Themes inside the Sand Fish

The Fine sand Fish


As a matter of fact, Maha Gargash succeeds in talking about a lot of issues right from the start of the book till its end. Among the main themes or templates she were able to discuss is relationship and polygamy. Noora has to struggle through her life as she is obligated to marry someone she will not love to be able to reside in a abundant life. Her sibling decides to market her as a slave rather than listening to her and rather than letting her taking in guideline of her life. While she thought her life as a wife would be amazing, he also were required to suffer in order to deal with her fellow wives. She also seems that she actually is always ordered to do things she will not want. However, at the end she feels satisfied after delivering her baby because such baby offers her a new hope.

Moreover, Maha indicates the preparations done to each gal before engaged and getting married in the Arab neighborhoods as well as the guidelines of choosing a good wife according to the point of view of people there. Another theme mentioned is the Arab customs and traditions represented in greetings like "Assalamu Alaykom", clothes dressed up by the main characters and customs of matrimony along with respecting old people and serving them. The writer explains how Noora strolls with Jassem in the village while the indegent get close to her and stare at her. She also speaks about how exactly Noora deals with Lateefa and Moza since they are over the age of her and how she listens to them carefully. Furthermore, Maha discussions about how Noora serves his daddy and helps him with the home works. On the other side, Maha talks about betrayal credited to hidden feelings. Because Noora could not permitted to do what she sensed and what she needed to do according to her will, she do everything illegitimate and illicit. She let a stranger touch her and she also betrayed her spouse by being pregnant from someone else. While some readers could believe that what Noora does was adultery, others have a pity party on her behalf because she was at love and she needed you to definitely take care of her. Maha also mentions the partnership between siblings represented in the main one between Noora and Sager. Although they quarrel, they still worry for each and every other. Another discussed theme is death as Noora starts to have memories about her mother Fatma supplying her guidelines and tips regarding how to do something nicely and how to become like a lady. One of the most important topics is metaphysics or superstitions disperse between ignorant and illiterate people as they consider witches have makes and they may take control of everything as well as changing people's future through deceiving them.

Despite the fact that the witch told Jassem he'd have a newborn, it turned out never to be his. In addition, Islamic laws are perfectly stated in the storyline as Maha shows what's Haram and Halal, what is legal and what is unlawful. When Noora makes love with Rashid and Hamad, she seems guilty as she violated the rules of her modern culture and religion. Maha depicts correctly genuine love which arouse between Noora and Rashid before her marriage and exactly how she feels secured and safe when he handled her. She also mentions the feeling of pain relief resulted from the sex between her and Hamad. Besides, Maha implies in her report the technique of self-monologue as Noora helps to keep thinking and talking with herself almost all of the novel in order to talk about her thoughts with the reader and truly exhibit how she seems as well as reacting matching to such feelings. On the other hand, poverty is well explained in the novel of "Sand Fish" as Noora must deal with this problem and not having the ability to do what she has the desire to do because she actually is poor. That is why her brother feels sensible towards her so in retrospect he tells her he cannot find the money for her things. Therefore, he directs her as a bride married in a fresh house where she will get a foundation to rest and good food to eat rather than living a severe life of men between mountains. Though Noora gets hitched, she will not feel happy. However, she manages to survive and adapt at the end.


There are a great deal of characters mentioned in the novel of "Sand Fish". Here they may be as follows
  • Noora-Al-Salmi: the main character of the storyline. She is stubborn and childish at the start. Nevertheless, she can take good care of her house before and after marriage. She also learns how to be a lady. Although she have a whole lot of illicit things, she handles at the end to protect herself and her baby.
  • Sager-Al-Salmi: Noora's friend. Though he is young, he will not want to show his tenderness and thoughts towards his sister because he wants to act such as a man. That's why he delivered her to get committed to a wealthy merchant in order to reside in a good life from poverty and famine.
  • Rashid: a young teenager who comes deeply in love with Noora. Though she discovers him attractive and though he details her, he transforms to forego her by the end in order to accomplish his mother's desire by engaged and getting married to his cousin, Aisha.
  • Ibrahim-Al-Salmi: Noora and Sager's father. Maha represents him as a mad man who lost his brain. However, he's very friendly and he enjoys his daughter a lot.
  • Jassem Saeed Bin-Mattar: Noora's spouse. He's also married to two other wives named Lateefa and Shamsa. Though he seems stern at the start, he turns to be soft and tender once he speaks with Noora and shows her his internal emotions. He also becomes happy when he has learned that she actually is pregnant.
  • Hamad: Jassem's servant. He falls deeply in love with Noora and makes love with her. That is why she becomes pregnant with his child. However, when Noora refuses to avoid with him, he vacations to India. He also steals Jassem's pearls to possess money but Noora requires them from him to be able to put them back the cupboard.
  • Zobaida Bint-Sheer: the witch who lives with her child Dur-Mamad. She is thought to be capable of speak with Jinn and control people's destiny. She also prepares potions and other stuff. She succeeds in deceiving people to take money from them by depending on sorcery. That's why Jassem goes to her and pays off her big money and discover him a remedy so that he would have an infant.


