Watership Down By Richard Adams English Literature Essay

The e book I choose to learn for my show up semester book report was Watership Down by Richard Adams. I decided on this reserve because I had formed heard about it before and got the impression that it was a vintage and interesting booklet to read. The other reason for choosing this book was because I put already read lots of the catalogs on the publication list and I needed to read something new.

In chapters 1-5 of Watership Down we have been introduced to some of the main characters of the e book, Hazel and Fiver. Both Hazel and Fiver are rabbits however they talk to the other person as humans do, also, they are brothers and have a feeling of obligation to a family in the same way humans do. The e book also identifies them with human-like features and personalities. When we meet Hazel and Fiver they are in a field eating, when they stumble after what is defined by Richard Adams to be a housing structure site. Hazel and Fiver try to decipher the indication with lines on it, but Fiver goes into a panic and they quickly leave the site back to the warren, their home. The rabbits seem to possess their own politics just as humans do; they may have search rankings of rabbits predicated on size and weight. You can find the principle rabbit that overlooks the warren, and then there will be the "Oswala" which is to the rabbits the actual National Guard or the military is to humans. That nights Fiver has a problem and tells Hazel that they must tell the principle, Threarah, of their discovery and that great hazard will befall the warren if the rabbits do not leave. Here we meet Bigwig who's a rabbit in the Oswala and defends the chief. Fiver points out to the principle the premonition in his nightmare but is overlooked and Bigwig is scolded for allowing the brothers interrupt the chief's rest. The next day Hazel and Fiver are discussing the discussion with the principle with Blackberry and Dandelion, their friends, when Bigwig shows up and talks about he has left the Oswala and wishes to leave the warren with them and they will try to persuade other rabbits to come. In Watership Down the rabbits seem to be to truly have a sense of community and friendship equally humans do. The group that decides to leave includes 11 rabbits Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig, Pipkin, Dandelion, Hawkbit, blackberry, Buckhorn, Silver precious metal, Acorn, and Speedwell. Because they gather the leader of the Oswala involves arrest the group thinking they want to overthrow the chief, but Bigwig episodes and causes the Oswala to retreat, and the group leaves. All of the rabbits have their own labels equally humans but up to now the book has not mentioned any previous labels, rabbits are discovered by what "burrow" they reside in. The "burrow" is each rabbit's home. It also seems that the rabbits have their own regulations and the Oswala serve as a police force who arrest rabbits who break those laws and regulations. In the same way humans arrest criminals. In the fifth section the group is gradually crawling through the woods, they seem to obtain given Hazel the role of the leader and have a organized pecking order, the largest rabbits at the very top. Hazel realizes the group is tense and stressed and says Dandelion to tell them a tale as they rest.

Chapters 6-10 commence with Dandelion revealing to the storyplot of El-ahrairah, the rabbit folk hero. El-ahrairah is referred to as the rabbits Robin Hood and is a story that the rabbits bottom part their religion on, and explains the creation of the Earth and the pets or animals, equally the Bible does indeed for humans. While Dadelion is revealing the storyline to the group a badger shows up out of the bush and frightens the rabbits away. It would appear that the rabbits in this story have their own vocabulary and that they cannot speak to other animals as humans. As the rabbits are jogging away they stumble apon a river and Fiver chooses that they need to mix but only the strongest rabbits can swim. Bigwig travel across the river first to make sure it is safe, Bigwig comes back with the news headlines that there is big dog in the woods and that it is headed their way. Hazel decides they must mix but Pipkin is wounded and cannot swim. Blackberry then arises with the idea of puttin Pipkin on a bit of hardwood and floating him across when he saw a bit of plywood on top of the water and deducted that if you put something on top of that wood it could float as well. The other rabbits are appalled and say that rabbit's cannot float but with little options they go through with the plan plus they all get across properly. Blackberry's breakthrough mystifies the other rabbits, except for Fiver who understand wht occurred. This implies that the rabbits can handle reasoning and inventing new ideas even if their modern culture is underdeveloped this can be a parallel with humans and the thirst for knowledge.

