Travelling Makes People Explore The World

The story starts off with the word "Every once in awhile life sends you a person who is so surprising that you ponder how you ever before lived without them. "(Shah). Tahir is in search of this "someone" who can transform his life and is in search for a tale that is within his heart. After his family go for a vacation, he also blueprints to go on a vacation. "He made his way to south of Casablanca, on the path to Marrakech. "(Shah). He went on this trip to be able to search the story in his heart and soul. He was very restless. He had taken a good start from a truck that was very old looking and the drivers had to avoid every half-an-hour to pump air into the tires. Tahir asked the driver weather he previously a story in his center. The drivers said that his heart is full of pain anticipated to smoking too much when he was young. Both arrived of the pickup truck too force it as it possessed stopped. Tahir decided not to accompany the drivers further and went to a close by caf. It was a nameless caf. He was really the only customer there but still it had taken the waiter 5 minutes to get his eyes. He ordered a coffee. While he was having his espresso a well-dressed personality came into. "He was six feet two, broad shouldered, and moved confidently", said Shah. The waiter made the person sit with Tahir as he said that they both acquired a interconnection as they both were travelers. The man's name was Yousef. He discussed Yousef that he was in search for a story within his heart. Tahir informed him that individuals of morocco thought that there have been streams working under the ground. In trade Yousef replied that the channels weren't of water these were channels of words. Then left the caf. Tahir travelled in one community to the other, pleading for experiences. Then waited for a bus to Casablanca. He fulfilled a officer and the officer told him that he will not find any bus at the moment and so he contacted Tahir to come to his home. The official lived by themselves and his family is at Marrakech. The officer offered him a mint tea and they started chatting. Tahir also informed him that he is browsing for a story in his heart and soul. The officer advised him that he had a tale. The officer informed him a tale of a young man who was very restless and would run from one destination to another browsing for a teacher who could train him something of value. He fulfilled a sage and the sage advised him to visit far and wide. He must find the happiest man in the world so when he finds him he must ask him for his shirt. On his travel, he attained a variety of people; some were wealthy while others were very poor. He asked them if indeed they recognized who the happiest man in the world was nonetheless they didn't know the answer. "He traveled his own kingdom and visited another kingdom and another. "(Shah). On his pursuit, once when he was tired he sat under a tree and slipped of his shoes. While he was resting there he been told a noisy laughter noise. Corresponding to Shah, "It had been so loud that the birds didn't roost, but circled round and around. And it was so thunderous that it caused the leaves to show up off the tree. " The man then following audio of the laughter arrived near a lake from where he saw a tiny house with an island. The person could not see a motorboat so he jumped into the water and swam to the island. After achieving the island the man knocked at the entranceway. When he found that there is no reply he pressed the door and saw a vintage man sitting on a carpet. The old man acquired a large turban on his head. "He was laughing so wildly that tears were rolling down his cheeks. " (Shah). The old man retained laughing and advised him replied to him that he was the happiest man on earth. He then pointed out that the old man didn't wear any shirt. As the old man unwounded his turban, the man recognized that he was the sage who got sent him on this voyage. He asked the sage that why didn't tell him that he was the happiest man on the planet at the first place. The sage replied that he did not tell him because he desired him to experience certain things and also wanted him to meet various people if he would have advised him in the first level he wouldn't have been treated. Tahir thanked the police officer for the story. Then sat alone and thought very relaxed. "His chest started to warm up and his mouth had been shut. His sight were wide open. " (Shah). He could have the same story in his heart and soul. The official then advised him that everyone has a tale in his or her heart.

Travelling to new countries offers life a wonderful experience and helps teach a person about the ethnicities and traditions of this country. Exploring is something that teaches a person many things as one can have many interactions with strangers and can help one learn many new reasons for having him as well. I had fashioned a sensational experience within my journey to United States of America. My main aim or my objective for heading to America was for an educational goal. I wanted to learn more about the country and wished to explore it. I had visited America in the entire year 2007. It had been ten days school trip. I really liked my trip with my friends and I also got to learn many new things on my trip. We were also combined with our professors. My trip was essentially centered an educational based mostly. They were very helpful and cheerful. We seen Washington DC, New York and Florida. The experience was great and thrilling. We stopped at many important landmarks, museums and also many memorials. These places would help me learn about the history of America. Wherever we went we'd always try to get more and more information about this particular area or place as it could help increase my understanding of that place. People were very friendly in America. I did not believe that I was away from my home country. The individuals were amazing. They were very useful and cheerful. My experience taught me a lot of things. It helped me understand how to live an independent life. I had formed to do simply by myself. No-one would load up my totes or flat iron my clothes; everything was to be achieved by me. I had fashioned seen a transformation in myself. I got becoming independent. It had been the best connection with my life. The trip also helped me improve my communication skill. By speaking and meeting different people in the hotel as well around the town, it felt like I belonged to that country. The trip was very helpful. By going with friends it would help improve social development and rises maturity in a person. My love for travel has increased following this experience. The way I go through the outside world has modified. This experience has given me many unforgettable memories and in addition has helped me transform myself.

The connection with Tahir Shah is in a way related to my travel experience. He was browsing for the storyplot in his heart, whereas I had been browsing for education as it was during my school days and I wanted to grasp all the knowledge about the country. Tahir was restless to find the history in his center. He achieved many people and got various connections with them and finally found the story in his heart. I used to be also restless about increasing as much knowledge as I can. I found many new people and my connections with them helped me gain understanding of their culture and traditions. I had an excellent and joyful experience. It has transformed my entire life. Before I used to fear from speaking with strangers, however now I am very assured as I had an event which transformed me. Tahirs experience was very unique for him. He previously found the storyplot in his heart and soul. On my way to America, I was

Travel excursions are something that every person must go for. Traveling makes people explore the planet as well as explore one's own life. Travelling can be a wonderful experience. From your story written by Tahir Shah, we come to know how restless he was to get the storyline in his heart. He travelled completely to south of Casablanca and found the storyplot in his center. When I went to America I too was restless like Tahir because I got in search for increasingly more education.

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Shah, Tahir. In Arabian Times: a Caravan of Moroccan Dreams. NY: Bantam, 2008. Print out.

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