The quality of materials is assessed by a combination of numerical characteristics of technical properties that were obtained during testing of the corresponding samples. There are standards that establish mandatory testing methods for most materials and products.

State standards (GOSTs) of the United States are developed for products of inter-industry significance. They contain requirements for the safety of this product for the environment, life, health and property, as well as fire safety. In addition, they provide the main indicators and methods for monitoring the quality characteristics of the material. Often, the GOST classifies the material on one or more grounds. Specific numerical values ​​of the properties with the labeling of the products to be issued, the rules for acceptance and storage of material, tolerances and planting of products are indicated.

In addition to state-owned industry standards, developed by the ministries for their products - materials or raw materials of a relatively limited range and application. There are standards for building materials produced by individual enterprises. They are obligatory for the given enterprise (firm) at delivery of production under the contract. There are standards of scientific and technical, engineering societies and other public associations. Standards (GOSTs) are periodically updated on the basis of the latest achievements of science, technology and technology. They have the force of law, that is, they are categorically forbidden to violate. They are not subject to copyright (Article 6 of the Law on Standardization).

Most of the building materials used for load-bearing structures and operating under the influence of static or dynamic loads are marked taking into account their actual strength characteristics. For thermal insulation, waterproofing, acoustic and some other materials, not for strength, but for other physical properties - heat conductivity, water resistance, frost resistance, average density, etc., are taken for marking

When the final choice of material for a construction site, the economic indicator plays an important role. With the same quality, they want to choose the material that is the cheapest and available for its reserves in the construction region, especially if it is local, but taking into account, of course, transportation costs, as well as probable operational durability in structures.

Satisfaction of all necessary technical requirements noted earlier is a prerequisite for the release of good quality building material. However, this condition is not sufficient for the output of the highest quality material. Then it will be necessary that the same numerical indexes of properties be equal to their extreme values ​​under optimal structures. The highest quality of products is the first and the main criterion of progressive technologies in building materials science (see Chapter 6).

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