Record of business conversation, Program of delegations...

Business conversation recording

The record should objectively reflect all that was said, seen and heard during the negotiations. It is inadmissible to record only what you want to hear, and even more so, what was not mentioned at all.

Recording a conversation is an informal document. Based on it, not only decisions are taken on operational issues, but long-term plans related to the involvement of many organizations and with significant costs can be developed and approved.

The recording of a business conversation never looks like a transcript. After the end of the negotiations, the appointed participant makes a detailed record, which includes information on the place, time, date of the negotiations, lists the names, names, patronymics of the participants, the main issues discussed, the views of the parties on the issues discussed and recorded the achieved decision.

Such a protocol is usually photocopied, so that each side has its own copy.

Delegation Stay Programs

Two programs of delegations' stay should be developed:

- the general, intended for visitors;

- detailed, including the technical details required for the host party, stakeholders.

The general program includes the following items: meeting of delegations, business part (negotiations, conversations), receptions (breakfasts, suppers - official events), cultural program, trips around the country, seeing off. In detail: the personal composition of the meeting, the participation of representatives of the press, radio, television, flowers, welcome speeches, transportation, hotel accommodation.

Stages of negotiations:

- the beginning of negotiations;

- transfer of information;

- reasoning;

- the refutation of arguments;

- Decision making.

At the first stage, the attitude to the partner and the subject of negotiations is developed, i.e. working atmosphere for decision-making. Contacts with the business partner are established, a favorable atmosphere of the meeting is created, the partner's attention is attracted, the interest to the meeting is awakened and the initiative is intercepted when necessary.

The right way to start negotiations is the following: mutual representation of members of delegations, indication of the topic of negotiations, agreeing on the sequence of consideration of issues.

Favorable tricks:

- clear, short explanations;

- contacting a partner by name;

- showing respect for the partner, attention, interest in him;

- positive comments related to the quality of products, business reputation of the company; if this is not the first meeting, we can note positive changes in the activity of the partner firm;

- seeking advice.

At the second stage, they discuss information about the problems of negotiations, requests, partner's wishes, reveal his motives and goals, convey planned information, analyze and reconcile each other's positions.

At this stage of negotiations, strict self-control and certain measures of diplomacy are welcomed.

The information reported to the partner must be accurate, clear, professionally correct.

Negotiations are the most responsible part of business contacts and, of course, the most meaningful. But if we want to make it the most valuable, we must learn to treat confidential information received in confidence during the negotiations. In negotiations and correspondence with other partners, even from the same firm, one should not name the source of such information, and the information itself, if there is a need for its public use, should be prepared in such a way that it is not associated with the source. And, of course, you should never use trust information against the source itself (catch on the word).

At the third stage of the negotiations, the partners' views on the problems, attempts to change the already existing opinions or, on the contrary, to consolidate, require greater knowledge, concentration of attention, correctness of statements are generalized.

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