In chapters 11 to 15, The greater you get into the story a lot more it appears like the rabbits are people who are fleeing their homes because of religious persecution or war. Throughout chapter 11 the rabbits travel through hard ground until they come to the perfect field. As the rabbits are eating they start building holes to stay in but it is described that cash (male rabbits) do not usually build the burrows, usually it is the does (woman rabbits). This is a good example of the way the rabbit's culture is comparable to our own where there are different jobs for men and women and there is sexism in their society just as there exists in our own. They soon see a strange rabbit observing them and finally Hazel and Blackberry venture out to meet him. Just like in human population Richard Adams mentions that the rabbits have their own ways of greeting one another, it is sometimes formal and it is sometimes and informal greeting. The weird rabbit is uncommonly healthy and has a distinct "healthy smell" as well a shiny coat. He introduces himself as Cowslip and Hazel discovers his types of speaking and actions strange. That is a good example of the mixing of cultures between two rabbit societies in which both parties find the other strange. This is similar from what happens when two human being cultures interact which is usually reacted to with acceptance or violence. Cowslip invites the group back to his warren and operates off before the storm comes. It is made a decision that the rabbits will go to the warren, but Fiver is reluctant and believes they need to avoid. As Hazel and the group enter Cowslip's warren they see it is different from other own. They find that warren has no chief and does not fear predators because there are none. As the rabbits mingle Hazel complies with Strawberry who shows Hazel natural stone artwork that perplexes him. Hazel hasn't heard of rabbits creating art and also realizes Strawberry will not answer any question you start with "where". The rabbits discover many new reasons for having the strange warren and their culture. For the first time they listen to a rabbit laugh which frightens them. The group sleeps in the warren for the night and a woken to Strawberry who explains to them that there surely is "good food" outside (carrots) and that whenever they go to accumulate it they usually carry the food back in their mouths and store it in the burrows. Fiver becomes angry and says there is something unnatural to the stranger's methods. Up to now in the e book it appears this unusual warren is a rabbit utopia, humans kills all the predators and leaves carrots out for the rabbits, but Fiver recognizes there is something suspicious about the humans and does not trust it. Bigwig becomes upset with Fiver and says they can live as happily as Cowslip and his warren. When all the rabbits gather they ask for a story so Dandelion determines to share with "THE STORYPLOT of the Kings Lettuce". Dandelion and others are pleased to share a tale from other own warren because they thought themselves to be the best storytellers and wanted to show that to Cowslip and his warren. That is another example of how the rabbits social intermingling is to our own, they may be rivalling and each part thinks themselves to be better and confirm that they result from the better team. "THE STORYLINE of the Kings Lettuce" is again about the rabbit's spiritual idol El-ahrairah and how rabbits came to utilize methods and cunning to make it through.

In chapters 16 to 20, After Dandelion has advised his story they are simply sure it will impress the other warren, because it is a classic story and he previously told it very well. The other warren is not impressed though and say that they do not inform those types of stories any more and belive rabbits need dignity, not stunts. It appears that both warrens have different ideals and the way the life of any rabbit should be resided as well. A rabbit known as Silverweed goes on to reciet a poem, something Hazel and others had never read before, and are impressed. Fiver feels the poem is a monstrosity and starts insulting the other rabbits. After Hazel and Fiver left the burrow Bigwig becomes angry and says that Fiver might well have detroyed their relationship with Cowslip and the others. The next day Hazel wakes up to find Fiver going out of the warren with or without others. Hazel will try to convice Fiver another and Bigwig becomes angry and says that Fiver is merely looking to get everyone to follow him. As Bigwig changes to return to the warren he gets got in a snare. While Bigwig is struggling and choking he explains to the others that they need to dig out the peg in the ground. This trap was obviously set by humans who play a huge role in this booklet. It appears that not only do the rabbits have to dread predators but also individuals traps they have no way to safeguard themselves from. Fiver then works for help and Blackberry comes and can figure out ways to get Bigwig out of the trap, but by that point Bigwig has quit moving. Blackberry then talks about that Cowslip and others refused to come and help and even ignored him completely. Bigwig angrly gets up and says he will eliminate Cowslip. As everyone moves off to get rid of the other rabbits Fiver calmes them down and says them he has figured out why this warren is so strange. The snares are there for the rabbits by the farmer that feeds them. The rabbits find out about the snares but dismiss them in favor of creating skill and poetry. The warren is a loss of life trap, no rabbit will answer a question starting with where because they do not want to handle the truth as to the reasons so many rabbits go missing and sacrifice their friends for food. That is a rabbit plantation that the farmers use to easily captur the rabbits, the person feeds them only to fatten them up before getting rid of them, and he only kills a fewe at the same time. The rabbits just have the illusion of liberty. As Hazel and others start to leave Strawberry, from Cowslips warren, operates up and begs Hazel to take him with them. The gang no longer questions Fivers intuition, and after travelin a few mls stumbled upon a barn where these are attacked by rats. But under Bigwigs guidence they battle them off. Then they come across bare rabbit slots and decide to sleep there. The next morning Blackberry shows that they build a warren for themselves and as they are digging they notice a frighting noise. They run into their burrows then one phone calls out to Bigwig. Because they watch out the openings they visit a bloodied rabbit crawling towards them. Tey acknowledge this rabbit as Captain Holly of the Oswla. While helping Holly in to the burrow Hazel realized that the smell of bloodstream will appeal to predators. Then another rabbit appers who turns out to be Captain Holly's friend Bluebell. The very next day the gang countinues building their new warren, and Hazel determines that he would like a grand burrow like the main one at Cowslip's warren. It appears our rabbits are adopting new means of living with what they have discovered from the other warren, exactly like people do when two different man cultures start implementing each others methods of living. Strawberry then becomes the architect, taking control of the building process and using his knowledge from his warren in building the new one. They opt to call the new warren Honeycomb. Hazel then helps you to save a mouse from a falcon by giving it protection in another of their burrows. The mouse assures to come back the opt to Hazel for saving his life. For the shock of others Hazel says that he believes it may be beneficial to reside in co-operation with other pets or animals.

