Openly acknowledge your dignity - Ethics of business relations

Openly accept your advantages

To communicate with people around you, colleagues and bosses was successful, you must defend your life positions and openly declare your dignity. This is the only way to get the support of people who intuitively feel in your personality and your achievements a source of inspiration. Do not be embarrassed to find that people usually follow quite the opposite pattern of behavior. Be courageous and openly, for without excessive pressure recognize your dignity - by this you will deserve the respect and sympathy of others. After all, one who constantly doubts and is afraid to declare himself, can not become a charming person.

"A cheerful face means almost as much to a person as wealth," - once said Benjamin Franklin. We are convinced of this almost on a daily basis: a cheerful person is very attractive. Funny people immediately catch your eye, it's nice to be with them. Laughter and smiles help to relax and directly strengthen the charm. However, laughter is something more: it provides us with mental and even physical health.

The therapeutic properties of laughter were discussed in the first chapter. Laugh from the heart really useful for health: laughter has a complex effect on the cardiovascular system. If we often laugh, then we strengthen our immunity. After all, the amount of lymphocytes - cells that provide the body with natural protection against diseases increases in the blood.

Finally, we are in a position, like no one else, to help ourselves if we consciously give our face a cheerful, cheerful expression. It is known that the mood of a person gives his face the appropriate expression, but this process can proceed in the opposite direction. Mimicry and especially laughter affect the brain, causing a good mood, so help yourself: laugh more often, even without any special reason!

The mood of a person also depends on his environment. Funny, happy people draw people's attention to themselves. It is easier for them to make acquaintances, they do not feel rejected, and therefore are happy. Psychologists who have received scientific confirmation that laughter has a beneficial effect on a person also found that happy people more openly perceive the world around them and receive much more fresh impressions.

We already know that in most cases gay people produce a more favorable impression on others than closed ones. Humor will also help you overcome stress and teach you how to manage your life: at least according to experts who studied laughter and everything connected with it. In any case, jokes and laughter will strengthen your charm.

Already in their teens, people with a sense of humor take a leading position in the company of friends. It is obvious that, along with the ability to laugh at oneself, a person develops the ability to more openly perceive the world around him and, as a consequence, to realistically look at life - the qualities necessary to become a leader.

Everyone knows what humor is. Writer Otto Julius Birbaum gave this concept a definition: "Humor is when a person, in spite of everything, still laughs". It helps to safely endure the attacks of others: you can just laugh at them.

Humor gives us the courage to recognize our mistakes - a quality that helps us see ourselves as we really are. A sense of humor is based on a realistic and impartial assessment of one's own capabilities. Relating with humor to our failures, we do not take them too much to heart. Humor is the best remedy for fear. In the sense in which we are talking about in this book, it restores the inner balance of the person and at the same time is a graphic expression of the fact that this balance exists.

You can fight for happiness, even if you are not able to change traditional beliefs and beliefs. Just be free of their influence. The idea that we are trying to convey to you in this book is this: if you want to improve yourself as a person, you need to solve only one task - to learn to respect yourself and your views on life. Only under this condition you will be able to recognize that you have the right to look at the world in your own way and the same right is available to others. In other words, you need to feel what is good for you, and what causes harm. Intuition will tell you what opportunities open up to you at one time or another, as well as how you can implement them. Ordinary human feelings coming from the heart, not subject to analysis, free from prejudices and misinterpretations, are the best basis for life's happiness and success. Often allow yourself to smile, do not take everything that happens in your life, take yourself too seriously and with love to yourself and others.

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