The Tower Of London British Literature Essay

The Tower of London is recognized as one of London's most haunted structures. The tower was built to go over the Saxton and be a strong building for security (Wikiland). It was also used for prisoners of battle (Wikiland). Many people assume that its haunted because there were many fatalities, and there have also been first hand experiences with ghosts. Some have also had scary encounters with something that wasn't even there (Paranormal Haze). The Tower of London is one of all haunted places in London, there are extensive experiences, and there were very many fatalities there as well.

William the Conqueror built the Tower of London in the entire year 1708, it is known as Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress (Paranormal Haze). Certain elements of the tower date back to over 900 years ago (Real British Spirits). The one reason certain parts time frame back so far is basically because the tower has received remodeled a few times. The tower has already established many different uses, the kings and queens living there, and properties being used for a prison, torture chambers, and place for execution (Real United kingdom Spirits). Many people have resided in the tower, such as, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, and Catherine Howard. The tower has also been used to accommodate animals, such as bears (Baird, C). There have also been many fatalities/executions, such as Anne Boleyn. Anne was carried out for just one specific reason. Her spouse King Henry VIII carried out her for having a baby to a stillborn child and accused her of infidelity (Paranormal Haze). In 1483, Edward V and Richard the Duke of York were murdered (Paranormal Haze). In 1674, some personnel found the remains of the princes in a breasts (Paranormal Haze). Another loss of life that happened was The Countless of Salisbury. Ruler Henry VIII carried out the Countless credited to a politics reason (Paranormal Haze). But during her execution she refused to put her head down to get beheaded, and ran off (Paranormal Haze). Eventually she was found and axed to fatality (Paranormal Haze). Ruler Henry VIII 5th wife, Catherine Howard, was sentenced to fatality for being adulterous (Paranormal Haze). Also, Sir Raleigh was imprisoned for 12 years, but upset King Adam VI and he was beheaded (Real United kingdom Ghosts).

Whenever some travellers, guards, personnel, warriors, etc. are at the Tower, they have a tendency to get funny thoughts. One claim has smelled a certain aroma and even thrown up (Paranormal Haze)! Some people have seen spirits walking or gliding down hallways. Some also have seen apparitions standing up and waving, and even screaming for help.

There are numerous claims of spirits haunting the tower. One ghost Thomas Becket has been known to haunt the tower (Paranormal Haze). During reconstruction on the tower, it is stated that he was shaking the wall surfaces and holding the cross making it crumble (Paranormal Haze). Additionally it is said that Henry III had a chapel built and named after Thomas Becket (Paranormal Haze). Obviously, since the tower was built, it is stated that Becker has ceased appearing and not been seen since (Paranormal Haze). A couple of years after Edward V and Richard of Duke were murdered, a few guards said that they noticed two small characters "gliding down the stairs putting on night t shirts and vanished down the stairs" (Baird, C. ). Some have said that they have been seen having hands (Real British Ghosts). The Tower of London's most well-known ghost, Anne Boleyn is said to haunt around the area where she was performed. Some people claim they have seen her walking around without her head (Paranormal Haze). People believe she haunts because she wasn't able to produce an heir (Paranormal Haze). "Anne is also discovered in the Chapel of Saint Peter advertising Vincula where she pieces over her own grave under the altar" (Your Ghost Story). "Catherine on the other side can be read screaming behind the entranceway of the area she was kept in before her execution" (Your Ghost History). After Ruler VIII 5th better half, Catherine Howard was sentenced to death to be adulterous; many state they have seen her jogging down the hallways and screaming for help (Paranormal Haze). Many consider she screams for help because she didn't want to die, and she feels like she was reliving her fatality. The white tower, the oldest area of the tower, is where it is said the white female lives. "The White Woman is apparently an apparition that will appear every once in awhile to prospects in the tower. " (paranormal haze). One account says that she was "standing at a home window waving at a group of children who were in an reverse building. " (Paranormal Haze) There is also "the smell of an inexpensive perfume that will hang around the entrance of St. John's Chapel" (Paranormal Haze) the smell of the perfume has triggered some to vomit (Paranormal Haze). In Oct of 1817, "a tubular, glowing apparition stated to own been seen in the Jewel House by the Keeper of the Crown Jewels, Edmund Lenthal Swifte (Wikiland). He said that the apparition hovered in the make of his wife, leading her to exclaim: "Oh, Christ! It offers seized me!" (Wikiland). At one time, the tower housed animals. Apparently a officer saw a keep running towards him, but the bear went through him and vanished (Paranormal Haze). Down the road in the evening he was on the floor unconscious (Paranormal Haze). Down the road he died, many imagine he passed on over "fright of what he saw. " (Paranormal haze). Another account comes from a Yeoman Warrior, who was in the sodium tower, many people already feel worried enough in the salt tower (Paranormal Haze). The warrior reported, "being choked by something that was not there. " (Paranormal Haze). The Yeoman Warriors now won't type in the tower after sunlight down (Paranormal Haze). In the gallery where Henry VIII suit of armor has been displayed, some guards have said that there is "a sensation to be descended upon and crushed, which only fades as they leave the room. " (Paranormal Haze). One shield said, "using a cloak put over his brain and being choked from at the rear of. " (Paranormal Haze). However when the shield escaped, he found nobody in the room (Paranormal Haze). "But, he had marks on his neck of the guitar that show he had been the victim of an attack. " (Paranormal Haze).

The Tower of London is was created to look over the Saxton, and was built for the Kings and Queens to reside in during their reign. But over time the tower started to be used for most different purposes, other than simply for the Ruler and Queen. The tower started to be used as a torture chamber, prison, and a location of execution. Its haunted because there have been so many fatalities there, and some of the individuals that have perished there are furious or in sorrow. The tower was built over 900 years back, and the queens and kings that lived here, put many people in injury. Especially the kings, one king had nearly every wife executed. Many people teenager to feel nocuous, dizzy, and some even throw up when they are in certain parts. There are several spirits that haunt the tower. Many of the king's wives, such as Anne Boleyn haunt it. Anne haunts the tower because she was uneasy about her loss of life, as were many others. The Tower of London is known as one of London's top haunted places to go to. The tower has many spirits and spirits that haunt there.


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