Code of Ethics for State and Municipal Employees...

Code of Ethics for State and Municipal Employees

As noted earlier, ethics of state and municipal employees is a scientific discipline that studies the characteristics of moral consciousness and the orders of state and municipal employees, formulating requirements for the moral meaning and social purpose of this type of professional activity in the form of ethical principles , norms and rules of conduct. The systematization of these requirements on the basis of the principle of their importance and in order to achieve a synergistic effect is implemented in the form of a code that forms the basis of professional ethics of officials of state and municipal government (administrative ethics).

Code of Ethics for State and Municipal Employees - A systematic list of ethical principles that most expresses the moral requirements of society to the moral essence of a state and municipal employee, the social purpose of his activities, the nature of his relationship with society, with citizens, with the state, in their professional environment, as well as norms and rules specifying and explaining the content of these principles and regulating the system of relationships entered into state and municipal employees in the process of performing their duties.

Following the provisions of the US Civil Service Reform Concept, approved by the US President on August 15, 2001, No. Pr-1496, federal laws "On the Civil Service of the United States" and "On the municipal service in the United States", as well as Presidential Decree No. 885 of August 12, 2002, "On the approval of general principles for the conduct of civil servants" The Model Code of Ethics and Official Behavior of US Civil Servants and Municipal Officers, approved on December 23, 2010 by the Presidency of the US Presidential Council on Counteracting Corruption, was developed. On its basis, local codes of ethics and official conduct have been developed and approved in federal state bodies and municipal bodies.

The Presidential Decree of April 11, 2014 No. 226 "On the National Plan for Combating Corruption for 2014-2015" The US Government, the Presidium of the Presidential Council on Anti-Corruption, was instructed to prepare proposals for the improvement of the Model Code of Ethics and Official Behavior of Civil Servants of the United States and Municipal Employees.

Currently, work on this document continues. Therefore, in this chapter, it will be about what goals and objectives should be set for the code of ethics of state and municipal employees (hereinafter code) and what should be its content , from the point of view of the author of the textbook.

The purpose of the code is:

- assistance in raising the legal and moral culture of state and municipal employees;

- Strengthening public trust in government bodies and governance, increasing their authority and openness

- prevention of corruption;

- informing citizens about the requirements for official behavior of officials of state and municipal government in order to expand the opportunities for the influence of society on their activities, civil control over the quality of services rendered by officials in the established field of activity.

The goal defines the set of tasks facing the code:

- clarification and systematization of moral requirements for state and municipal employees in the form of general principles, norms that specify and explain the content of these principles, as well as rules that prescribe specific actions to implement the requirements laid down in the principles and norms;

- assisting them in clarifying, correctly interpreting the provisions of the code and meeting its requirements;

- the formation of state and municipal employees a sense of patriotism and citizenship, the desire and need to serve the good of society and benefit their fellow citizens;

- assistance to the leadership of state and municipal bodies in the settlement of conflicts of interest, the prevention of corruption and other offenses and ensuring compliance with the requirements for official behavior.

According to federal laws "About the state civil service of the United States" and "On municipal service in the United States"; fulfillment of the requirements to the service order is recognized as an official duty of state and municipal employees, therefore their observance is an integral part of the terms of the service contract with the state (municipal) employee and the condition for employment.

The requirements of the code, expressed in the form of ethical principles, norms and rules of official conduct, should serve as the main criteria for the ethical evaluation of the quality of professional activity and official conduct of state and municipal employees in attestation in order to determine the compliance of the replaced position of state and municipal service, service, formation of the personnel reserve for promotion to higher positions, as well as in encouraging or applying disciplinary sanctions.

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