Biomedicine as a subject of bioethical research - Bioethics

Biomedicine as a Subject of Bioethics Studies

Today the term "biomedicine" is often used, which is also reflected in the very concept of "biomedical ethics". It has already been said that modern bioethics is not just an extension of traditional medical ethics, but an entirely new field of knowledge associated with major changes in medical science and practice. One of the significant reasons for the formation of bioethics (or biomedical ethics) was the emergence of a new phenomenon, such as biomedicine. So, what is biomedicine?

The term biomedicine began to be used since the 50's. XX century. and received widespread distribution to the turn of the XX-XXI centuries. It is used mainly for the most high-tech rapidly developing branches of biomedical sciences - for example, molecular genetics, bioinformatics, bioengineering, transplantology, regenerative medicine. Moreover, this concept appears in a sense as a synonym for modern medicine in general.

As you can see from this very name, biomedicine is some kind of association of biology and medicine. More precisely, biomedicine can be understood as a modern general medical device for the systematic application of fundamental biological knowledge and biotechnology for medical problems of diagnostics, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and so on. .

It is here that the most decisive discoveries and achievements are expected, which can lead medicine to completely new frontiers. Thus, biomedicine is the central trend of modern progress in medicine.

As foreign researchers P. Keating and A. Cambrosio in the "Medical Platforms" show, despite the fact that the connections between biological and medical sciences have existed for a long time, modern biomedicine is a completely new organizational and scientific activity in which medical problems more are translated in the language of fundamental biology. However, studies that begin as applied can yield fundamental biological results.

It should also be noted that the impact of biomedicine as a progressive scientific enterprise is extremely extensive, it can be found in a variety of manifestations, sometimes quite remote from the initial scientific biomedical installations. Biomedicine permeates virtually all modern medicine with its influence. For example, this impact affects the basic values ​​of medical education (on which the system of training doctors should be built, etc.), the priority of scientific and medical developments, the state of the doctor's and patient's relations, the prestige of medical specialties, etc. In turn, this creates a mass new problems for biomedical ethics.

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