The story discusses a young gal who's seventeen years of age. Her name is Noora and she lives with her brother Sager and her insane father Ibrahim. She belongs to Al-Salmi tribe. Through the entire story, Noora sees herself required to do things she will not wish to accomplish including being unable to marry the person she loves named Rashid, devoid of the ability to choose her future and refuse to marry someone she will not know and lastly being helpless because of not being capable of escaping with the person she liked after her matrimony. She also locates herself in charge of things she is convinced that she actually is so young to do such as taking care of the home work and looking after her daddy and brother. After going right through many ups and downs and after facing a great deal of issues, Noora makes a decision at the end to remain with her man Jassem and manages her baby.


The occasions of the storyline take place in the middle of the nineties at the Gulf countries. The individuals move also in one spot to another through the complete report as Maha Gragash mentions a lot of locations such as Wadeema, Leema and Nassayem. Furthermore, she discusses the life span in desert and between mountains as well as the life of tribes and how they have the ability to make it through in this tough life. She explains the use of wells and the dependence on dates along with exports from other countries like India and Britain so that they could have the ability to have a normal life. Some of these exports are spices and fruits such as turmeric, pomegranate and mangoes. Eventually, Maha talks about the activity of pearl diving and exactly how Arabs used to count upon this trade to be able to earn money.

Narrative voice

Maha depends upon the self-monologue as stated before. In addition, she clarifies her report using the strategy of the third person. Such technique is used to be able to clarify how Maha has learned the profound secrets of every single character and how she predicts and expects their reactions. Furthermore, she efficiently shows their thoughts including their fear just like when she describes Noora's fear that someone might expose her technique of betraying her spouse. On the other side, Maha depends on the strategy of flashback as she instructs the events of her history and instantly, she talks about old recollections and events to be able to attract the interest of visitors as well as providing them with information she feels it's important in order that they could have the ability to know more about a common characters.


Maha Gargash manipulates words perfectly as her selection of dialect and her well reason of people shows how perfect she is in using English though she is an Arab article writer. Her quality in language can also be represented in the implementation of several verbs to be able to describe voices, moments and reactions of encounters as well as gestures. Finally, many readers may find some words problematic for them especially Arab ones but Maha handles to entice their attention and make the tale appealing to their preferences.


The writer Maha Gargash selects an extremely unique name to be able to call its story. Such name symbolizes the activities done by the main character is the storyplot Noora Al- Salmi. As a matter of known fact, Noora is a young girl whose mother is lifeless and she lives with her sibling Sager. Furthermore, her father can be an insane man that will not show any type of commitment towards his children. Because Noora and Sager live an unhealthy life, Sager, exactly like another man within an Arab family, wishes to forget about his sister by getting her married in order not to ever contain the responsibility to become the breadwinner of the family.

That's why he brings two sisters called Gulsom and Sakina to the hut where they reside in order to discover a rich husband for Noora so that she could like a wealthy life from poverty. Quite simply, Gulsom and Sakina are matchmakers. After they appear to Noora's house, they begin to give her tips and recommendations about how exactly to become a good better half as well as examining every single fine detail and aspect in her body from head to toe in order to be sure that she would be perfect for the anticipated bridegroom. Therefore, they begin to maintain her cheeks and touch her skin as well as considering her teeth. They also find out that she's a scar on her behalf chin because she fell when she was playing between rocks. So, they become sad. However, they say that it's not a big deal and that they would find a solution for all your defects in her body through depending on the usage of an assortment of cardamom and milk. Furthermore, they begin to discuss their experience to make young daughters ready to become good brides plus they inform Noora that she actually is lucky because they are here to help her. In addition they say to her something very important; she must give up her take great pride in and dignity in order to live on a good life. This is due to simple fact that if she decides to speak or discuss, her husband would kick her out of home and she'll find no location to go or to live. That's why she must be silent.