In chapters 21 to 25, After Holly has recovered he talks about to the other rabbits that after they kept the Threarah said that even if Fiver was right in his prmonition it would be too much work to go the complete warren. Threarah chose it would be best to cover from the problems by keeping underground than by moving. Holly discussed that one day as he was going back to the warren he saw men with guns. The men filled up in many of the rabbit slots and then flooded the warren with poisonius gas. I believe the men are trying to exterminate the rabbits to be able to build on the land. Men have a trumendous influence on the lives of wild animals, especially when it comes to development. Men have to destroy animals or run after them out of their homes to make room for our own. Men do not think of rabbits as sentient beings, somewhat they think of them as pets or pests that need to be detroyed to make room for his or her own plans. Bluebell was inside the warren when all of this happened and explains what it was like inside. There was complete chaos but Bluebell managed to find a course that went far down into the planet earth and then less difficult into a forest. With him was another rabbit called Pimpernel who was simply having trouble breathing due to gas. Holly then discussed that before they escaped a major plow emerged and damaged the field. This entire time the rabbits haven't any understanding of the proceedings and how rabbits might have been wiped out without even beeing handled by a real human, or how a loud "one clawed" pet could have destroyed the earth. The rabbits cannot have been ready for the most dangerous predator, only humans have the energy to anniahlate that lots of animals. Holly then took the other two rabbits, Pimpernel and Bluebell, and follow the road that Hazel needed. When they got to Cowslip's warren of snares these were attacked and Pimpernel was killed in the combat. Before eliminating Cowslip, Holly was told how to locate Hazel, and then after times of touring and hallucinating was able to find the Honeycomb. After they eat Bluebell explains to a tale about El-ahrairah that occurred after Dandelion's story about the king's lettuce. Prince Rainbow wanted to put El-ahrairah back in his place, so he brought a rabbit named Hufsa to reside in with him and made Rabscuttle live someplace else. Hufsa spoiled all of El-ahrairah's programs by secretly showing Prince Rainbow about them. El- ahrairah finally tricked Hufsa into looking such as a fool, and managed to steal Prince Rainbow's new carrots in the process. He proceeded to go with Hufsa to grab the carrots, but made so a great many other animals achieve this many weird things along the way that nobody believed Hufsa's tale at the trial. The jury, constructed entirely of elil-the foes of rabbits-acquitted El-ahrairah, and Prince Rainbow needed Hufsa away. The next day Bigwig and Magic fing and injured bird in a bush. The bird is a Seagull plus they got never seen one before and do not know if it is dangerous or not. When Hazel would go to speak with the bird it is aggressive however they find out that it is also eager. After delivering the Sagull snails Hazel trys to persuade it that they just ant to help, but the parrot refuses and instructs those to leave. Hazel goes back that evening and convinces the parrot in which to stay their warren for safeguard. The seagull becomes much friendlier and especially loves Bigwig. Bigwig realizes that the parrot was attacked by way of a kitty and whos name id Kehaar. Kehaar clarifies that he comes from a place where in fact the land ends and becomes "big drinking water", the rabbits are sure he's lying. Hazel arises with an idea to find some does indeed for the warren, nonetheless they need Kehaar's help, otherwise building the warren could have be in vain. A parrot can travel much farthur and far faster when compared to a rabbit, and he needs Kehaar to find does indeed for his or her warren. Kehaar agrees and results to the rabbits a few days later explining that he found some will not too far away. The one problem is they are not outrageous rabbits and are penned up on a farm. There is also another warren numerous does, but it is very far away and can take a few days to attain. Holly, Silver, Buckthorn, and Strawberry agree to go to the warren another morning. Hazel decides that though it will be very dangerous they must try to obtain the may from the farm. Hazel will take only Pipkin with him and does not tell others. They realize that the farm rabbits are inside a shed and that there are many felines roaming. Hazel talkes to the farm rabbits and meets Boxwood who says them that there are two will and two dollars. Hazel says he needs to recruit them into the warren and claims to be back again to free them and whoever wishes to visit can go. When Fiver realizes that Hazel visited the plantation he becomes irritated and says that Hazel is just trying showing off. Bigwig is thrilled to go back and is able to influence Blackberry to complement as well, he will be needed to figure out how to open up the cage. Dandelion, speedwell, and Hawbit agree to go as well. Fiver warns Hazel that he forsees hazard and begs them not to go. The next night they leave for the plantation, where they run into another pet cat, but Bigwig fights it and can chase it off. Blackberry understands a way to open the cage, but the plantation rabbits are too scared to leave. Boxwood and Clover move quickly but two move behind, Haystack and Laurel. Your dog begins barking and everything the rabbits elope except Haystack and Laurel who are frozen if dread. Hazel and Dandelion get back to save the other two, but then a car turns up. Haystack gets away but Laurel is grabbed by men. Hazel, Dandelion, and Haystack get caught in a ditch and Hazel operates out to distact the men therefore the others can get away. Hazel is taken and wounded, but as the men search for him he understands ways to crawl up a drain and cover. When Hazel does not go back the other rabbits search for him, nevertheless they find blood vessels and men's footsteps. They go back to inform Fiver, but Fiver says he already recognizes from a perspective he had. Later that night Holly profits with Strawberry and Gold but no does indeed.

