Wag The Dog | Movie Analysis

The movie entitled Wag your dog was directed by Barry Levinson in 1997 that was about the way in which marketing can divert the publics attention on the presidents intimacy scandal with a firefly lady. The characters of the movie do that by creating a fake war with the united states Albania that was recommended by Conrad Brean (performed by Robert De Niro) who was simply one of the main characters in the movie. They could divert the complete sex scandal situation through the experience of a film designer called Stanley Motts (played out by Dustin Hoffman). The mass media uses images, icons and signs in order to get the public's attention on conditions that may not make a difference to them but what they may need to 'complete' their lives. This is derived from the idea of the postmodern time where our brains are being high in such images, signs and symbols. The public will think that it is truth yet it is the media's version of 'truth'. This is actually the style where Motts uses to derive the general public away from the president's intimacy scandal.

At the beginning landscape of the movie, the environment was dark and mysterious as Conrad and the president's advisors were talking about the problem of the sex scandal and finding out means of diverting the general public from that issue. Through this, we can see that particular setting can be used to imply the secretiveness of any dark setting because so many disclosed plans are created underground or under a tunnel from the public. This is represented the same manner as in world in the present day where most gang people do the same. We are able to already see Conrad's identity as being requiring, cynical and smart as he is the one who has the notion of the fake battle with Albania. He is the first choice of the complete operation and has to make certain that all will go well according to plan. Stanley Motts is seen as an average Hollywood designer that Conrad trips to insist him on producing his fake war. Stanley Motts operates similar to any other film producer in today's day as all they ever think about is credit towards a particular project and to become famous by attaining something great.

The idea of Conrad suggesting Albania is to show that the country is small and he knew that Albania all together have not done anything deceitful to America. As explained in the movie, Anne Heche who is Conrad helper says that she understands "nothing" and in response Conrad says, "They seem to be shifty, standoffish". This is similar to the present day where the bullies in school 'find on' the weaker children identical to America 'picking on' Albania to bully them.

We can easily see that Conrad and Motts had the same ideology of creating a warfare to divert the controversy from the general public. As the word states, "Great thoughts think alike". As any other politician, Conrad knows how to play the game as he offers Motts a position of being an ambassador, however Motts wishes to do it for the fun it. This shows how manipulative a politician can be to get his/her way by talking about ways of giving them an incentive which in this case was the positioning of any ambassador. However, whatever politician say might not continually be true even through their type of skills as they try to 'spin' the information on someone, in cases like this Conrad does indeed this on Motts to encourage and inspire him to create his fake warfare. Out of this, we can say that Conrad is referred to as the president's spin doctor because he relies on Conrad to make the situation change away from the general public connoting the close relationship shown by the leader and Conrad.

During the landscape of creating the war, Motts runs on the simple teenage lady to experiment with the role of your Albanian woman to re-enact her in a conflict zone, however, the lady was possessing a carrier of chips rather than a white kitten as Motts could not find the kitten he required. As shown in the movie, the white kitten was edited later rather than the carrier of chips to imply how mass media can easily experiment with images using modern technology which the general public will not learn about and will feel that it is real. The white kitten that was edited in the picture is to indicate innocence, calmness and purity onto the general public and make them more enthusiastic about the lost female at war rather than the president's gender scandal. We can already observe how the multimedia quickly changes people's imagination into another remarkable concern accessible which is similar in our contemporary culture where we get saturated into certain advertisements, such as an advert for Disneyland where we are in a hyperreal world and both realities of press and the real world are blurred in as you.

Another indication of politics is shown within the movie where Conrad and Anne are experiencing a dialogue with a CIA agent proclaiming that the Albanian warfare is all a hoax. We can observe how Conrad 'spins' and twists the information on the CIA agent to change the whole statement convincing him that the war is 'real'. At the same time, we see another area of Anne as she does not seem to be involved with the procedure which ultimately shows her cowardly part of her persona due to the penalties that she may face. Another sign of innocence, calmness and purity was shown through the producing of the battle where a young 'Albanian' woman offers the president an offering of assisting her and her mom. At exactly the same time, the leader offers his layer to the young girl's mom to point that he's presenting her shelter and pity towards her emotions due her suffering in the battle.

Motts severally says within the movie that, "This is nothing" connoting that as a film company, one is to be ready for mishaps that might occur in the type of producing and find ways to build up the original idea to convince the general public that the 'war' is still alive. How he says, "That is nothing", he was very quiet about any of it as he recognized what he was doing being truly a Hollywood film company, similar to what Hollywood providers would act in the present day. He named it as Function Two where we see the introduction of the 'war hero' Schumann. The music used in the movie has both a military services melody and a countrywide tune. By way of a military melody, it is the fact that it has a 2 by 4 rhythm signifying that the government are marching onto warfare or during war as shown at the beginning of the movie and during Schumann's funeral. Thus giving the impression of hard-looking and brutal men using their upper body out and shoulder blades upright and also being tidy. At exactly the same time, there is a national tune that is sung by the choir similar to the style to the tune of the past due Michael Jackson with various painters known as 'We are the world'. This connotes the patriotism that is discovered through the sounds. This is done to help make the public 'fall season in love' with the track, affect their emotions and feel happy to be an American as well as to make them forget about the intimacy scandal controversy.

At Schumann's funeral, a puppy is shown next to the casket as it has been carried off my other military to show the commitment and faithfulness that the dog has towards Schumann even though it is not real. With this taking place, Motts does not feel comfortable as he must the truth hence the term, 'Letting the cat from the package' as he wished to expose all that had happened since it all searched real and genuine towards the public. However, again we see how the game of politics is played as Conrad delivers for his men to get rid of Motts as he was going to tell the truth. We can see that Conrad only used Motts for producing his battle and there is no use for Motts any longer displaying how manipulative Conrad was when he was convincing Motts to agree with the production. It is better to keep a secret than to let it out because one cannot trust anyone but especially in cases like this, politicians, as they can be deceiving.

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