Doctor and Society - Bioethics

Doctor and Society

Life is the highest value for the medical profession. Therefore, doctors should strive to reduce the number of abortions, suicides, premature and preventable deaths, and advocate the nature of embryos. The Geneva Declaration states: "I will maintain the highest respect for human life from the moment of her conception." In addition, the doctor must consistently advocate for human dignity.

The doctor is obliged to provide medical care to anyone in need. This applies to both peaceful and war time. For the doctor there is an enemy; doctors are above all possible political differences, conflicts, wars. Medical assistance is provided to everyone, "regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, religion, social status, political views, citizenship and other non-medical factors, including financial situation". (United States Code).

The doctor must participate in the formation of public health policies. He is responsible for maintaining the proper level of public health, fighting disease, protecting public health. In addition, the doctor should promote a healthy lifestyle and himself serve as an example to this.

Responsibility for people's health does not allow doctors to refuse work because of a strike. Participating in legal forms of protest, doctors must at the same time provide the necessary assistance to patients.

Doctors are responsible for maintaining public trust in medical science and practice. Therefore, scientific research should be conducted with impeccable ethical standards, and the methods of diagnostics and treatment used should be checked by strict scientific methods, meet the necessary standards of efficiency and safety. The society must be confident in the high moral level of the medical profession.

With the participation in scientific research, doctors are responsible for the purity of experiments, honest and objective provision of research results to the scientific community. Inadmissible are manipulation of data, fraudulent facts, deliberate distortion of information, plagiarism and other violations of research ethics.

Doctors have no right to accept gifts, cash awards or other benefits from organizations that manufacture or sell medicines and other medical products, for example, entertainment, recreation, etc.

Any form of discrimination is incompatible with the medical profession (by sex, age, material status, race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, political convictions, health, etc.). "I will not allow religion, nationalism, racism, politics or social status to influence the fulfillment of my duty," reads the Geneva Declaration of Physicians. Medical care is based on the values ​​of justice. In addition, the physician must combat any manifestations of discrimination in society that he may encounter outside the health care system.

The doctor has no right to participate in any form of violence - torture, punishment, development of new types of weapons, creation of technologies for special services, etc. "Even under threat, I do not use my knowledge in medicine as opposed to the laws of humanity," it says in the Geneva Declaration. Doctors should be the conductor of the norms of humanity in society.

Doctors should support progressive reforms in the health system aimed at improving the quality of medical care, protecting the rights and interests of the patient, achieving greater justice in health care.

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