In chapters 26 to 30, Fiver has a fantasy that presents him that Hazel is still alive. Fiver explains to Blackberry to consider him to where Hazel was taken. Whenthey reach the drain, Fiver looks in and sees that Hazel is barley alive. The other rabbits being unsure of that Hazel is still alive are usure of how to proceed without their innovator. Holly then instructs others what happened at the other warren and just why they didn't bring any will back with them. As they neared the warren they found another rabbit who informed them never to go to Efrafa, the name of the warren. Then three big rabbits jumped out of the bushes and escorted Holly and the others into Efrafa. Holly learns that the Owsla in Efrafa are in complete control along with a council of advisors who have a leader named Basic Woundwort. Each rabbit born in Efrafa are designated at labor and birth and then placed in an organization recover similar mark. A rabbit with a particular mark can only just stay static in that group and are just allowed above ground when the group is allowed. The warren was created to avoid recognition from predators especially humans. The Owsla run patrols that go long distances to scout for just about any dangers to the warren as well as finding escaped rabbits and brining them back again to Efrafa. Holly realizes from the other rabbits in the warren that Efrafa is overcrowded. When Holly is taken to the council to make clear how his warren needed does indeed the council refused even though Efrafa was overcrowded with too many does. Basic Woundwort then discussed that they are prohibited to leave and Holly relized that these were prisoners, not guests. Just how Efrafa is run is strictly like a prison no rabbit is allowed to leave, even if they made a decision to move far away. Rabbits in Efrafa are told how to live their lives, when to consume, when to sleep, and their current address. They get ultimate protection so long as they give up their freedoms. It is an extremely hierachial way of living and the only way to be happy is by becoming part of a small privliged group of the elite. Efrafa is a totaltarian warren. Holly confirms a way to break free and are persued by the Owsla. Holly and the other were almost found until they crossed the railroad trail and the coach arrived through. Holly is within awe of the teach and frozen in dread. His only explaination is the teach is a giany hrududu sent by Lord Frith to save lots of them. From then on they make their in the past to the warren and then learn that Hazel was wiped out. Black berry occurs to tell others that Hazel is actually alive and this Fiver used powerful to find him. Hazel is wounded and has trouble treating but Kehaar is aware why and pulls the shotgun pellets from Hazel's leg. After resting Hazel decides that they have to get back to Efrafa to get does indeed and explains to Blackberry to come up with an idea. Hazel tells the other Honeycomb rabbits about his plan but Holly is against it and says going back to Efrafa means loss of life, but Fiver says he will go and feels the plan will continue to work. Bigwig is also going and Kehaar says he'll go if Bigwig moves. Gold and Pipkin volunteer as well. Kehaar says this will be the very last thing he will for the rabbits before he returns to the sea, but promises to be again. The rabbits set off for Efrafa and when they stop for the night they ask Dandelion to tell them another report.