Noora is very frightened and she hopes that Sakina and Gulsom would find something wrong in her body which wouldn't normally specify her to get committed. However, her desires are in vain when she discovers that both sisters are happy. That's when Noora starts off to feel just like the sand fish after becoming unhappy and alone in the hut. Within the next chapter, Noora is wandering between the mountains of the Arabian Desert where the desert is scorching when she hears and considers a unusual lizard. Because she actually is scared, she begins to call her sibling Sager to come and help her. Then, they discover that this lizard is a sand seafood and it begins to go quickly. That is why it hurts itself and starts to bleed. Noora asks Sager to carry the sand seafood to be able to help it; however the lizard tries to escape. Then, instantly it jumps into the air and is placed on the ground. Noora and Sager feel that it is inactive but it survives.

At once, Sager explains to Noora that he wastes his time with her as he has a lot of duties. When Noora hears this expression, she considers that her brother says her to be able to feel important and to be able not to allow her to reply. Then, when Sager and Noora bring buckets of water to bring them back, Noora rolls up her dress so that she could have the ability to walk. That's when Sager becomes upset and asks her to cover her legs. Noora tells him that she does not do anything wrong and she has the to respond whatever she desires. Then, Sager replies by declaring that she is now a female and she cannot do actions of girls. She is now a grownup lady. Noora becomes annoyed and starts to keep in mind the guidelines her mother Fatma used to give her such as combing her wild hair and putting kohl to be able to look neat and clean. Noora also notices that Sager is beginning to get away from his boyhood and become a man. However, she actually is unhappy because he does not show his feelings towards her and starts to motivate her away. When she results to the hut, she locates her dad Ibrahim preparing food. Ibrahim will not exactly separate between your roles of women and men as he is convinced these roles need to be compatible. He also begins to speak to her about their tribe Al-Salmis and how the leader of the tribe known as Ahmed contributes in the devastation of the tribe because he was selfish. Ahmed, in fact, violated the guidelines which state that tribes must not touch or drink from wells that not participate in them.

However, Ahmed drank from the well of the Hararees tribe plus they killed him. That's why no one from the tribe of Al-Salmi is remaining except Noora's family. After that, Ibrahim starts to listen to the voices no else hears and commences to speak to Noora as if she is someone else as well as spitting at her face. Then, Noora calls for him inside the hut to relax. Sager says his sister that he could ask someone to help their dad get better. This person is Zobaida Bint-Sheer and she is a witch. She is able to speak to Jinn; the spirits mentioned in the Holy Koran and manufactured from open fire. Although Noora disagrees at the beginning, her brother manages to encourage her.

While they are going to Zobaida, they go by Mazoolah, a small town where their relatives from other mother's aspect live. After speaking about the issue of the father with the aunt Moza and their friends Saif, Abdullah and Muhammed, Sager and Noora tell them they are going to give Zobaida money to cure their daddy. However, the friends tell them that Zobaida is busy with a fresh rich consumer who originates from a much distance. Then, Moza shows that Noora and Sager must give Zobaida honey rather than coins to become able to meet and speak to her. Fortunately, they manage to find some bees after giving the village and capture them. When Noora asks Sager about his patterns towards her and who the wealthy man he and his friends are discussing is, he tells her that he is sad because he is unable to supply her well and he's angry with their father because he will not allow her to get wedded. He also gives that he cannot hold the responsibility of both of them and that's why she must marry a wealthy man in order to truly have a good life. Finally, Noora and Sager reach Nassayem where Zobaida, the witch, lives. However, guys who were participating in there that was Faraj Al-Mugami, the youngest child of Sheikh Khaled the first choice of the tribe, attack both protagonists departing them without any wood or honey.

Now, they will not have the ability to go to Zobaida. Actually, those boys inform them that Zobaida has a son and she acquired transformed him into your dog. They call him Dur-Mamad plus they start to attack him. Later, Dur-Mamad, the young young man, come to Sager and Noora and kisses their donkey as a sign to follow him. Once they meet Zobaida, she tells them that they does something special as they defended her own son. She also explains to them that she can help Ibrahim by setting up a potion that could make him a mild man. However, he'll be mad. Before they leave, Noora and Sager are very stunned as Zobaida says that they have another problem would have to be solved. She says Sager that he is worry about his sister because she is old now and he becomes the person of the family. Therefore, she explains to the protagonists that the sole solution is to find her a spouse in order to get committed. Noora, of course, becomes irritated and waits beyond your hut till Zobaida and Sager surface finish their talk.

