The Theory Transactional Analysis Ta English Books Essay

In this assignment I will be exploring life scripts which hails from the idea Transactional Analysis. I want to build an understanding of my own life position and what relationship this might have with my own life script.

I believe the particular model parentification has significant similarities with my very own script. However there are aspects of the model I wish to question as some do not apply.

After my model parentification has been explored, I wish to know very well what techniques a transactional evaluation specialist my use whenever using a person with the same life script as myself. I also want to identify what affects there could be if the practitioner has either the same life positions as myself or has encounters similar circumstances within life.

Philosophy of Transactional analysis

TA believes that folks decide their future; decisions can be evolved, everyone has the ability to think, and finally people are alright.

People are ok is a belief I would like to explore in further fine detail, in order for an individual to be ok, the theory is that they have adopted a life position known as 'I'm okay and you're ok'.

My knowledge of a life position is an person in their early childhood will gather information about themself and their parent's by witnessing behaviours and attitudes thus enable the child to comprehend themselves, others and the earth they live in, this will effect a life position a kid may take up.

'A people basic beliefs about self yet others, which are being used to justify decisions and behaviour; a fundamental stance which a person occupies about the fundamental value he or she perceives in personal and others' I. Stewart and V. Joines (1994:330)

There are four life positions

I am alright, you are fine. - Children may have had enough of the needs attained on a whole the individual will be able to remain alright throughout life.

I am not okay, you are ok. - Children can be vulnerable to interjected values from other parents. For example parent subject matter 'you were never good in institution, university will be a waste products of time' this can be an interjected value you are not smart enough. Children may feel mistreated by others.

I am alright, you aren't fine - Children may take up this life position due to abusive parents who treat their children cruelly, children must become self-reliant and not trust others.

I'm not ok, you aren't fine - children may experienced parents who are absent psychologically or literally, who are named unloving. Children may feel hopelessness and nobody is able to help as they too are not okay.

Once a life position has been implemented a child will operate from this opinion of themselves and more throughout adulthood this is then known as a Script.

What is a life Script?

Once an individual has chosen their position in life, then they begin to write their life script. My interpretation of any life script is to contemplate it as a life storyline, the story has been written from a age and throughout life anticipated to circumstances the individual will begin to add detail with their life tale working towards the final chapter known as the 'pay off'. The script article writer may have pre-decided what kind of ending their life history may have, signifying it may have a tragic script results which includes an overwhelming final result the script copy writer my decide that their 'pay off' with lead to suicide, murder or self-harm thus known as tragic.

The script writer may have also decided what the general story lines which takes place thought out the life span story will be. Maybe it's winning, sacrificing or non-winning. Being successful script I really believe is a story of the average person which has achieved their personal intentions in life and is also happy. A dropping script I picture the individuals report to be unhappy or painful in which intentions the individual may have had where never fulfilled. Non-winning I imagine this storyline to be who does not gain nor lose but merely exists.

It is important is note that whenever a script is written it is performed so within the subconscious, the script writer will subconsciously living their pre-determined script (life storyline) repeating habits and behaviours, this is known as being in script or exhibiting script like behaviours.

'The young child chooses on a life script because it presents the best strategy that the child can work out to endure and manage in what often seems a hostile world' I. Stewart and V. Joines (1994:5)

Children my perceive the world to be always a hostile due to the messages they get also called script messages. It really is believed that these messages mainly come from the child's parents.

'it is strengthened by parental influence, that is through real, specific, observable deals with the parents or carers, such script information are both non-verbal and verbal' C Feltham and I Horton 2006:312

These script emails can be exhibited verbally or through body gestures, which children form decisions about themselves among others. I think that script text messages are repetitive, it is well known that script text messages may take place as a demand for example 'go away' or an attribute or stating characteristics for example 'you are horrible'

However with in my own reading in regards to script messages I have didn't notice any reference respect to other methods a child may obtain script messages rather than their parents, I feel that other communications may reach a child via others for example child-minders, nursery nurses, primary school professors. **expand*

My Life Script

Applying this knowledge to myself is not easy to attempt, the difficulty is trying to understand my own script, my life story that i have sub-consciously written, where will i start in wanting to unravel this.

