CONSCIENCE, Nature of Conscience - Professional Ethics of a Lawyer

Conscience as a result of mastering the material in this chapter, the student must: know • how the control and warning functions of conscience are.

International etiquette - Ethics of business relations

International etiquette the main features of etiquette differ universality, i.e. are courtesy rules not only in international communication, but also at.

Basic styles of business communication - Ethics of business relations

Basic business communication styles there are four main styles of business communication partner during negotiations. style 1. the focus is on actions.

Safety in medical institutions - Bioethics

Safety in medical institutions in modern bioethics, one more trend is gradually being formed, which so far is conditionally called the organizational.

Ethical Doctrines of the Hellenistic Age - Ethics

Ethical doctrines of the hellenistic age hellenism is a historical epoch that began with the conquests of alexander the great (334-323 bc) and ended with.

Ethics of the classical period: Plato and Aristotle - Ethics

Ethics of the classical period: plato and aristotle plato is the nickname socrates gave to the athenian aristocrat aristocles (427-347 bc). it meant wide.

The main problematic fields of bioethics are Bioethics

Main bioethical problem fields the problems of bioethics today are truly immense, so it is difficult to give some acceptable classification. it is quite.

Legal protection of civil servants - Ethics and etiquette...

Legal protection of civil servants in order to provide legal protection for civil servants from misconduct by managers in many countries, there are.

Wine tasting, From white wine to red, Wine and water...

Wine tasting a glass of wine is poured into the owner's glass for tasting. wine properties such as temperature, absence or presence of foreign flavors.

Development of Nursing and Nursing Ethics - Bioethics

Development of nursing and nursing ethics the ideas about sister ethics changed. at an early stage, the nurse was seen primarily as an obedient and.

Ethics as a way of understanding the world - Professional ethics of a lawyer

Ethics as a way of understanding the world the question of what ethics is and what its purpose is, is one of the most topical issues. today, like two and.

The history of ethical teachings - Ethics and etiquette...

History of ethical teachings the content of ethics as a science, the subject of which are morality, morality, developed historically. the main issues.

Spheres of emotional intelligence - Professional ethics...

Spheres of emotional intelligence when an accountant has poorly developed one or several spheres of emotional culture, this inevitably leads to problems..

Remuneration of the accountant and the auditor - Professional...

Compensation of the accountant and the auditor when receiving a specific task from the client, the accountant (auditor) can assign any remuneration.

Personal qualities of a business person - Business ethics

Personal qualities of a business person entrepreneurship refers to those types of social activity, where often not professional knowledge and skills, but.

Negotiations are an art, How successful are you negotiating?...

Negotiations are an art the search for compromise is tedious and requires a certain skill to negotiate. for you, this means flexibility and a clear.

Forms of manifestation of official conduct, Means of regulation...

Forms of manifestation of service behavior polymorphism of the concept service behavior manifests itself in the variety of forms in which it appears: 1).

Ritual and myth, Talion - Ethics

Ritual and myth but not all researchers of the genealogy of morality have recognized the prohibitions of its original phenomenon. the taboo may have been.

Subject, purpose and objectives of the discipline...

Subject, goals and objectives of the discipline business ethics the effectiveness of entrepreneurship is largely determined by the attitude of a person.

Dependence of creative biographies from historical eras - Aesthetics

Dependence of creative biographies on historical epochs it is one thing to fix the interrelations of the artist's existential and creative biography: as.

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