Then, Noora goes to stay with her aunt Moza and finds out that she has a upper body where she helps to keep a whole lot of amazing textiles. Then, Noora makes a decision to sew some clothes for her instead of holding them without the goal. Moza is happy because she finally finds out that these fabrics will be worthless. At the same time Noora considers why her sibling didn't come to get her as she believe two men at the same house will never be able to endure without a female. While staying with the old female, Noora hears the footsteps of someone but she does not have the capability to see him or her due to the snore of Moza. However, she finally discovers that he is a man, but she maintains requesting herself why he sneaks during the night and why he will not show himself.

Eventually, she handles to see him and speak to him. He tells Noora that he knows everything about her and that he seems sorry for what took place to her and her family. In spite of the fact that he won't tell Noora his name at the beginning, he finally agrees and says that his name his Rashid. Noora believes that Rashid appears familiar to her and then he tells her to meet him at the much well tomorrow. He also says to her that she does not have to remain with the old girl the whole day because nobody will notice her absence and she can say that she'll go for a walk. Then Rashid fades away in the shadows. In the next day, Noora begins to believe whether to look or not to go. She starts to talk with herself about the reactions towards her if she makes a decision to meet Rashid during the night and if people of the village have the ability to capture her.

She wonders if indeed they will send her home to her sibling or conquer her or lock her up. It is because women always take the whole responsibility for everything. She considers that nothing will happen to Rashid because he's a guy while she will have to put up with and bear the results of her activities. Finally, Noora takes the chance and would go to meet Rashid. She actually is excited and frightened at the same time because she understands that Rashid is one of her brother's friends who had joined up with others for breakfast time outside the hut of Moza. She is happy because this is the first time for her to stay with someone only; a person who is a guy not a youngster and who is very worried about her wellbeing. After that, Rashid motivates her to go to a place which he feels Noora should and he instructs her that his intentions towards her are commendable. He's right because he shows Noora a very beautiful cave provided with a pool of water that can fit ten individuals. Noora becomes very happy and starts to stretch her legs in to the water. Rashid, subsequently, begins to compliment her eyes, tells her they are so beautiful which she should never cover them. Noora begins to think that Rashid truly cares about her. Then, he explains to the protagonist that they must go home before it is too past due in order never to let anyone know that she was beyond your hut. Rashid and Noora used to meet at the cave each and every night time without anyone noticing so when Moza asks Noora about her absence, Noora explains to her that she strolls for a long distance.

One day a woman named Hessa Bint-Ali came to go to Moza along with her niece Aisha and Aisha's mom called Khadeeja. Aisha is promised to marry the son of Hessa. Then, Hessa starts off to talk to Moza about how Aisha was ill and exactly how she experienced lost a lot of weight. On the other side, Noora shows her skills in embroidery and her aunt Moza spreads the news between the women of the town. Nevertheless, no person is considering the talent of sewing clothes nonetheless they do not mind take benefit of such talent to attain their benefits. In spite of the fact that Noora starts to feel guilty because she hides a technique from her aunt that breaks the guidelines of the Arab tribal modern culture where she lives, she neglects her thoughts when she starts thinking about Rashid and his kind lovely gestures. After that, Hessa provides Noora some fabrics and asks her to sew the bridal gown plus some clothes for her daughter-in-law to be able to prepare her for relationship. Hessa also tells Noora that she is scared because she believes that a peculiar girl will steal her son away from her and his awaited bride.

When Noora meets Rashid at night, she says him about her meeting with Hessa. She says that she feels as though Hessa blames her for something though she complimented her pores and skin. On the other hand, Rashid says to Noora that he's not thinking about this talk and that he would like to talk about him and Noora. He instructs her that he cannot eat or rest or do anything because he continues thinking of her all day long. Even though Noora feels poor because of his conversation and this she feels vulnerable, she becomes helpless. That's why she starts to improve subject and tells Rashid that he may use this pool as a system of falaj to be able to irrigate plants. All of the sudden, Rashid becomes upset and asks her to stop discussing this subject matter because this is his place and he has all the to show it to whoever he wants. In addition, he explains to her that he gets the desire to discuss both of them. Instantly, he asks Noora that he desires to marry her.

