your life in risk, in a workplace where you can get a pulmonary disease and even dye, an departing somebody's children alone just because of dreams?

At this point in time; at the start of the end, Granado and Guevara leave Chile for occurring with their goals at the north of the continent; then one else, even this is actually the goodbye of the long and slim country Guevara helps to keep discussing the social differences evidenced and experienced by them and most of all, how the more powerful people in the history of the country, and in the majority of the countries for sure, applied his vigour over all of those other common people immortalized in

"the act of Valdivia signifies the never refuse effort of the men for achieving a place where you can exert his irrefutable authority" (site 85).

Finally, some reflections written notify now the interpersonal situation of Chile, like he said in the complete South America and a whole lot worse. To begin with the lack of knowing of health in everywhere you go, streets, hospitals and also in Chile been around low opportunities for working and the individuals; thereby, Chile confirmed a lower standard of living than Argentina, no mattering those prior top features of this isolated country, the life can be easily carry in the way people work hard and, of course, they do not belong to the communist get together.

While these were in Peru they could experienced that most of Peruvians assumed that Argentina was like the land in which people's dreams were made come true, and not just Peron was great but also Evita (Peron's better half), where everything was good because the "Indians" were not punished by the white man.

Guevara's life, consciously or unconsciously, went around the quest for social justice, problem and democracy. Given that they started their journey and specifically when they arrived in Chile they were focused in several conditions that embodied those moral behavior in people and in this idiosyncrasy due to, nevertheless they gone all over Chile, they could discovered the cultural characteristics between southern and a lot more north people.

And being in Peru they could be aware of their same life idea and ideals. However, some believes of those friends were not jut part or applicable in hierarchical connections but also in the more typical important ones; between your community itself.

"Whenever we continued the course, the old Indian became popular from his clothes an extremely appetizing corn and he offered it to us. Quickly we came to the realization that he democratically split into the same share from the corn. " (Page 115).

In the same manner, the emphasis of people who was simply fired because of their political thinking, additionally it is an issue that must be not only for reader be familiar with that but also Ernesto Guevara as itself and almost all of all to comprehend what was going on on that time; oppression against who had been apposite to the government believes. Those situations were shown in the handful of Chuquicamata and Puno a Peruvian indigenous who was simply expelled of the federal government due to the already mentioned facts. Summary from this fragment can be assumable throughout that decade South America was stressed by the energy of its leaders.

Moreover, Puno's words shown about this current situation between the conqueror who've the country and the obligated ones who had been aiming to do their best in order to acquire what belongs(ed) to them; however, Guevara got interpreted those words like offensive to the Inca people: to themselves, so at that moment greater than a potential Marxist 'el Che' seemed an anarchist; against everything and everyone that subjugated to other, the Incas in this opportunity. At this moment, Guevara confirmed himself just like a critical considering person and at exactly the same time a 'dreamer' with clear goals for his life as well as for the other too.

The 'Great Gatsby', just like the Motorcycle Diaries, shown in its plot a social issue during the 20's, placed in the us the story moved through the high population.

The insufficient values like credibility, friendship, devotion, love, among numerous others exists into those people's hearts. The well known 'American dream' evoked the worst part of folks for both the upper school and the recent one. But this isn't only a fiction - and successful - storyline; whereby, the storyplot itself was yet the reproduction of that society involved in individualism and shallowness. Therefore, that truth was embodied by Fitzgerald in this book.

Throughout the storyline a big amount of topics can be deeper developed. Every personality differs to the other but all of them discuss the same behaviour, laying one another, being conscious of appearances, and making the other purchase their own faults.

Finally, whereas Gay Gatsby, the key character of the book, it's important to concentrate on his personality and his life was expanding since he did the trick to the wealthy man and when he achieved Daisy and the goals in his life made them strong. From then on, during the reunion with Daisy he exhibited for once one hundred percent honest and this proved the power of his dreams, which they came true partially but consequently, made of him a completely different person, ostentatious, level and criminal and lastly triggered his lifeless.

For concluding, both novels are recognized by the whole world, like inb Time Mag on June the 14th of 1928 (page 5) due to his connection with the historical and sociable context in which both were written. The Motorcycle Diaries novel uncovered the poverty in Latin American and in the other palm The Great Gatsby represent the high American population prior to the 'Black Thursday' where the American dream was the symbolic icon of this world. Thereupon, some reflection can be pulling assuming that no matter how much money an individual have do not specify what people are and there is plenty of proof for that when Guevara informed about the poor inexpensive development in Latin America, however, he and Alberto could performed their trip because the people's assist in the majority of the places they showed up. Opposite compared to that reality, America's financial situation seemed good as well as the comfortable life for Americans, but if Guevara and company had made a decision do their trip to America they might certainly had to give up to that odyssey, because people were not as generous as the main one in the South.

Expression totally contrary can be contrasted quickly, to be able to understand the huge and deep feelings and thinking that separates our main character types. Expressions like proletariat and bourgeois - web page 125 - can be easily found in the Latin American novel and that symbolized the communal - communist propensity of the article writer. But in compliance to the cultural framework of Fitzgerald novel, we can find a lot of quotations which known as luxury, fashionable, exuberant, money, etc. So it can be easily to reader identify the environment in which this two famous has were written.

But as it was discussed earlier, is it worthwhile leave important things away from you just for getting a desire?, or not simply 'things' but also people like leave your children them enduring in a place instead leave your dreams that produce them struggling in a place where their dreams didn't care whatsoever. The best illustrations for each and every ones are the life in Valparaiso and Chuquica-mata. Or putted it in another way, could it be worth to deal with for a desire that maybe never would become real, until placing your life in danger, like Gay Gatsby did it with not worth it people like Daisy; and almost all of all, the characterization in Great Targets suggests that money causes people unconsciously to isolate themselves from all of those other world. Here you can represent on your own.

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