Themes In To Wipe out A Mockingbird British Literature Essay

"Courage is what must be done to stand up and speak", Winston Churchill said this during World Warfare II. In it, he discusses the real interpretation of courage and bravery as well as how a person can illustrate it. Bravery and courage is hard for a person showing; it does not show who's stronger or poor but that can operate for what they have confidence in. For many people, bravery means to do something others would hesitate to do, such as going to conflict and fighting with each other for independence. Bravery and courage also means to stand and battle for something a person is convinced in, not necessarily in a physical combat but by standing up and speaking for what they have confidence in. The theme of bravery is one of the many designs, which Harper showed on her novel To Wipe out a Mockingbird where courage and bravery is shown by Atticus, one of the key personas. Atticus shows bravery and courage by taking a stand and defending an African-American in a courtroom trial even though he knew he would lose it. Folks are brave simply by standing up, talking with what they think is the right thing to do, and what they have confidence in.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, the definition of true bravery exhibited by the type Atticus when he had a discussion with his boy Jem, that standing up for what someone thinks in holds true bravery and courage after Mrs. Dubose (a neighbor) possessed recently passed on, "According to her views she passed on beholden little or nothing and no person. She was the bravest person I ever understood" (112). True bravery shown by taking a stand from what someone thinks in, Atticus desires his child Jem to understand that rather than to mistake the real so this means of courage and bravery. In Atticus's way of explaining it, he claims that true bravery and courage is standing up and defending what someone believes in, even if others believe that it is wrong, like Mrs. Dubose did in the book. Atticus then wishes his children to know that courage and bravery is not identified by possessing any weapon in hands.

In the book, Harper Lee also demonstrates another of the true meanings of true courage when Atticus tells Jem about courage following the conversation they had right after Mrs. Dubose had died, "I needed anyone to see what real courage is rather than you getting the idea that courage is a guy with a gun" (112). Someone who has a gun does not specify real courage and bravery. Atticus knows this better than any one in the storyline because he loathes guns and will not want his children to utilize them or even point them at people. Through this novel courage is shown by the character Atticus in lots of ways and this is one Harper Lee made apparent by demonstrating the courage of a guy who didn't need a weapon to operate a defend that man a defend what he thought was the right move to make even though others disagreed.

Harper Lee showed the theme of bravery in many other aspects; another is when Atticus defended Tom Robinson at a trial of your criminal offense that he accused of by others. The theme of bravery and courage is shown when Atticus is having a talk with Scout (his child) and says her that he'll be defending Robinson in the trial that will need devote a few months, "I'm simply defending a Negro but there has been some high chat around town to the effect that I shouldn't do much about defending this man. From the peculiar case" (75). Despite the fact that Atticus is aware of that he will lose this trial he still will it really because he believes is the right thing to do, even if others don't trust him and a plethora of people insult him for achieving this. To Atticus Finch, it is more important for him to stand up and defend this man than doing what others think is right. He will not need a weapon to do this but his own words to speak up which is what Harper Lee made noticeable on her novel.

Bravery and courage are some of the plenty styles that are mentioned throughout the novel To Eliminate a Mockingbird. Bravery will not mean to take action others would not do, but to really have the courage to operate and talk with what people believe that is the right thing to do. As Atticus do on the book when he defended that man. A person does not need any kind of weapons showing bravery and that Harper Lee proved in her novel. Bravery and courage are things every person may have when they feel they need to rise and defend what they think is important. This is one of the many designs that Harper Lee made noticeable on her book To Wipe out a Mockingbird that proved the true so this means of bravery and courage and this is usually to be applied for each person on the globe when they feel the want to do the right thing and protect their beliefs.

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