The Writers Themes or templates Of Mind Manipulation English Books Essay

Mind manipulation is the art work of the formation of an individual's thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and personality without the individual's knowledge or consent. Brain manipulation consists of deceiving and secretive control for the good thing about the manipulator. The manipulator could be benefitted in many shapes and varieties, including politically or fiscally. Mind manipulation is done by steadily making use of increasing control over individuals through diverse techniques, for example, duplicating a boring activity excessively or gradually persuading individuals to trust a rest by completely and convincingly hiding the truth. Brain manipulation is a prominent theme in both the book 1984 through Big Brother and the Get together, and in the play, The Crucible, through the dissembling persona of Abigail Williams and her ability to bring chaos into the town. Through the theme of brain manipulation, the two authors, George Orwell and Arthur Miller, present their announcements.

In 1984, the party manipulates the intellects of the citizens on Oceania through propaganda. A good example to that will be the three get together slogans "War is peace", "Freedom is slavery", "Ignorance is power" that are suspending all across Oceania. People are left to learn these slogans and many others time after time and eventually start thinking in them as it clouds their belief and judgment. Also an example is the actual fact that through propaganda the party manipulated the intellects of their residents into thinking that they had always been at war with Eastasia and then suddenly manipulated them into thinking that Eurasia is their enemy and not Eastasia. This was done in order to keep the citizens occupied in order to prevent them from rebellion in the long run. "It was rather more of your shock to him when he uncovered from some chance remark that she did not understand that Oceania, four years ago, have been at warfare with Eastasia with calmness with Eurasia. " (Page 154) This offer refers to Julia, Winston's enthusiast. This reveals the actual fact that the party has been able to accomplish their aims and goals perfectly since most of the individuals, especially that of younger generation who've been created to the party's teachings, are having their minds designed in line with the party and are having no doubt. Another way to keep carefully the citizens busy is by hosting events including the Two Minutes Hate and Hate Week. Through these situations, citizens are also able to get rid of almost all their hatred in order to be restored with love for your government once again. Characters such as Goldstein serve for the same purpose as well.

Through education and schooling, the get together is able to mind manipulate its young people greatly. The get together fills the mind of the children and upcoming generations with the theory that the London they presently live in is much better than the one which used to exist before. This way, the kids would assume that the get together and big brother are offering them the "easy" and best life. "Almost all children nowadays were awful. What was most detrimental of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies these were systematically turned into ungovernable self-discipline of the Get together. On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it. The music, the processions, the banners, the hiking, the drilling with dummy rifles, the yelling of slogans, the worship of YOUR GOVERNMENT - it was all a sort of glorious game to them. " (Page 24) This offer reveals the extent of the ability of the get together to manipulate young heads.

Mind manipulation is also achieved through the managing and meddling with feelings. For example, Mr. Charrington and O'Brien lure Winston into believing they are not customers of the get together, instead they are there to help Winston. Similarly, the get together manipulated people into thinking that making love is a filthy act. This way, residents would not experience any kind of emotions other than that of love towards big brother and the get together. "Sexual activity was to be looked on as just a bit disgusting minor procedure, like having an enema. This again was never placed into plain words, but in an indirect way it was rubbed into every Party member from youth onwards. There were even organizations such as the Junior Anti-Sex Category, which advocated complete celibacy for both sexes. " (Page 65) This price shows how the party is able to manipulate residents into thinking that gender is a degrading take action.

Lastly, by using words, and control of standards of living in party is able to manipulate its residents and also have a great impact on the shaping of these citizen's minds. For example, the party does not give Party participants the privilege of having real goods, only Proles have the advantage. The aim behind that is to keep the Proles happy since they make up a lot of the contemporary society. Also, the get together plans to filter the number of thought of people by swapping Oldspeak with Newspeak. In this manner, the citizens would not be able to express their feelings or thoughts since no existing phrase would provide that purpose. "Not see that the complete goal of Newspeak is to thin the range of thought? In the long run we will make thoughtcrime virtually impossible, because you will see no words in which to express it. Every theory that can ever before be needed, will be expressed by exactly one phrase, with its meaning rigidly defined and everything its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and overlooked. " (Page 52)