In chapters 31 to 35, Dandelion instructs the storyline of when Ruler Darzin delivered his soldiers to reduce El-ahrairah once and for all. The military attacked the rabbits when they arrived of their openings, and soon most of El-ahrairah's individuals were miserable and dying. El-ahrairah could not figure out a means to reduce Ruler Darzin, and he understood he needed help from the Dark colored Rabbit of Inle, an immortal rabbit appointed by Lord Frith to look for the deaths of all rabbits. El-ahrairah wanted to offer the Dark colored Rabbit his own life in trade for help for his people. After a long trip up a mountain with his good friend Rabscuttle, El-ahrairah came up to the dwelling of the Dark colored Rabbit and attempted to bargain with him, however the Black Rabbit would not agree to his offer. El-ahrairah tried to trick the African american Rabbit, but he lost his whiskers, his tail, and his ears in the process. Finally, the Black colored Rabbit told El-ahrairah to leave, and said that he previously already gotten rid of King Darzin's military. When they finally came back, the warren was bigger and younger rabbits knew nothing at all about the warfare with King Darzin. El-ahrairah sat to believe, and Lord Frith arrived to talk to him, showing him that wisdom is not easy, and brought him a tail, whiskers, and a pair of ears with starlight in them. Just then, Pipkin interrupts the storyplot to tell the others that there is a fox getting close to. The Dark Rabbit of Inle is comparable to our devil or the grim reaper an shows that the rabbits have similar religions to the people and that there surely is and afterlife that the rabbits belive in. As our rabbits put together to run from the fox, Bigwig rushes into a bush, his action provides the fox's attention. Others notice a rabbit scream and Bigwig comes rushing back away. He explains that the scream wasn't his so when he was rushing into the bush there were three other rabbits that he knocked down and the fox will need to have gotten one of these. The next mornig Kehaar comes to tell the group that a patrol is close by and they need to cover. They mix the iron street and sleep for the night. The next day Hazel asks Kehaar to consider those to the river which is huge and leaves the rabbits in awe. Kehaar leads those to a brige whicch the rabbits are reluctant to move across, but Fiver convinces them that it's safe. Blackberry and Hazel explore the other area of the river to determine the previous steps in their programs. They soon stumbled upon a vessel that Kehaar must explian, and Blackberry arises with an idea for using the sail boat. The next chapter is from Standard Woundworts perspective and eplains that he's an enormous fearless rabbit who craves ability which is why he made a decision to create Efrafa. Standard Woundwort is irritated that Holly was able to get away, hurting the honor of his Owsla and eradicating one of is own good captains who was run over with a train. It appears that even rabbits, like humans, can increase corrupt and being hungry for power. It also explains that the fox that went after Bigwig killed another one of his officers instead. Soon Captain Campion comes to let Basic Woundwort know a rabbit wants to join the Efrafa. The rabbit is Bigwig, and Woundwort makes him an official. Bigwig learns about the Efrafa security and belives that breaking out is nearly impossible. He complies with a rabbit named Blackavar, who was simply almost in a position to get away but was trapped by Captain Campion, then the council ripped out his ears and sets him on public demonstration to show the othe rabbits of Efrafa what goes on when you try to escape. Bigwig makes a decision that if indeed they try to get away from he'll bring Blackavar with him. Bigwig matches Hyzenthlay a doe that Holly acquired met in his time at Efrafa. Bigwig explains that he's trying to break out a few of the does and desires Hyzenthlay to distributed the word.

