Return card, Present from guests, Flowers as a gift - Business ethics

Reply Postcard

Your rule should say: never send an invitation without a reply card. This can be an ordinary postcard, which is sent by mail or fax, or a sheet of A4 paper for an answer by fax.

Important elements of a return card.

• The length of the answer. Up to what time does the organizer wish to receive an answer?

• Number of guests. In this case, always use the wording "I will come with ... people". The commonly used version of "I will come with ... people" raises questions, whether the invited person is included in this number or not.

If you were asked to send a confirmation or refusal of an invitation, please observe the deadlines for the answer that the organizer wishes. The organizer would like to finish planning by this time and, for example, make an order to the supplier of provisions.

If you receive guests at your company, prepare a small gift for farewell. It can be a product of your company or a local souvenir for foreign guests. If guests stay overnight for an event, you can leave gifts in the hotel room. Leave a business card with personal greetings. Gifts guests ns must hand in person, it is important just to express their respect.

Present from guests

The most frequent occasion for gifts is business visits or invitations to dinner, i.e. personal invitations. Choose gifts that match the tastes of your partners. Think about the importance of this gift for them. To gift a joy to your partner, ask your secretary or colleagues about his tastes and preferences in advance. Presents from stocks of advertising tools are rarely perceived well. The less often the event is celebrated, the more expensive the gift should be. If you are invited to an evening, arranged by the enterprise, do without a gift. In this case, just the next day just to thank.

Flowers as a gift

If your boss or business partner invited you to a private dinner, a gift for the hostess is mandatory. You will show dexterity if you send a bouquet of flowers before the dinner begins, so that the hostess does not have to take care of all the arriving bouquets at the same time. If dinner is held in a restaurant, then the owners will be uncomfortable to carry all the bouquets home. In this case, send flowers before or after the invitation. If you are invited as a couple, then the gentleman passes the flowers to the lady. Before handing the flowers, remove the paper packaging. Transparent foil looks representative, so you can leave it. Although the bouquet looks nicer without packaging. The recipient of flowers should take the bouquet with both hands and immediately put in a vase of water. At official receptions to flowers, it is necessary to add a postcard with the text of the greeting. You do not bring flowers to a business invitation, reception, cocktail, dinner party or condolence visit.

Gifts are presented at the end of the meeting or event. For guests staying for the night, gifts can be delivered to the hotel room along with a business card. If the evening is held in a restaurant, then it is better to send flowers to the private address of the owners. If you personally hand over the flowers, the guest hands them over to the hostess of the evening without packing.

Business lunch has become an important tool in business. You can mark a successful contract, prepare a new deal or improve the relationship with the client. As you can see, this is not about eating, but about establishing and maintaining business contacts. And in order to have a business partner left a pleasant impression about you, you must have the manners of behavior at the table. Anyone who behaves at ease at a table can calmly concentrate on the content of the conversation. Here the rule always works: the less you are familiar with a person or the more formal the reception, the more important it is to own the manners of behavior at the table. Typically, a business lunch is used to outline the prospect of a meeting. After dessert, you touch on two of the most important business issues and suggest that the meeting discuss them in more detail. If your business partner touches the topic of business himself, then, of course, you can support this topic. By the way, recently applicants for a post are invited for dinners for the purpose of testing their representative qualities. In this case, going to a restaurant can be fatal for your career.

The first snag in conducting a business lunch may be the choice of a restaurant. Your partner asks you, because he is not familiar with the terrain, reserve a table. Okay, but the question is: where? A fish restaurant or Italian around the corner? Should this be something unusual, exceptional? Our advice in this situation: stay in the middle price category. Another important aspect when choosing - tables should be at a sufficient distance from each other so that you can calmly talk. A good organizer should choose a restaurant, which he can rely on, in which excellent service and cuisine and where the chefs who are in love with their business work. Find out in advance whether there will be vegetarians or people who follow a certain diet. Think about where your customers or employees will feel good. Is your guest inclined to experiments or does he prefer traditional dishes more to taste? Choose a restaurant that can be reached quickly and conveniently. The choice of the restaurant is just an indication of how important this client is to you.

At official receptions the order of accommodation of guests plays an important role, thus the public rank of the guests is recognized. The closer to the reception organizer, the higher the position. By the way, spouses in this case occupy the same rank.

The specified order of placement should not be changed arbitrarily. At large events, the sign at the entrance warns of the placement order. Here guests can get information about their places in advance. If you invite your partners to a restaurant, put them on the best places, i.e. face to the hall. The master can simply say: "Ah, Mr. Huber, sit with me on the right hand." Even at the stage of preparation of the event, it is necessary to agree with invited employees for dinner: who will be engaged in what kind of guest. It is important to consider who will be able to conduct a fascinating conversation with anyone. To put a specialist on IT next to the accountant of the partner firm would be rather awkward. When international contacts should also take into account the knowledge of languages. Guests are the first to take places. As the host of the host country, you should wait until your employees sit down. The order of placement should also serve as an auxiliary means to stimulate interesting conversations, since this also depends on whether the evening was a success or not. The most important of the guests sits to the right of the owner or opposite him. Thus, you will ensure full communication.

If you have arranged to meet with his guests in the restaurant, then wait for them not at the table and at the bar or near the entrance. Introduce the unfamiliar guests to each other and make a conversation. Surely you know the feeling of uncertainty at the entrance to the restaurant. Did you know that the host has to hold the door and skip his guest, but the host must also be in the restaurant and send a signal that it is inviting. How does this happen? Very simply.

The owner opens the door to the guest, the guest enters the restaurant lobby, waits for the owner to drop in, lets him in ahead, so that he calls the waiter. If there is no hall in the restaurant, the guest is waiting for the owner to order a table from the waiter. Some feeling of insecurity may appear on the way to the table. Is it right that you, being the master, passed to the table first? How to bring a guest to the table? If the waiter does not see you off, then the owner goes ahead, since he knows which table he reserved. If the waiter holds you, the guest follows the table directly behind him.

As a host in a restaurant, you have responsibilities to perform.

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