In The Crucible, Abigail's persona is the one who exerts the most mind manipulation. At the start of the novel, when Parris confirms the girls dancing in the woods, Abigail is completely alert to the dire implications that would most likely derive from their discovered tendencies. Therefore, she tries very hard to turn the tables around and copy the blame from her and on to another person. Although Parris has full power and control at the beginning, Abigail was able, with her dissembling persona, to turn it all against him. She uses brain manipulation to make him believe that she actually is innocent and make him feel guilty for the accusations he's making of her. Abigail says, "I am going to not black colored my face for any of them! Can you begrudge my bed, uncle?", and Parris quickly replied by expressing "No -no". (Function I) This show how she is able to change him into believing her even through her deceiving is placed; for just before this conversation was made by Abigail, Parris was completely persuaded that she was hiding something.

Mind manipulation is also within just how Abigail deals with the girls. To become safe, she threatens the girls and forces those to confess nothing but the actual fact that they danced and Tituba conjured Ruth Putnam's inactive sisters. "Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word, about other things, and I am going to come for you in the black of some horrible night and I'll bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you. And you know I can do it. " (Function I) Through this talk, Abigail was able to manipulate the girls' imagination into thinking they should not confess if not they would get hurt by Abigail. So, head manipulation is achieved through control and meddling with emotions.

Mind manipulation is also achieved through the meddling with thoughts in the manner Abigail handles Danforth. "Let you beware, Mr. Danforth. Think you to definitely be so mighty that the power of Hell may well not transform your wits?" (Function III) This way, Danforth gradually needs Abigail's side and defends her to the very last instant.

Through the theme of mind manipulation in 1984, George Orwell is able to emphasize and express his message. One of Orwell's central communications throughout the novel is that people should start thinking individually and questioning every little aspect in their life. An individual must not admit a corrupt system without questioning it and seeking to produce a change because once a person allows the corruption in a system such as the government, the system can change the individual's brain in ways and eventually the individual would surrender to the system and would be brainwashed eventually by the machine itself. That is clearly proven and emphasized on through the theme of head manipulation in the novel. The actual fact that brain manipulation was achieved through propaganda highlights the actual fact that individuals must be aware of such aspects in life because they impact and affect anyone or everyone easily overtime, even if the individual was alert to the untruthfulness of the issue. Also, the writer raises consciousness about the issue of education and schooling. Parents must be aware of the education and schooling their child is receiving since it basically figures the child's mind as it is obvious in 1984, to the magnitude that the children would betray their own parents with regard to commitment to others. Also, through the theory that control and the meddling of thoughts is used to achieve mind manipulation, the writer conveys his communication of the value of mental durability within an individual's life. An individual should not be weak and invite others that can be played with his emotions regardless of what because eventually the individual will eventually lose control of his own home. Lastly, the meaning that George Orwell conveys through the idea of the utilization of language as a means to mind manipulation is that folks must highly cling onto their terminology and work rarely to build up it because as language gets weaker, being able to communicate one's thoughts and ideas gets more difficult.

Similarly, through the theme of mind manipulation inside the Crucible, Arthur Miller can convey one his most important announcements. The author's communication is an individual should never fully trust another easily, no matter who the person is. For example, although Abigail is Parris's young niece, he should not have presumed her so easily which led to him dropping into her trap. Also, a lot like George Orwell's concept, Arthur Miller stresses the importance of mental and mental strength. If the girls, Parris, and Danforth know about the level of control and ability of meddling with feelings Abigail is wearing them, she'd not have been able to manipulate them the way she performed.

In conclusion, the theme of brain manipulation is clearly central in both novels, 1984 by George Orwell and The Crucible by Arthur Miller. In 1984, it is visible through the Party and its individuals, within the Crucible it is visible through the way Abigail should go about. Her manipulative skills can be viewed through her interacting with Parris, the girls, and Danforth. In both books, this theme assists as a means to mention the authors' information which is the hazards mind manipulation may bring. Individuals who are not aware of mind manipulation and the destruction it can bring would easily fall into the traps of brain control and mind manipulation. As it is seen, in 1984, all individuals of Oceania are victims of head manipulation and in Salem, the whole town is a sufferer of the same storyline.

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