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One of the first business papers that a client faces is the company form. The form of the firm in many respects characterizes it: it can give a first impression of business partners. Therefore, if possible, you should not save on branded forms - you should use the best paper, use the services of a good printing house. Typically, the form is printed on a white or colored paper in one or more colors.

The company name, registration number and registration date, address, telephone and fax must be on the form. Sometimes the names of the company directors are indicated (usually in the footer). Recently on the letterhead the e-mail address in the Internet format is increasingly being placed.

It is not recommended to indicate bank details on the company form - it's better to type them at the end of the letter of the relevant content, if necessary. The letterhead may contain the company logo, which will distinguish it from others. It is important to observe the proportionality and balance of the picture and text. The logo should be simple, easily recognizable and executed on a professional level. In some cases, the form can be numbered, i.e. underneath or on the back is indicated its unique serial number. Such forms are subject to strict accountability. Sometimes using a numbered form replaces the use of printing.

In addition to the blank, the envelope with the logo of the company executed in the same style is well perceived.

For sending fax messages, it is better to use a simplified form in black and white, avoiding the fine print and fine details of the picture, given the fact that fax machines do not transfer halftones and small dashed lines.

Personal correspondence can also use forms and envelopes of the same type. In this case it is quite appropriate to limit yourself to specifying the name or monogram of the owner. The personal letterhead may also include a mailing address.

For paper, you need to select the right paper. If the company has a brilliant image, it will be reasonable to reflect this in the choice of paper with brilliance, and, conversely, if the firm offers such kind of services as consolation, it is better to choose a coarser, matte heavy paper that looks as if it has depth. For an interior designer, it is appropriate to use paper "under marble", but for an auditing firm this will be unacceptable.

The font color is also important, for example, dark brown or dark gray letters on a creamy background look traditional, and black on white - very businesslike. Using colored paper, it should be borne in mind that its color can change the color of ink and ink that the text is made of: a dark blue paint, for example, will lose its blue on a yellow background. If the business has a dynamic and vigorous image, then you can use yellow and red colors, and if the business is "soothing", then conservative colors such as dark blue or gray will do.

Drawings of fonts are "secret springs", which should be chosen very carefully. So, for example, capital letters send a signal of authoritarianism, lower-case letters speak about friendliness. Print already represents a corporate image, when the name is printed in black letters on a white background. Fonts can go out of fashion, but a number of fonts are clearly associated with the era, for example, elegant modern style fonts will give all the papers the appropriate image. It is also important that the font be legible: even the most beautiful, but illegible font can make a bad first impression.

A special kind of business papers are thank you cards with an embossed font, which are ordered by the company together with letterheads, business cards, envelopes, etc. They are sent in response to a personal kind of congratulations received by officials from strangers in honor of winning the election, on the occasion of conferring honorary titles and appointment to public office.

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