In chapters 36 to 40, While Bigwig is gaurding the eating rabbits, Kehaar flys down and Bigwig foretells him. Kehaar says the rabbits must prepare yourself to leave at sunset and they must harm the sentries. Bigwig goes to tell Hyzenthlay to be sure everyone is ready, but as Bigwig is preparing to make the get away General Woundwort telephone calls him aside to speak to him. One of the patrols that was attacked by the fox that was after Bigwig recognized him and Woundwort became suspicious. Woundwort asks him if he knows anything about the other rabbits, but Bigwig says that he only observed their tracks but did not know very well what way these were heading. Woundwort belives Bigwig and instructs him to keep and eyes on Hyzenthlay because he belives there will be trouble soon. Hazel and others wait for Bigwig however when he will not arrive they become bothered and relize something must have gone wrong. Bigwig is also concerned that with all Hyzenthlay's conversation one of the rabbits will give up their plan. Bigwig detects ways to talk to Kehaar by using an unitelligent rabbit as his pawn. The guy can tell Kehaar another later that evening, and Bigwig says Blackavar to prepare yourself that nighttime. Hazel gets Bigwigs communication and prepares for the forthcoming night. Hyzenthlay wakes Bigwig when he his sleeping and tells him a doe has been arrested. Bigwig realizes that they need to leave right now and would go to get Blackavar, then Bigwig, Blackavar and the does indeed all make their break free and when Bigwig hears stamping is aware of that the gaaurds have noticed their get away. When Basic Woundwort finds out what happened he immediately will take off after them and quickly attracts up. Whenever a fight is going to use, lightning flashes and while everyone is stunned it starts to rain. At that time Kehaar comes out of nowhere and disorders, he's soon accompanied by Hazel and others who take the will and retreat torwards the river. If they get to the river all the rabbits get on the boat aside from Dandelion who is hiding in bushes and Woundwort is about to destroy him. As Hazel prepares to leave Bigwig says he will not leave without Kehaar and jumps off the sail boat distracting Woundwort, Dandelion and Bigwig manage to escape and jump on the boat, the rope breaks and the rabbits get away from down the river. As the rabbits float down the river Kehaar instructs them that there is a brige coming and they barley manage to fit under it, but one of the does is injured along the way. They run into another brige that can stop the sail boat, the rabbits do not know very well what to do until several men go away over the sail boat. All of the rabbits jump from the vessel and swim to shoreline. It appears that the boat is what preserved the rabbits lives when escaping from Woundwort and although it was made from man the rabbits weren't afraid in utilizing it. During the night the doe that was damaged going under the brige experienced passed on. Hazel and Bigwig then bid farewell to Kehaar who leaves for the sea promising to return in the wintertime. The rabbits then head for home and find out that Blackavar, because of his Efrafa training is a very good tracker and at one point Hazel determines they should rest for your day but Blackavar disagrees and says they shoulkd keep moving because he senses a fox. Hazel will not heed his alert and Fiver does not feel any threat. Two times later a fox grabs oe of the may. They are simply then found by Captain Campion who trys to encourage them to surrender, but he is out numbered. Hazel leaves him without a attack but Blackavar says they shouold get rid of him so he cannot record back to Efrafa, but Hazel continues Captain Campion alive. Captain Campion then follows the rabbits to their warren and minds back again to Efrafa.