In the next day, she will keep thinking of what Rashid has told her while she actually is busy sewing clothes for Aisha's wedding. When Moza perceives her, she realizes that her face is glowing and asks her if she is happy because of being with her. Noora replies with yes but she desires to tell her the true reason. Nevertheless, she remains silent as Rashid tells her not to talk to anyone unless he asks for her hand formally from her sibling Sager. After such proposal provided by Rashid, Noora starts to feel that her conferences with him get started never to become illegitimate or illicit. At the same day when Noora satisfies her enthusiast, she asks him how he is going to speak to Sager to be able to marry her. Noora explains to him that her sibling might not agree because he sometimes listens to others' items of view, Rashid says that he has the capacity to talk to Sager and encourage him. Then both of these start to converse about their life in the future together.

However, when Noora asks Rashid about the name of his family, he becomes impatient and explains to her that she doesn't need to learn because he'll be her family. Then, he instructs her that she actually is treated just like a savage and she actually is always alone. Suddenly, Noora starts to cry and both of them get started to quarrel and drive each other. Finally, she dropped into normal water and her clothes become moist. She feels exposed and she attempts to cover her body with her hands in order never to make Rashid notice its format. Then he comes near to her and asks her to forgive him for what he did. When she will try to move him away because she seems she has to, she could not avoid as she becomes seduced towards him. Her heart and soul starts defeating while Rashid grabs her towards his embrace. He helps to keep telling her that he wishes both of them to melt into the other person and that he loves her much. Then, he begins kissing her eyes when Noora begins to assume that they have to stop. Abruptly, she instructs him in a firmness full of power that she has to look now. She actually is happy but guilty because she seems that she's done something sinful. However, God is good to her as the sky was raining and now she has a justification to describe why her clothes were damp. She has a mixture of thoughts: happy, unhappy, guilty and excited. She is sad because she possessed overlooked the downpour to become with Rashid. When she gets to the village, she pledges herself not to let Rashid touch her again till they become hitched.

On the other part, Noora realizes that Hessa possessed a combat with her son because he will not want to marry Aisha and then he disappears. Noora becomes perplexed because she will not know what the purpose of the wedding clothes would be. Hessa is upset and sad at the same time because she feels her kid is ridiculous as he won't marry his cousin. She also starts to hint in her speech while discussing with Noora that someone wicked might have convinced her son to refuse such marriage. Then she asks Noora why she did not walk as always and just why she didn't get back to her home. Noora replies that she actually is tired and this she will come back home very soon. Out of the blue, Noora becomes stunned when Hessa dreams the coming back of her child Rashid. The protagonist begins to speculate if Hessa's boy was her cherished Rashid or a different one. Then Rashid involves see her and notify her that it is unproductive for both of these to get married because he must comply with the wishes of his mom to marry his cousin. Noora is astonished and asks him about his promises to her. Then she makes a decision to get back home. From then on, she realizes that her daddy, just like Rashid, was ended up and she was devastated. Sager calms her with his nice words and gives her lot of gifts that is a band made of gold. Noora becomes dubious and asks him how he managed to get all this money. He explains to her that he received help from Zobaida and a merchant client who was going to her. Then Noora asks her sibling what Zobaida and this merchant would have in substitution for saving the witch's child Dur-Mamad. Sager instructs her that she must marry this abundant merchant in order to reside a prosperous life away from poverty. Then, he commences to provide her with information relating to this groom.

His name is Jassem Saeed Bin-Mattar. He is already committed to two wives and has a major house. However, Sager instructs her sister that she does not need to worry since those two wives will end up like her sisters. Noora becomes angry and blames Sager for listening to this old witch and when planning on taking decisions regarding her life rather than her. Then, she instructs him that she will not be such bride-to-be for this product owner. Nevertheless, her brother forces her to marry this man so in retrospect Sakina and Gulsom learn to put together her as a bride-to-be by showering her with products and clothes. Then, Sheikh Kahled, Faraj's dad, along with her brother, two witnesses and the bridegroom come to do the relationship. Later, Jassem becomes angry because Noora operates nervously and does not want to go with him. At the end, he needs her to a new place called Wadeema.

