Dramatism of the spiritual life of a man of modern...

Dramatism of the spiritual life of a man of modern times and the quest for art the art of the xvii-xviii centuries, differing in attention to dramatic.

Modern etiquette: principles, functions and types, Principles...

Modern etiquette: principles, functions and types adherence to the requirements of etiquette is necessary in any life situation, as it is a profession in.


Other categories of moral consciousness in the previous chapters, we focused on the key to the philosophical ethics of the notion of good. it was about.

Discredit classical ideas about art - Aesthetics

Discrediting classical representations of art the picture of artistic creativity, unfolding in the post-hegelian period, is kaleidoscopic and diverse..

The rights of the patient, The concept and history...

Patient rights the concept and history of patient rights the most important concept in medical ethics, as well as in the legislation in the field of.

What bag to choose ?, On spots and other failures - Ethics of business relations

Which bag should i choose? example: how practical! one young commercial director came to a business meeting with a backpack, in which he carried his.

Methods for diagnosing conflict situations in business relations...

Methods for diagnosing conflict situations in business relations as a result of studying this topic, the student must: know - methods for diagnosing.

CORPORATE ETHICS, Peculiarities of Corporate Ethics, Academic Ethics - Ethics

Corporate ethics features of corporate ethics in some manuals on modern ethics, the concepts professional ethics and corporate ethics are used as.

Deontological ethics - Bioethics

Deontological ethics in contrast to utilitarianism, deontological ethics (from the greek deontos - necessary, due) considers the inner side of human.

Features and importance of business etiquette and...

Features and significance of business etiquette and business protocol in the enterprise in the center of ethics is morality, i.e. a system of moral.

Experimental practice, or therapeutic innovation - Bioethics

Experimental practice, or therapeutic innovation using a new, insufficiently verified method for practical purposes, i.e. to assist a specific patient is.


Historical orientations of artistic consciousness artistic consciousness of ancient greece syncretism of the artistic consciousness of ancient greece..


Modern ethical theory modern ethics is a rapidly growing and extremely popular in the humanities science field of knowledge. it can be no exaggeration to.

Rules and errors of argumentation, Rules and errors...

Rules and arguments errors the result will be a discussion in which the rules of argumentation and criticism are observed with respect to all structural.

Asynchronous style development of different types of arts, From...

Asynchronous style development of various arts one of the serious difficulties in the way of modern aesthetic analysis and discreteness of the historical.


Aesthetics as anthropology of arts human meaning in art: historical modifications anthropic principle in art a fairly new line of aesthetic research,.

A. Malraux: Art and Creativity as a Humanization of Being - Aesthetics

A. malraux: art and creativity as a humanization of being one of the features of the anthropologically oriented aesthetics - the implementation of the.

Quality of life - Bioethics

Quality of life the problem of the quality of life in medicine is the continuation of the fundamental problem of clarifying the concept of benefit for.

The principle of public service - Ethics and etiquette...

The principle of public service by exercising their power through the organs of state and municipal government, the people as the bearer of sovereignty.

Openly acknowledge your dignity - Ethics of business relations

Openly accept your advantages to communicate with people around you, colleagues and bosses was successful, you must defend your life positions and openly.

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