Order and payment, Eating - Ethics of business relations

Order and payment

This issue should be resolved as quickly as possible, preferably before the first order. In principle, who invites, he pays. To avoid misunderstandings, formulate the invitation as follows: I want to invite you to dinner ... & quot ;, and ns with a duty question: "Do we go somewhere to eat?".

The invitee does not know which menu is expected. Here, too, a landmark is required, such as a recommendation, then the guest will be able to navigate in prices. If the guest has chosen a snack, then the inviter should also order a soup or snack. Otherwise, the guest will sit alone with his salad. The same goes for the choice of drinks. If the guest ordered a glass of wine, the host shows solidarity.

Foreign guests are happy when they are advised by local wines or dishes.

Along with the choice of the restaurant, choice of menu and wine, the host also watches the process of eating.


Wishful appetite dinner does not open. The hostess or the owner raise a glass, express gratitude for the visit and wish a pleasant evening. Drink to the health of the guests and grasp the knife and fork. This will serve as a clear signal that guests can start eating.

After the start, coordinate, but the possibilities, the conversation at the table, in case it did not start automatically. Involve calm and reserved guests and, in turn, politely slow down excessive speakers.

As a host, you must control the pace with which you eat. For if you eat too soon, the guests may feel uncomfortable. So leave a little food in your plate and, putting a knife and fork crosswise, signal that you are just taking a break. If the guests have finished their meal, then you can finish the last piece.

Make sure that all guests do not have enough drinks. If the waiter has overlooked this, you can take on this task.

The completion of a business dinner is not about paying the bill, as many think. A good owner will also take care of his guests to arrive safely home. He at his own expense will order a taxi or ask his employees to take guests.

Obligations of the receiving party.

1. Choosing a restaurant. Find out the preferences or limitations of the guest. Choose the right time and provide travel. Determine the order of accommodation.

2. Greeting. Greetings of guests near the bar (follow the hierarchy). Present and introduce guests. Show places.

3. Food and drinks. Offer an aperitif. Inform about the number of dishes and drinks if the order is made in advance. Choose wine, if necessary, to attract staff. Sign the signal at the beginning of the meal.

4. Lead a conversation. Say a short toast, if necessary. Select the topics (maximum one or two business items). Connect all guests to the conversation.

5. Finish the evening. After coffee, get up from the table. Imperceptibly (not at the table) to pay. Decide on the way back, arrange a taxi.

The organizer of a social event conducts the program: before, during and after meals.

Typical beverages are as follows.

Aperitif is a light alcoholic drink taken before a meal in order to arouse appetite. Often, it is served with salty delicacies like olives.

Typical aperitif drinks include champagne, Prosecco, Martini or Campari-Orange. Beer is not included in the number of aperitifs, you can still order it. You can prove yourself as a connoisseur if you do this with the words instead of an aperitif I would like a beer & quot ;, and not as an aperitif I would like a beer & quot ;. Aperitif is the last opportunity to smoke a cigarette. The next cigarette will be only after dessert.

The difficult choice of wine belongs to the owner. It is necessary to take into account the variety of preferences and dishes, and a connoisseur of wines can be at the table. The situation is complicated, it can be solved. We advise you to listen to the recommendations of the senior waiter. Too expensive wines are not to be feared if the cost borders you will discuss with the staff even before the arrival of guests. So you can do without annoying leafing through the price list of wines, and devote your attention to guests.

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