When she happens to her new home, Noora realizes that she will live with Latifa, the first partner of Jassem and the oldest one along with Shamsa his second partner. Noora begins to have her marital life while sailing with the vessel of her husband. She also fits Juma Bin-Humaid, Shamsa's daddy and she feels that he has something to say. Noora was true because Juma says to Jassem that he's miserable for his child because she is still not prepared to accept a second fellow partner. Jassem becomes angry to learn that his better half went to see her daddy without his agreement. When finally Noora gets to the marital house, Yaqoota, a maid there, begins to show her everything. The, Noora asks her in what her obligations are as a wife. Yaqoota replies that she will need to have your baby as the other two wives didn't so in retrospect the house is childless. Therefore, Noora begins to think that such baby would give her the chance to keep Jassem from arriving to her every single night time and would fill up her empty hours. That is why she gets happy when she understands that she will be left by itself as Jassem will India. On the other hand, Jassem begins to get upset as he loses wish of having a child, according from what was stated by the witch. That's when he blames Noora for not doing her job as a partner and rather than making love with her, he commences to speak. Noora confirms this nice and begins to respond to his discussions with a laugh. Besides, he informs her about his work which is collecting pearls from seas.

He also teaches her how to do calculations and becomes friendly with her. However, Noora notices that whenever sunshine rises, Jassem gets his stern face back again. Maha Gargash, the author, goes to clarify another aspect of Noora's life which how her fellow wives treat her. While Lateefa works as a mom, Shamsa cannot stand her and tells her that Jassem might throw her away when he gets bored stiff of her. Noora starts to fret and think though she is aware of that she shares certain intimacy with him. Nevertheless, one night time he instructs her that he's annoyed with the magic in her sight which she cannot deceive him ever again. Noora did not what to do and she actually is scared that could she become useless and be kicked out of our home. Furthermore, Yaqoota tells Noora that Hamad, who works on her behalf husband on his fishing boat, would like to see her. This was very strange on her behalf to be asked by unmarried man to meet her is not regular. However, all he wanted from Noora was stitching his father's clothes so that he can use them at work.

One day, Jassem tells his wives that he is not heading to India as there are forget about pearls in the sea. Noora starts to think about poor divers who will not have the ability to support their families. Jassem also tells his wives that he will go to Leema while they'll go to Om Al-Sanam. In addition, Lateefa would like her mirror so in retrospect she chooses to send Noora and Hamad to look for it. Before the journey commences, Hamad talked with Noora about his dreams and how he wanted to be considered a diver but he failed. Noora starts to feel near him and that's why she keeps revealing herself that he is like a sibling to her. As a result, she begins calling him sibling Hamad. Furthermore, Noora continues asking herself why Lateefa wants that mirror so very bad but she will not find an answer. After they come to Wadeema, Noora falls and hits her brain while searching for the reflection. Therefore, Hamad comes close to her and starts off kissing her bruise. Since that time, they stopped calling each other brother and sister. Though Noora feels that what she performed was incorrect, she thought that it was right. When Noora dates back to Lateefa, Lateefa continues requesting her questions and details her bruise. She asks her what the reason behind the bruise was. Noora says that she knocked her brain onto the entranceway.

At that second, Lateefa stops asking questions while Noora becomes very worried by her silence. When Hamad and Noora are collecting Henna for Lateefa as she asked them, she explains to Hamad that she is worried Hamad again comes near to Noora and asks her to divorce Jassem because he wishes to be with her. When she asks him what she would do with her spouse and that he'd not acknowledge, Hamad tells her that they will figure something away. He informs her that he'll dive and find a major pearl in order that they could be capable of geting married. Noora instructs him that he cannot because he has an ache in his ears because of diving before, but Hamad says that he'll handle this matter. After they go back to Wadeema to get what Lateefa wanted, Noora and Hamad make love together. However, when Jassem comes home from India, Noora is not satisfied to see her hubby as she wants to be happy again with Hamad. Hamad instructs her to take the pearls of Jassem and he would not notice, Noora of course becomes furious. Surprisingly, she is shocked when she realizes that she is pregnant and she maintains thinking about what is going to eventually her when they learn about her betrayal. Noora of course knows that the infant in her tummy is Hamad's. So, he comes her one night time and shows her the pearl he stole from Jassem. He asks her to load up everything because they will leave. When Noora refuses because she cannot go, Hamad never shows himself again. Before disappearing, he says her that Lateefa set up for all their relationship to make her pregnant so that she can get your baby for Jassem. Later, Noora has learned from Lateefa that he has still left in order to find another job in India. Noora becomes relieved and only at the same time. She also understands that Shamsa asked to be divorced and that she continues now at her father's house. At the end of the storyline, Noora delivers the infant by herself and sets him in his crib while speaking with him. She instructs him that he will not do the flaws she committed and that he will have a better life than her.

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