The Target Of Olive Elderly people Gardening English Literature Essay

Be it settled the concentration of Olive Senior's Gardening in the Tropics is not on the magnificent elements of dynamics but on the diverse experiences of people. Olive Senior like most post-colonial poets takes on with the conventional types of poetry, sometimes the 'subject matter subject' of a particular poem is only a guise by which she highlights pressing issues affecting her seductive surrounding (the Caribbean community). The subject matter is only used to create a 'photograph' for the reader to understand the concentration of this written piece. It really is Senior's daring and ingenious strategy of deconstructing and reconstructing typical poetic varieties that make us (the viewers) appreciate her work way more that her counterparts. In proposing the moot given we are highlighting the true emphasis of Senior's poems and proving that her poems are in fact explicitly exploring human experiences. Such activities are brought out in themes such as romantic love, love as it relates to the family, poverty, ambitions racism and ethnocentrism. To get these points, individual poems will be utilized as research, however, before this is performed, it is necessary for the main element word 'concentrate' in the moot, be identified. Based on the Oxford dictionary, the word concentration may be defined as "an function of concentrating interest or activity on something. "

There is no denying that the preponderance of Olive Senior's poetry handles the spectacular elements of nature; however it must be plainly noted that it's not the concentrate of her poetry; it isn't the focusing interest. It is instead used to give insight into greater issues; the activities of Caribbean people. Senior's poetry features the factor of the Caribbean region; its people, history, culture and the issues that impact them. Olive Senior uses the milieu of the Caribbean and allows it to be her target. The experiences, concerns and issues of Caribbean people will be the enthusiasm behind her insightful poetry. She is in tune with the people of the Caribbean, and as such, she stocks their experience, and makes them the main topic of her poems. For example, in the poems, 'Hurricane Account 1903, ' 'Hurricane History 1951' and 'Hurricane Storyline 1988', although a spectacular element of nature; hurricane is highlighted, it is not the concentrate. The concentration however, is on the consequences of hurricane and exactly how it affects the common Caribbean people and their capability to overcome the unfortunate circumstance. In 'Hurricane Account 1903', the subject matter is in fact the hurricane; however it is how the family deals with the hurricane that is the target. The poem features how a common family moving into a rural area prepares for a hurricane. The grandparents in the poem are hardworking, humble, and resourceful and were in tune with the nature which is therefore of them moving into a rural community.

It can be said that the metaphor of gardening is just a mere method used by Senior to accumulate or record information about the spot, however, nature is merely used figuratively to compare and discuss individuals experiences. Created and grown up in rural Jamaica the majority of Senior's poems mirror her early youth activities, she places emphasis on 'country life' and the splendour of its simpleness. Given her upbringing, it is no think about the theme of poverty can be an underlying concern in virtually all her poetic parts. In her poem 'Hurricane Story 1903, ' Senior highlights precisely how important farming is to people residing in rural Jamaica. The persona's grandparents when facing disaster opts to secure their livestock and agricultural produce before any thought was presented with with their house or other material property. "If the wind flow rose in '03, he opened up his tin trunk, had taken his good clothes out and filled the corn in. " (Stanza 2) Although hurricane seemed to be the focus of the poem it was actually used to bring out themes in the poem such as love for the family and poverty. The theme of poverty is also indicated in the actual fact that the family cannot be notified like other residents, of the hurricane because of where they resided ("Surviving in the bush, Grandfather couldn't see her dash to broadcast the news. . . " Stanza 3). In 'Hurricane Story 1988, ' the theme of poverty is also highlighted however in another light. The persona's mother suffered a whole damage in the hurricane after all her goods were ruined. Being in urban Jamaica where emphasis is on industry she fared much worse than the dramatis personae in Hurricane Story 1903. The term "she ban her stomach and bawl, " (line 13) is from the mother's anguish, anger and annoyance at the destruction of her only income source on her behalf family, her livelihood. She dropped into what seemed to be deep major depression where she becomes to smoking to probably alleviate her devastation. ". . . things so tight her breasts shrivel, the notes shrinking. . . " this shows how deeply her financial stability was damaged by the hurricane's passing.

Senior through her own creative techniques explores local issues such as male/feminine connections, racism and the battles faced in solitary parent families. In the poem 'Tropic Love' male/feminine relationship is the primary theme explored. On this poem Senior features the decided and resilient side of women. The persona in the poem is portrayed to be always a strong-willed female who provides her enthusiast the ultimatum; if he's heading to be with her he's likely to take her family as his own and in doing so provide for them. He is also expected to treat her kindly if these expectations are not met, she advises him to leave and she will in turn do whatever needs doing to care and provide for her family. That is shockingly the problem of many single parent moms in the Caribbean. However, not many are willing to take the effort to set benchmarks for their associates and ensure they are met. "Together with your sweet words, Lover tempt me not, if you've come vacant handed" (Stanza 2).

Racism and ethnocentrism is brought out in her poem 'Meditation on Yellow' where we see even after record and all the discusses integration and the modernized world, blacks are still seen as 'poor sub-humans' to the 'superior' whites. The ethnocentrism of the Anglo-American world has for many centuries led to the penal servitude of the aboriginals and therefore blacks. The persona in the poem is exploited not by penal servitude but by a kind of involuntary servitude. It might be not the same as the chattel slavery under which our forefathers was required to contend with nevertheless it goes to show that despite having 'freedom', as blacks we still continue being inferior to whites. By this poem, Senior was criticizing the whites and finally the church since politics and faith seem to go together. The continued aggravation of the persona is presented in the poem. That is highlighted in the declaration "and I reach a level where (though I not impolite) I must say: lump it or leave, I can't give any further" (P. 16, Pp. 1). You can seek it necessary to argue that it was the fertile and wealthy resources of the region that led to the Europeans enslaved thus alluding back again to that the fact that Senior by this poem may be praising the impressive nature and sources of the region. However it cannot be dismissed that the exploitation in our land and resources have ended but the exploitation of your people continue until this very day. Thus Senior must have intended to focus on the diverse experience of men and women with highlighted issues such as racism, discrimination, ethnocentrism and exploitation.

To invalidate these arguments, it must be proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the topic matter and focus of Senior's poems are the same. The stance of the proposition can't be nullified by any rebut since we aren't saying that the topic matter is not on the spectacular elements of characteristics, however it is not the emphasis. Gardening in the Tropics see Older reaping out the ideologies of Europeans in the region and planting something solely indigenous for Caribbean Islanders. Be it fixed that the target of Olive Senior's Gardening in the Tropics is not on the impressive elements of mother nature but on the diverse activities of individuals.

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