I have been able to identify my very own life position as I'm not ok, you aren't okay. The reason being there were many occasion in my childhood in which my script announcements have confirmed i am not fine and my mother is not alright a couple of example follow.

Scenario one - I recall being two years old and observing a children's film known as Beauty and the Beast, towards the finish of the film there was what I recognized to be always a terrifying monster (the beast). I remember jogging to my mum in tears holding on to her leg sharing with her what worried me. My mother response 'Stop being silly and go watch the film' my mother's assumed there are much bigger what to be frightened of a toon, my interpretation of her response was simple 'I never have received time for your silliness, go away'. This is one of few earliest memories I have as an example of my mom unable to comfort me as i sensed like I needed it.

Scenario two - I was eight yrs. old, my step dad (who floated in and out) But when he left my mother after a decade physical/mental abuse, she was devastated and became dependant on alcohol and anti-depressants. Consequently duties burdened me. My new born sibling would be given, soothed at foundation times, his nappies would be transformed by me. Housework would also be completed by me. My mum would often 'compliment me' fully alert to the tasks I took she'd often tell others "I wouldn't have had the opportunity to endure without Zayna, she's been extremely good, does as she is informed, helps out with her brother and makes no fuss at all"

There have been a number is occasions in which the announcements I received from my mum established that she is not okay, and therefore neither am I.

As I have received these information throughout my years as a child I began to publish my life script founded around parentification. This was the only way to get any needs satisfied from my mother.

What is parentification

My understanding of parentification is a child carries the duty of the parent, behaving as though a father or mother should, for me this may mean

'Family entails an operating and/or emotional role reversal in which the child sacrifices his / her own needs for attention, comfort and direction in order to accommodate the care for logistical or psychological needs of the parent. Because children need their parents, children learn conveniently to react to what their parents need whenever a parents dependency is too great so when the mother or father abdicates parental responsibility for structuring and guarding the child from "doing to much" or "carrying the strain, " the parentified child may learn in this technique that her needs are of less importance then those of others' N. D CHASE (1999:5-6)

parentification model I found implications this may have on a child. For example it is thought a child that has been conditioned into this role reversal may lead to

DISCUSS- critical examination - how can this model relate and will not relate with myself

how do Personally i think about it?


Discuss TA how therapy would assist a client with a life script of parentification,

Due to five years of therapy although it hasn't transactional analysis I feel it has helped me to reconsider my life position and task my belief of myself while others around me, if this is achieved Personally i think it will naturally cause me to improve my entire life script, the TA terminology for this change is recognized as 'script cure'

The goal of TA remedy is to assist your client to do the same, the practitioner will assist the consumer, to operate from the 'I am ok, you are ok'.

In order for the specialist to be able to do this there are a number are practice guidelines set up.

'The therapist is likely to monitor their work to ensure that there is sufficient protection, authorization and potency for your client to activate in the therapeutic work necessary to achieve script stop. ' Widdowson 2010:8

Protection, Authorization and Strength known as 'The Three P's' as discussed in remove above these rules to the help the therapeutic process for the client, protection will there be to keep carefully the consumer safe to explore their own script and life position along with any feeling this may bring. My knowledge of agreement is the specialist is to give the client permission to believe and perform beyond their script. Potency means to be strong therefore I feel potency is usually to be strong enough to offer the support your client might need.

offering XYZ, find more on script process

If the TA specialist is able to provide the follow then this will aid the client as mentioned above to work towards a script treatment, what is intended by this is the fact that the client will be able to operate from 'I'm alright you are alright' life position. , meaning the client will hold advancements discuss script cure

There is a threat of always slipping back in to the 'I'm not alright' life position this can happen because of life happenings with trigger remembrances or occasions for your client that may take them back to they life position and in turn a client may fall back with their life script.

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