In chapters 41 to 45, The warren is now made up of sixteen dollars and ten will, everyone lives easily and are happy to get back to living normal lives. The rabbits are unconcerned that Basic Woundwort might retaliate against their warren. Dandelion makes a decision to see another story, the storyplot of the time El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle played out a technique on Rowsby Woof, a vicious dog, so that they could easily get food. El-ahrairah decked out and pretended to be the Fairy Wogdog, a nature sent by the Dog Queen. El-ahrairah and Rabscuttle got their food and remaining Rowsby Woof persuaded that he saved both his expert and the Fairy Wogdog from an evil rat heart. Whe Dandelion finshes his report he and Hazel go to dominate sentry from acorn, they are simply then seen by Hazel's mouse friend who says them a band of rabbits are gathering near by. Hazel then says Holly and Blackavar to check. They keep coming back with news a raiding get together from Efrafa has come. Hazel arises with a plan to complete the entrances of all the holes leaving only one open so the enemy must dig to get inside the warren. Hazel then leaves Bigwig in control while he goes to talk to General Woundwort. Woundwort clarifies that he was stripped of his ranking after the break free and wants revenge. Hazel makes Woundwort an offer to set up a warren between Honycomb and Efrafa that is inhabited by the two warrens. After much convincing Woundwort accepts his offer, but says that if Blackavar and Bigwig aren't longing when he gets there he'll kill all the money. As Hazel and Bigwig disscuss how to proceed next Fiver screams and Hazel has a eye-sight that he needs to release the dog from the plantation, he quickly leaves with Blackberry and Dandelion. Hazel and Dandelion knaw at the pups leash, but a kitten shows up and Hazel stamps to warn Dandelion, but as the kitty pounces the dog jumps up and breaks the leash and runs off. Hazel falls from the most notable of the kennel and when he looks up sees the kitty looking down at him.

In chapters 46 to the Epilouge, Woundwort prepares to attack the Honeycomb, Bigwig has trouble waking up Fiver so he leaves him on the otherside of the warren. Woundwort thinks Fiver is dead and leaves him alone. Woundwort then brings recruits and is also the first one to step into the hall, Bigwig who is hiding jumps out and bits Woundwort profound in his leg. Woundwort soon gets the upperhand and as he's about to eliminate Bigwig his knee gives out. While this is going on Dandelion attempts to lead your dog to the warren by getting the dog to check out him. Basic Woundwort has lost the majority of his strength credited to his knee, he then tells his rabbits to retreat however when the reach the top Captain Campion comes working torwards them revealing those to flee. The dog appears but Standard Woundwort instructs his soilders to stand their surface. Hazel was clever here in trying to beat Woundwort not simply by brute strength but by intelligence and using what resources he had, this is similar to ways humans might plan attacks and they try to consider everypossibility especially those which have minimal casualties. Section 48 is from Lucy's point of view. Lucy is just a little young lady who lives on the farm and wakes up to hear squeling and helps you to save Hazel from the kitty. She shows Hazel to the doctor on the farm, just as the dog comes home with a scratch on his nasal and a bite tag in his calf. The physician says that Hazel is fine and drives her to a location where they can let Hazel go. Lucy releases him at the bottom of Watership Down. If it wasn't for Lucy's treatment Hazel could have died. Despite the fact that his home was ruined by humans it was the work of one kind young lady that modified his fate. Richard Adam's clues here that maybe humans and pets can are in harmony after all. As a result of taking a stand to the dog Woundwort passed on but he saved the lives of several rabbits in the process. Captain Campion made the decision if was best for them to return to Efrafa and surrendered to the Honeycomb. Bigwig is badly hurt but is recovering and Hazel returnes to the warren to tell his tale. In section 50 Richard Adams speeds up time, it is now October and the warren is flourishing. Many of the has already experienced litters and the rabbits are living well. Lots of the Efrafa rabbits who surrendured joined up with Hazels warren and you live happily, though they belive Woundwort is still alive someplace. Hazel is still working on a plan to begin a warren between Honeycomb and Efrafa. Most of the young are growing up, listening to stories of excitement from Dandelion and reciving training from Bigwig. Inside the Epilouge of Watership Down the new warren between Efrafa and the Honeycomb is complete and successful. Woundwort was never seen again but his tale is still advised. Hazel can be an old man now, but he has lived much longer than most rabbits. One evenining in March, a rabbit with a shining light in his ears comes for Hazel. Hazel leaves his body behind, only looking back again to observe that the warren is safe, and then moves on.

Animals lives will always be influenced by humans, but it does not always have to be negativly. Lucy's action of kindness shows that not all humans are evil and as humans can destroy animals on the whim they can also save animals in the same way.

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